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  1. ~S~ A quick awnser Alpha Layer is a "Grey scale" The darker the gray, the less "shine" you get. (flat) Go too dark, you get a hole. The lighter the gray, the more "shine" you get. (gloss)Go too light you get chrome. So on your Alpha layer Darken the cowl area where the orange is Mox
  2. ~S~ Is there a way to program the use of "keys" instead of the mouse scroll wheel to zoom the in game full screen map? Looking at joy to keys etc..But not finding a solution Any help appreciated! thanks Mox
  3. ~S~ Peaks at 3 and 5k, standing waves, phase inversion?, compression?, wacky eq curves, noise'd out engine waves. "Events" at wrong parameters, space, lack of audio intel . We all sense the world in different ways, audio "SA" is a big part of mine. But this latest version, IMO is easier on the ears. Moxy
  4. ~S~ Im sorry... The solution to this...is already in the game!!! A discernible audio in this case A change the GLoad_Wind01. wav file. (couldn't hear it)as example with the Cliffs of Dover Overstress_07 wav And fmod "stage", the G audio parameters (they are working on audio all the time, so my path way could be obsolete) If "staged" well , that would give 2 audio indications (g grunts and aircraft loading) of G to a visual. Worked very well in previous patch...I guess "creaking" of the aircraft told me something lolol Overstress_07.rar
  5. ~S~ My "stock" left/right, up/down, in/out, (pilot head) have somehow have been overwritten to the "script" of the NUMPAD 9 key movement They still work in conjunction with the movement of the NUMPAD 9 moves. Ive replaced the obvious files/folders luascripts, etc. But so far I haven't corrected the anomaly... Any ideas where/which file controls, Insert/delete, pageup/down, home/end or where the "stock" file resides? Thanx II./JG1_Heinz "Moxy" Schulte
  6. DD After reading this and other posts, and Im on triples also. Ive been playing around with the the startup cfg file. 3dhud = 1 or_hud_size = 0.14500 (approx) Will put (at least for myself) the Map and GUI, in a window in the middle of the screens. Problems: the size is FOV-zoom connected...So the "Map" as GUI, the "Start/end/setting stuff" ticks can be set (or_hud_size) outside of your bezels. (hunt n find to mouse click). In-pit.... the "Map" is Zoom" connected, and is ratio'd smaller. Its a bastardized solution to certain developed limitations of this Game (Ive done a lot of startup cfg file manipulation of late, trying this...best Ive come up with. (Mods off) Better, but far from the game being able to be combat proficient...) Hope something in this helps in connection with this thread II.//JG1_Heinz "Moxy" Schulte "CO"
  7. ~S~ Have something that seems abnormal. A tank battle commences in a region, and my airfield in that region disappears? Reappears after the battle (next rotation) In the generated mission, everything is there but the spawn points . Is this how it works? Thanks Help appreciated Mox
  8. Thanks Coconut! My roads are all good/ correct lol So Im guessing here, the min/max is what we see in the DoS window at Start up. Since my map is very symmetrical, (each side is a close mirror of the other) when I watch the Dos window my min/max's are pretty even. So again guessing...the min/max is some algorithm, of "stuff" and more on the map. So for testing I assume I need to be "regionally" unbalancing (killing/playing lots more stuff) ? If this is true, testing 1 sortie a mission by myself isn't going to cut it. lol (also I have "production" set pretty high) Love the new "tank park" set up! Thanks Coconut (what you've done, for everybody !!!) Moxy
  9. ~S~All Ive have the latest "Downloads" up n running. Still learning how to compile (semi successful) Question: What is the trigger mechanism for the tanks to "invade" an enemy region? Testing by myself, I'm just not getting invaded lol. Is it an "imbalance" (in what?), random, etc. Also, in my downloads the world checker, crashes. (bugged?) Coconut's...gratitude's Moxy
  10. ~S~ Vaal "Playable" OK now Im starting to get it. With that info, things start making sence Thanks Delete/edit mission text, great if simple...If not I can get creative, like work the mission name. Thanks so much II./JG1_Schulte "Moxy"
  11. ~S~ Vaal Bridges: OK...So then Im not understanding "is playable"? My assumption, is/was that those x'ed out, are not collected? Deleting: As "our" campaign rotates its mission, it logs, of course as it is suppose too. But the rotated mission is up for only a minute, then we shut it down. So when "we" look at missions, we have several "non retentive" missions logs with the same name, date, only the mission played time is the indicator. So a delete or edit, would be helpful Thanks Vaal Just getting into it Mox
  12. ~~S~ Vaal JG1 is preparing and working on a competition, and we love your stats set up! Jg1_Snaggle, asked a couple of question on my "our" behalf. Deleting missions, or a least renaming them. (Were doing much testing. This can be worked around. "Renaming" a mission would be a benefit, as an altenitive) Object is playable? As example, All the "objects" in the competition, are viable and part of the "system". Tracking/stating them would also be a benefit. Bridges come to mind. Is it possible? On behalf of II./JG1 Thanks II./JG1_Heinz "Moxy" Schulte Mox
