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  1. 1_Robert_

    When the P51 will be available?

    ? Thanks for the context Jason. Things look good on the horizon for il2!
  2. 1_Robert_

    WOW what a sim

    Welcome to the game, looks like you’re off to a nice start. Get VR if it fits the budget- you’ll be in for one of the finest surprises of your life. Game changer.
  3. 1_Robert_

    This is becoming a very well polished sim- and fast

    Best combat sim on the market. Maybe ever. Love the new AI tweaks, much more convincing.
  4. 1_Robert_

    Outdated data hit recieved ?

    Was getting this last night on WOL server every time i shot down aircraft. Never saw it before the 3.008 patch
  5. 1_Robert_

    VR Seat position - can you adjust it in VR?

    LOl...this thread didn't go the way you hoped it would -did it? edit** Good question BTW
  6. 3dx.ini found in the main game dir, not the mod dir.
  7. I got it working with the new update and it looks great! Thanks again!! *edit* I spoke too soon. It is cloud dependent. I tried a quick mission with no clouds and it worked but with clouds the shadow issue exists. It is doable with cloud fix off.
  8. We can be patient, thanks again for all the work you put into this!! Yeah no zoom, no disable prop, and no change gun site, means no il2 for me
  9. 1_Robert_

    Kurfürst fans?

    As an F4 and G2 fanboy, what can I expect to like/dislike with the K4? I don’t know much about her..
  10. Thanks for the reply. I found the audio problem in my steam VR settings. Not sure why the settings were changed..
  11. I took a few months off and tried flying again today. I notice I have a couple issues. 1) I can’t seem to run il2 without launching Oculus 1st. Before I would just launch il2 and it would launch steam vr. No need to run oculus before and can I set it up that way again? 2) I now have no sound in my headset. It works fine flying DCS but for some reason I don’t have it in my headset in il2. Any thoughts? Thx!
  12. 1_Robert_

    Be specific about why you want the pacific?

    What he said.. And, I love the Corsair and Hellcat
  13. 1_Robert_

    Flying Circus Early Access

    Go to quick mission and you’ll be able to select Spad or Fokker.
  14. 1_Robert_

    Wind effect

    BTW, what is the standard for calling wind? If it’s wind 270 (or West) and 5 kts, does this mean it’s blowing east or west direction? Years ago I flew a simulator that had it backwards to the universal standard and ever since then I can’t remember what the right way is.
  15. 1_Robert_

    Extending life of the engine in Bf 109

    On a side note it would be cool if we could clear oil from the windscreen like the real bird.