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  1. Yes, I can do what you want with your individual wishes. The main thing is the use of my standard mechanics, and the style of the hulls. There are many block options on my YouTube channel. All of them are collected according to the wishes of customers.
  2. Write to me on my e-mail GVL224@UKR.NET I will write the payment options for the order.
  3. If without alteration, then about 30 days. If you make changes, then about 1.5 months.
  4. 150 US dollars + 20 dollars for shipping outside Ukraine.
  5. Case for self-assembly of Throttle
  6. This model is 280 US dollars + 25 dollars shipment outside Ukraine.
  7. assembly video by the customer of my kit without electronics https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hYMFBAMcLis&t=37s
  8. Hi, the price is calculated depending on the configuration. The price range is 100-330 euros.
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