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  1. Instead of setting all planes with same timer, how about multiplying current timers by a coefficient? The coefficient can be varied in each server. For example : If the coefficient = 2, all planes will get double WEP time. If the coefficient = 20, planes will get 20 times the WEP time ( ~unlimited).
  2. I doubt that we will get A7M in the future. There are only several A7M prototype, and none of production aircraft is completed.
  3. Thank you for the opportunity. I will like to try Battle of Kuban.
  4. Early F6F-3 & F4U-1 without water injection have lower engine rating, so good flying discipline is still quite important. A6M3/5 actually have better PWR & sustain climb.
  5. I agree that FW190 should be a tough aircraft. Due to high wingload & stall speed of FW190, turn-fight would hardly be beneficial when pilots of both sides have equal skill. German evaluation of captured La-5FN suggests that A8 pilots should avoid prolonged turning dog-fight with La. Only testbed A5 running at 1.65ata can reach 680kph. A8 with 4*MG151 & 2*MG131 just reachs 652kph. Adding ETC501 results in further ~15kph speed decreasing.
  6. There are also many other evaluation and description that show FW190 is not a good turn-fighter.
  7. Can someone translate the document? It seems that Erhöhte Notleistung modification should also be available to F-8.
  8. Someone posts this very interesting document on another forum. However, he has already forgotten where it comes from. No more detail of the test is available, so it is unclear whether these data comes from translation of Japanese test flight or US test of captured aircraft. It is worth noting that its Ha-45 is full-rated (+350 at military power). Considering that de-rated Ki84 can achieve 624kph/6500m, 634kph/6650m with full-rated engine seems to be a little bit slow. How do you think? @=362nd_FS=Hiromachi I know you are very knowledgeable about WW2 Japanese aircrafts.
  9. The captured La5FN takes 4 sec to make a roll at 280 mph. A better condition airframe may roll faster.
  10. I wonder if engine gap seal will be added as a choosable modification. This improvement can result in 13-15kph gain in level speed, but it is not introduced into serial production.
  11. FW 190 A-8: 1.58 ata or 1.65 ata Actually, A8 with emergency power modification runs 1.58 ata at low gear and 1.65 ata at high gear. Since A8 started to get the modification from July 1944, we will definitely see it in BoBP. Sadly, extra HP barely offsets drag and weight caused by additional arm and equipment on A8...... Thus it still has worse performance than current A5.
  12. This report is a must-read about this topic. The aerial weapon effectiveness estimation is based on actual shooting at P-47 & B-25. http://www.dtic.mil/dtic/tr/fulltext/u2/a800394.pdf
  13. AFAIK, METO means "Maximum Except for Take Off".
  14. Yes, table 1 mentions takeoff weight in the test. Both P-47 and F4U have wing pylons (one each wing). Acceleration test were conducted using METO power. I think that mean normal (continuous) rating of the engine. ~1625HP for r-2800
  15. I happen to know a post-war report that test level acceleration of several aircrafts. https://es.scribd.com/document/324696219/Flight-Test-Comparison Their engine ratings are lower than war-time rating.
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