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  1. Sokol Thanks! the "Full" Map wasnt assigned by default. I guess its called "briefing".... got it. (the "mini" maps , radar/gps/whatever, I cant read, too small, and way out of my RL field of vision.) Im assuming with out playing with it too much...its fixed full screen? And not like RoF. If so, this is really ashame! Thanks again Sokol Moxy
  2. ~S~ Please dont tell me its fixed. II./JG1_Shulte(Moxy)
  3. ~S~ Gents I got rid of them with "Show/hide Hud", But this also wiped out the Map. Hopefully only a program place holder. Mox
  4. Thanx DB! As in RoF. Looks like Ive got a little glitch. Easly fixed Thanks again Mox
  5. Can we not have them on? Tried everything I cound find, difficulty setting etc. Thanks Moxy
  6. To the developers (audio considerations) Sirs, I make a researched suggestion regarding the audio configuration, concerning RoF and BoS. Although I don’t know the plans concerning BoS's audio. I am assuming, the configuration's will follow the blue print of RoF. Many hours of research and testing, have lead to a conclusion, of a missing element, allowing more options in audio configurations, for the end user. That of a speaker selection in Fmod. My testing/ research, is all based for analog and on the equipment I own. A great audio, that can be attained, including situational positioning, and sound stage, come's from having RoF's Fmod , in 2 channel, and up mixing (encoding) to ether 4 or 5.1. Utilizing ether 2 ch, or quad, or 5.1 headphones. Personally I have several audio “toy's to play with, software and hardware, and the one thing (I) cant get around “simply” is the audio panel in Windows after XP. Of the 3 audio cards with in my system(s) 2 Creatives and on board Realtec. The inability to “lock” Windows 7 (my flight computer) to a 2 channel configuration, and the sound cards to a multi channel configuration, (sound card software overrides Windows comfiguration) disallows the ability of certain encoding systems and sound cards to encode, up to multi channel analog outputs. On my systems this is easily accomplished digitally, but not analog. Therefore negating analog encoded multi channel speaker systems or headphones. Currently in order to accomplish this configuration, I “line out” (2 ch) my gaming computer, to my recoding studio computer and encode/upmix to multi channel analog. An addition of a fmod speaker selection, would “bypass” the windows audio panel. Allowing more audio configurations through hardware's own software. And allow more options in audio confiurations, with in a computer, with out "out board" gear for the end users. If there is an alternitive to this configuration, through windows, I havent been able to attain it. (suggestions of course welcome) Thank you Moxy
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