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  1. Thank. The price of the throttle is $ 340 + $ 35 shipping outside of Ukraine. Theoretically, any changes are possible if I can make them.
  2. Throttle "rail" on one lever with limiters "idle" and "afterburner".
  3. Yes, draw what you want, then I’ll tell you the price and can connect them to one controller.
  4. "Warbird Trim Console" - 150 US dollars + 20 dollars shipping outside Ukraine. The price of the throttle is approximately $ 200-250, depending on the model of handles and the number of buttons with toggle switches, etc. on the throttle body. So that I can say for sure, draw a sketch of how you see the throttle.
  5. Now I collect a throttle where there is a "boost" and "small gas"
  6. Please show a picture or a link to a video of what interests you. My sensors have a maximum angle of 74 degrees. if you don’t set the angle on your mechanics anymore. You have a cool throttle.
  7. The first "rail" two-handle throttle
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