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  1. New throttle "Volans" with HAT switch on the handle
  2. no, these potentiometers are small and will start to make noise over time.
  3. Yes, of course, show it will be interesting.
  4. Unfortunately, I still can’t make such a latch. everything is very tiny and fragile, a reliable connection does not work, if you move one handle, then the second is slightly behind ... Personally, I’m used to moving these levers with one hand at the same time, holding them with one hand if necessary, for this I originally made my arms as in this video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wzUpwCgyVyk&t=3s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lyPKV5gUxCo
  5. This is real, on my old mechanics there’s a boost. It seems to me that the only "plus" of such mechanics is the volume occupied in the throttle body relative to the "linear", but more than my classic. And the fact that the height changes is a minus. Also, to exclude backlash on the axes, and they are obtained FOUR, you need to use bearings that will increase the mass and dimensions of both the lower and upper parts. I do not like this option ...
  6. This is for those who do not like to bend the brush. And some real aircraft have such a handle movement. And it’s possible to do less and less length, I think that it’s optimal about 10 cm, but here it’s 15 cm, one person wrote that he wants to generally move 20 cm.
  7. Hello. I present to you the new mechanics for the throttle. The peculiarity is that the movement of the handle is straightforward. This option has a 150mm stroke. This indicator can be both reduced and increased using shafts of appropriate length. The length of the required shafts is "handle stroke" + 100mm.
  8. The principle of a 3D printer. Hello. Yes, I can add as you wish. Write me in my mail GVL224@ukr.net
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