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  1. The principle of a 3D printer. Hello. Yes, I can add as you wish. Write me in my mail GVL224@ukr.net
  2. while modeling. I already have linear bearings, guides and sensor.
  3. Panels without enclosures for further installation on the customer's frame.
  4. Another one for the right hand. https://youtu.be/Zbfk3GwSOgs
  5. Lever "Universal" and "Cougar" in one base (Spark).
  6. The price is outdated and it is for a block with a different material and in a completely disassembled form. Now I fully collect the device, according to the option "kit-set" I do not offer. But individually, this option is also possible. You can also purchase only the mechanics from me, do everything else yourself.
  7. Hello. If buttons and switches are removed from the front panel of the case, then the price of such a unit is $ 125. + 15 dollars postage. I didn’t quite understand about the “wheel” but the sensor angle was + -39 degrees (total 78 degrees).
  8. Another throttle under the right hand.
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