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  1. @Jason_Williams Do you have any use for a British voice with a mild Dutch accent on it? I'm told it isn't too strong, alternatively there were Dutch volunteers in the RAF too. I have a lot of free time this week so if you want me to, I'm pretty sure I can do it before the deadline. Sorry I didn't see this earlier. P.S. I recorded lines for this mod too, my file is on the last page if you want to hear it (it never made it into the actual mod, as it's no longer being maintained).
  2. All done! Sorry for the delay, my noisy flatmates kept playing music when I was trying to record. Because the recording sessions are spread out over several days (until someone's music ruined it), the volume might not be exactly the same everywhere, my apologies for that. If you're not happy with any of the recordings, please let me know and I'll redo them. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1RvLD4dAbtKiQCLHUIZ2DWH_otk0s9vCV/view?usp=sharing
  3. Excellent! Would you prefer unedited audio or should I try and make it sound like an actual radio (e.g. removing low and high frequencies)?
  4. There are two lists that don’t completely correspond, so depending on which one is correct I guess German Pilot #1 or German Pilot #4 looks interesting (they’re probably the same lines anyway), unless you’d rather have more gunners.
  5. Hi, do you still need more voice actors? I’m a Dutchman, but I my accent isn’t particularly strong. I guess it could work for a German? And if not, I think there were Dutch volunteers in the German military anyway.
  6. Hi there. I’m 20 years old, from the Netherlands but live in England. I’ve been told that I don’t have a very strong Dutch accent, but then again there were Dutch volunteers in the RAF if you’d like one of those.
  7. This button makes my game freeze, sadly. I’ve already reported it as a bug, but haven’t heard anything back. Ended up cycling through the pictures to create a near clone of my pilot. Pilot Wesley #1 will remain to remind me of my failure. Yes, if you open the map tab in your unit’s headquarters (forgot the name of it) you can click on the bases in the area, and from there you can choose another unit to join.
  8. I’ve been trying this, and pilot No 2 has made it through his first week without injuries. He’s also received an Iron Cross 2nd class, so I’d say it’s going pretty well. I did however break three 109s; one friendly by running him over on takeoff, and two of my own by mixing up the brake button and gear retract button... I’m used to flying in FSX, where I had my brakes mapped to the trigger. At least no-one got killed.
  9. Ah okay, so they’re different to bombers in that regard. Thanks everyone!
  10. Hmm that raises another question. Let’s say pilot A is the ‘owner’ of aircraft 1, and pilot B ‘owns’ aircraft 2. If pilot A shoots down an enemy fighter whilst flying aircraft 2, would the kill mark be painted on aircraft 1 or aircraft 2? Also, let’s say pilot A has five kill marks painted on the tail of aircraft 1. If aircraft 1 is damaged beyond repair, and pilot A is reassigned to aircraft 3, would he then paint those five kill marks on the tail of his new aircraft? So, using the same example, pilot A would always be pilot B’s wingman, but they would not ne
  11. I recently found that modern-day fighter pilots do not have their own aircraft, but simply fly whichever aircraft of their type is available on any particular day. Was this the same in WWII, or did each pilot have their own aircraft? I’m designing custom skins for myself, but if the pilot doesn’t always fly in his own aircraft, it doesn’t make much sense to paint his name below the canopy, for example. Thanks in advance!
  12. Brief description: Menu freezes upon selecting 'restart campaign'.Detailed description, conditions: My pilot was captured, so I want to restart the campaign. When I click 'restart' in the bottom left, a confirmation message pops up, and when I click OK, nothing happens. The cursor turns into the loading wheel and can still be moved, and the music/gun sounds in the background continue playing normally, but nothing happens and I cannot click anything or cancel the operation. I've restarted my PC and tried it multiple times, once leaving it running for several hours, but the game freezes every ti
  13. I crash-landed behind enemy lines just after shooting down my fourth aircraft of the career, which is quite successful in my book. Not all of us are born aces. I’ve been playing for quite a long time, but I keep losing sight of the enemy in dogfights. It was a German. I figured the Bf 109 F-4 would be a nice starting point for a new career, no need to worry about radiators or propellers. Let’s hope Soviet POW food is half decent.
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