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  1. Hey guys ... I'm the one who's late !!😀 You have a superb rhythm ... I'm getting old surely ... come on I'm back
  2. Great..! Very nice idea with this file! Thanks It will be much easier .. like this
  3. Ok .. I will continue the missions of the LAGG-3 and when I have finished I will send them to you. After I will do the other training .. Not in a hurry ..? I would do the translation between two flights ...🙂 and then I have the layout in the file.
  4. Well done! I have my file in .FRA and translated into French..and it's all good in the game .. I will continue for the other missions and do it also for the info file .ENG If this interests some beginners or confirmed ... I can provide them to you ....😀
  5. I could translate the text from English to French .. it will be enough to have the file in. FRA..even if it has nothing in it. Just copy / paste the .ENG file into the FRA folder and translate with GOOGLE Traduction or similar and be careful to remove the spaces between> and the text .. and c is all good !! I will already try to save the .ENG file as .FRA ?? Thank you 😀
  6. In the folder of training missions .. there is only the file in .ENG .. are there the possibility of having a file in .FRA also? I have the game in French so I have no visibility of the text ... I tried to open it with the editor ... but without result Is there a possibility? Thank you ..
  7. If possible with some Russian planes: Yack, I16 ... Thank you .. Very good idea!
  8. Thank you for these 1 year of work and these 28 updates! Dev would have to integrate it with IL2 GB now ... It is a great application and a complement to the game And well done for the site with "tips and tricks"!
  9. What I would like: Whether the maps are more realistic, there are too many water courses or pieces of river that do not have to be there and that are not finished, too many trees along the roadsides ... Lack of detail the environment around and in towns and villages. It would also be necessary that the planes during landing near a drill, cannot pass any more through the trees, and that the damage is materialized with the environment of the airports during collisions with. To add with what was said above ..
  10. Ehh! I had just the first !! For the second: A. 3D B. 2D C. Reel D. 2D E. 2D F. 2D G. Reel Merry Christmas!🎁
  11. 1. Real 2. Real 3. 2D 4. 3D 5. 3D 6. 2D 7. 3D Not simple ..!☁️⛅⛈️🌩️
  12. Merci à toute l'équipe! Continuez à nous rendre heureux! De superbes vidéos .. Pourrais-je avoir le titre de la bande-son qui accompagne la vidéo de Flying Circus .. la musique est superbe !...Merci d'avance
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