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  1. This is exciting to hear! I've been looking forward to it since I found out about the project/met Don Miller in 2014. Hopefully the wait will be worth it!
  2. I just PMed you my submission Jason. Can't let the Brits have all the fun. 😉
  3. I'm still working on mine, and I currently have the Gunner and Airfield sections completed (American). I'm going to be working on it tomorrow, and hope to have it completed either by tomorrow or Wednesday.
  4. Hey, I'm 28 and am from the States. I don't have any real deep accent, aside from the bit I picked up living in Kentucky, but can easily do southern. I've done some voice work on some indie games, and my voice is on the deeper scale as well. The kicker is that I'll be out of the country the later half of this month, but I would have access to a proper studio after Nov. 1st, or I could do home recording. I'd love to be a part of this, but would understand if the travel would be a problem.
  5. It's possible, I just occasionally check the http://online.il2forever.com/ site to see if it's worth hopping online (while it doesn't show every server), and it registered about 60 on WoL whatever night I checked. Though I just left the server around 9pm EST, and there was still a bit over 50 on. A nice crowd for a weeknight!
  6. To be fair, there are plenty of servers up that never get played. I don't think that's the problem. The Eagles Nest was the last great NA server that was up that I recall, and it was a shame it went down since it had some really fun and well crafted missions. Though I understand it was more of an issue of paying for it. Like it was for RoF, I never noticed much of an issue flying on EU servers with NA ping in this game. I think it's more a stigma than anything that if your server options are ones where you would have higher ping, you shouldn't bother with it. And that goes for both NA and EU communities. That said, I'd love for a good NA server to start up again. Even the other night after the BOM release, I saw 60 some players on WoL around 10-11pm EST. If that trend continues, I don't think there will be an issue with low server pop.
  7. Thanks Smoke! If it was recently, I probably haven't flown with you yet, but I'm sure I'll see you in game down the road.
  8. While having some good servers available when the files are released would be a plus, ping doesn't have that much of an impact. I regularly play on EU servers or Syndicate with other NA players who are on the West coast. Unless the servers are based over in, say Russia, you won't notice a real difference playing on a server across the pond.
  9. Yup, we'd be happy to have ya! Feel free to hop in the TS anytime. We usually have guys flyin after 3pm EST.
  10. We'd be happy to have ya Jsags! One thing I just noticed is that the TS address in the thread is an older one. The current TS IP is It's correct on our site however! Feel free to hop on whenever. We usually play almost every day, generally more in the afternoon NA time/evening EU time. Though we do have some NA guys who play later in the evening as well.
  11. So... many... puns... If puns could kill, you would be a world class killer. And thanks for the nice comments all!
  12. Looking good Bee! Would be neat if we got a few more NA players in the mix for some evening flying. Always good to have wing-men no matter the time!
  13. You all packed in a lot in this update! Thanks, and continue the good work!
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