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  1. Has there been any word on if the new model and bombing is working as intended? Just today I had what I thought was a great drop with a 1,000 lber on a group of buildings only to find I only got one them. Same with softer targets! Seems if I do not actually hit the target dead on with my bomb I will get little to damage. Is this just a git good moment and I’ve been spoiled or is this something that needs a tweek?
  2. Hope this is the correct forum for this! I have probability played the last mission of the German scripted campaign 15 times now and I cannot for the life of me figure out if it is supposed to be defeated or not. Generally I am killed in about 10 min from the first shot that hits my front armor- every time! At best ill take out 2 or 3 tanks then shot/fire/dead. Any tips from anyone who has completed it? I'm super new so I am figuring it is due to not knowing all the intricacies around my tank yet but man oh man how frustrating it has been. Thanks!
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