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  1. Is it possible to, in some way, insure that if the Me-262 is selected that it is placed on a concrete runway, or at least a large grass field? In my latest Me-262 coop mission that I created my friend was leading red flight (4 x Me-262) and I was leading blue flight (4 x Me-262). He tries to take off and at around 150 kph his nose gear collapses due to the rough field. All his flight suffer the same or crash into the treeline without having gained enough speed to takeoff. Then the same happens to me and my flight.
  2. A question has occurred to me: in each section (allied/axis) after picking the country it states "Enemy air activity is [choice]" then "The AAA is [choice]". If I'm in the axis section and I select an "enemy air activity" setting am I basically determining how many additional AI for the allies will be generated? And the AAA selection in the axis section determines the effectiveness of the allies AAA, right? Thanks
  3. I'll second Misty's suggestion on being able to control altitude. I looked up wikipedia (I know, I know) specs on service ceiling for the bombers and found: Ju-88: 26,000 ft / 8200 m He-111: 21,300 ft / 6500 m A-20: 23,700 ft / 7200 m B-25: 24,200 ft / 7400 m Something to also consider is time to climb. The listed times to climb to 17,000 ft for the Junkers and Heinkel are both over 20 minutes. So one would probably want to have them either do an air start at altitude or start them at an airfield well back from the FEBA and be prepared to wait.
  4. Ran across a minor issue yesterday with V27. Kept getting a "cannot create mission" error and after a bit of trial and error it seemed to happen when I chose overcast weather. Rhineland map.
  5. I recently had an issue that required me to reinstall Windows 10 pro 64 bit. I took the opportunity to upgrade my SSD as well. I did a complete new, clean install of Win10 Pro, graphics drivers, Oculus Rift drivers and reinstalled IL-2 via Steam. I downloaded the latest AMD drivers for my R9 390X GPU. That would be the 2020 Adrenalin drivers. When I installed this I realized I had not been running the latest/greatest prior to starting this process, I had still been using older "Crimson" drivers. Anyway.... after this dance was complete I fire up IL-2 and I am able to fly for a while, then I get a crash. Oculus reports "no HDMI connection" so I think it's an Oculus problem. I check all of my connections, reload Oculus drivers etc. After a reboot I try IL2 again, immediately get this "no HDMI connection" crash again. Do more checking of connections, rearrange USB connections, pul graphics card and reseat it etc. and after rebooting I decide to try "Elite Dangerous" in VR. Works fine, I spend and hour or so in "Elite Dangerous" and go to bed. Next day I fire up IL2. Same crash. Reboot etc. Try to launch IL2 non-VR. Same crash. Then I notice a pop up: "0x887a0005 dxgi_error_device_removed" After more Google searches etc. I eventually uninstall all of my graphics drivers and download an older (2017) Crimson driver and install it. Everything works fine, no more crash, no more report of missing HDMI connection etc.
  6. In a mission with P-51's all of the AI P-51's are flying with the Yeager skin. Is this a Mission Generator thing or an IL-2 thing? I'd really prefer the AI P-51's fly a different, non-specific skin. When a buddy and I fly we always use a custom skin so we can find each other easily when using Shift F2. We can't use the Yeager skin because we would just blend in with all the other Yeagers!
  7. I've seen it happen when I was flying as Red or Blue leader. I've taken off as Blue leader, my friend (ie real, not AI) has taken off as Red leader and then the remaining Red flight aircraft have "gone nuts", except maybe for Red 2. I'll try to get a flight record and then post a video (or would you prefer the flight record file?)
  8. I've been experiencing an issue that is probably an IL2 problem rather than the mission generator, but I'll throw it out for discussion anyway. When I have two flights of aircraft operating from an airfield with multiple hard surface runways both flights will be lined up on one runway. The first flight (which I usually lead) will take off with no problem. Then the lead of the second flight will usually take off successfully, but the remaining second flight aircraft will act erratically. I've seen them try to take off across the grass at 30-45 degrees off from the runway heading, colliding with buildings/AAA emplacements etc. But probably most often they start taxing around trying to get to a different runway, rather than the one they are lined up on. When they do this they invariably collide with one another and end up scattered about missing tail surfaces and/or wings. Anyone else seeing this?
  9. Ah, I see that now. Oddly enough holding the stick back still helps with the Hs-129 even without a locking tail wheel. It transfers weight to the tail wheel and helps keep you tracking straight.
  10. Per the aircraft manual the tail wheel on the Hs-129 does not lock.
  11. I second this! Created a mission with 190D-9's yesterday and when i saw them I was taken aback for a second.
  12. Sounds good, so I can activate or deactivate the ones I want to see. Awesome!
  13. This has become my number one indispensable mod for IL2, thanks! One change I would like to request if possible: could you add check box(es) to select or disable aircraft of different eras? IE I would prefer that WWI aircraft not show up when I am working on a WWII scenario, or vice a versa. I know "Historical Plane Set" will do this but sometimes I do want to play with aircraft a year or so outside of a given time-frame but not a decade or two out! Thanks!
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