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  1. I didn't realise it was in meters in PWCG, my bad. But here's another issue... the RV point is at -71.
  2. I'm not sure what's going on, the altitude in PWCG is completely different from the in-game mission briefing. Is it a setting in PWCG or something else? The base alt is 3500.
  3. But you have the "Free French" service, can't you mix French and English names for a Canadian service? I have no clue how your programming works so pardon my ignorance lol. But it's ok I'll just pretend to be a Canadian who joined a RAF squadron
  4. I wanted to start a campaign (I'm Canadian) in the RCAF as I usually do, but I only see the RAF and only RAF squadrons in it. Why no Canadian squadrons?
  5. I played your mod for 4 missions (4 ground troop covers) and we're outnumbered 2 to 1 on the objective every single time, 7 pilots left in the squadron, I changed the density to medium and same result. I'm playing RCAF.
  6. What would be nice is to see the oxygen mask in first person at high altitude for immersion sake!
  7. Hello, When I finish with the debrief even though my wingman had 2 kills, it doesn't show on the main menu (where there's the pilots list), it still shows 0 victories to him. Also, when we eject with no wounds and/or land safely, the campaign generates it as being wounded even though only the plane was damaged and I end up being seriously wounded EVERY time, it's not really fun or realistic.
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