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  1. There’s a little dot in my upper right corner of my view. It’s not on the lens and it’s in both games for me.
  2. Thanks for that, tried it and I suppose it’s a bit better. Regardless, it’s not a big deal and I’m enjoying the headset. I flew the other game last night and it was a complete game changer with the visibility. The question I have now is how do you get rid of the small tracking dot? I find it annoying when spotting planes, I always think I’ve spotted one then realize it’s the tracking dot.
  3. Ok, good to know and I appreciate your feedback. I’m still convinced it’s a bit clunky and uncomfortable but I’m closer to being used to it and I’m happy. On the plus side, I find myself using less zoom as I can see small dots now.
  4. Good idea. I have to admit though, I’m already getting used to it and while it’s not nearly as comfortable as my Rift, it’s manageable. The resolution is just crazy compared to the Rift, I’m finally getting to see how beautiful this game is. As well, I might now have to take the f14 for a spin around Nevada in the other game, it should look good.
  5. Interesting. Maybe I’m misinterpreting the the feel of the headset. With my Rift, I didn’t know the darn thing was even on. I notice the reverb will get moved around on my face when moving my head even though it’s tight. I have it so tight in fact it marks my face where I never had that in the Rift. I wore it today for an hour or so and I could feel it in my neck a bit. I don’t know, it’s just awkward and uncomfortable. Maybe I’ll get used to it. I’ll have to I guess since I couldn’t go back to the old resolution. It would be nice to marry the rift headset and reverb visuals.
  6. Just received my new Reverb today. Unbelievable resolution compared to my rift cv1. Hate the headest- heavy, clunky, and uncomfortable. The wiring is bulky and heavy as well. When shopping to replace my Rift I wasn’t worried about price, I just want best resolution. Did I buy the wrong device? Should I have gone with Pimax?
  7. Looks great! I enjoy the hobby as well, here are a few..
  8. I look forward to that and meeting you all in the skies
  9. Well the title says it. I've been an aviation buff and flying flight sims for 30+ years, never having any interest in the old ww1 aircraft. I purchased FC only to support the devs and recently I thought I'd try out a couple of the FC planes not expecting much other than boredom from flying soooo slow. To my surprise, I've thoroughly enjoyed it and have loved getting to know their individual charm and characteristics. I've been reading up on these pioneers of aviation warfare and I'm really hoping we see a map and a campaign of some sort eventually. It would be great to have some type of historic campaign, with historic squadrons, aircraft, vehicles, equipment, artillery, map...etc. My understanding is there will be very little developed for this launch and if there is an appetite then we could see development on a further launch? If so, I sure hope others give these aircraft a try as I did. They too may be pleasantly surprised.
  10. ? Thanks for the context Jason. Things look good on the horizon for il2!
  11. Welcome to the game, looks like you’re off to a nice start. Get VR if it fits the budget- you’ll be in for one of the finest surprises of your life. Game changer.
  12. Best combat sim on the market. Maybe ever. Love the new AI tweaks, much more convincing.
  13. Was getting this last night on WOL server every time i shot down aircraft. Never saw it before the 3.008 patch
  14. LOl...this thread didn't go the way you hoped it would -did it? edit** Good question BTW
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