  13. ~S~ Coconuts Back in the Day, My Squadron "JG1", and others used participate in "Dead is dead, Full switch" competitions. IE (Killed= your out for the night, full switch - no icons but a logical world towards territory capture) GhostSkies was the primary one. Your "Campaign" is so close to these competitions in another game, as one could hope for. In the old day competitions, "intel" was gathered "live", through logic, and AAR's. Hence my questions before. One of the things that these competitions were base on was... No honor system rules...IE the "system" control's the world rules. If you can see where Im going. (or a least Im trying too lol) Your campaign is so close. A Few things, Im hoping /working on...(dead is dead, SDS time out, no problem) "Full switch", IE "intel", limited artificial intel (icons) "Mission take off time after launch" IE "taxi time" Adding a message across the screen would be good enough (working on it) "Captured" = dead is dead Coconuts how can I ask? If you would "output" "capture...I would be truly grateful!! Moxy (II./JG1_Schulte)
  14. ~S~All Lots of testing. Am pleased to say Im up n running. A few reports....my Dserver crashing, I finally found at least a temporary solution! It seems "our" server doesn't like launching through "local host" . So if I "remote launch " shes happy as a clam. I was extremely disappointing to find out the "bridges" are broken.....any solution yet? (wipes out a full campaign test) Id like to ask a few of questions to those that are ahead of me. "Pilot capture" landing in an enemy "influence area" according to Jason's post it should work. Tried on mine, and Coconuts expert....Didn't get captured ....any help? (I haven't made any kind of a mission to test this yet, so I don't know if its broke or how it works) Mission modding...certainly been looking at the blocks mission and the Blocks folder and the XML's. I haven't started experimenting yet, but Im hoping if Im heading in the wrong direction, you can stop me from an auto fail lol. To be honest, what Id like to do, is modify/lessen/delete/ the intel? Coconut this thing is just great! I'm so hoping, and with the help of others, maybe "we" can get up tournaments like in the past! Thanks Moxy IE II./JG1_Schulte
  15. ~s~ Scorp I only had time to try to launch a generated mission, as a mission, last night...Dsever crashed, same net.dll error (So the SSC, is functioning to Schedule.) Not a fair test! . The mission will launch from Dserver exe. (so in theory, the mission is good) Have to try some A/B testing before I can give any kind of a good directive answer! Working on it Thanks Moxy OK working on it...got "our" IP "registered" into the server...1st test to schedule lololol new Dserver update. geeeeez Mox
  16. ~S~ Yes all the line seem to be correct, except I have Dserver closed, so no kill messages. Question: as per the pdf, I'm having trouble getting the ip in. Our server is Win server 2008 Its not liking the syntax (not valid) could this be it AKA: "Dans la fenêtre noire Executer la commande suivante netsh http add urlacl url=http://votre adresse URL:8083/ /user=Nom de votre PC\Nom de votre profil Exemple : netsh http add urlacl url= user=HOTH\Tauntaun In the black window Execute the following command netsh http add urlacl url = http: // your URL: 8083 / / user = Name of your PC \ Name of your profile Example: netsh http add urlacl url = http: // 8083 / user = jg1xxxxx \ Tauntaun" Thanks Mox
  17. ~S~ Thank you Carleo I have, unblocked the files. LOL at least I think so. I followed your posted pdf syntax. (no errors in the DoS window, Il do it again...cant hurt) Actually I had to "update" Powershell, on our server, to use the syntax, without hunting for proper older syntax So I do think the Coconuts "system" is unblocked.... As for the Dserver crashing...Ive played with both bin and mission, there is something my deserver doesn't like launching through the campaign "system". as Dserver runs generated missions fine without it. Il keep pluging away at it. Thanks to every one. This is a gas Mox
  18. ~S~ Scorp! Its where Im trying to go. After 46 and GS got long in the tooth. 3./JG51_Stecher and I, revised HRCoDwar, GhostSkies style, for CloD. We had it! After 2 years of testing and revisions.....RL stepped on Stecher., and the project had to stop. With out revisions (what I can see) only "templet' layout , Coconuts brilliant work, can be had, to start "Dead is dead" tournament play again...Something that was lost when RoF, and Clod failed at release, to replace 46. Im not a "coder" but I can "hack" to a point...My intent here is to "game play" test a "Coconuts "Dead is dead" environment. From there, make a presentation. There is still a squadron base out there, but the community has changed! I feel guilty for trying to use Coconuts work! As I said, I hack. But this is "true" hope for something that was lost. Thank for this II./JG1_Schulte "Moxy"
  19. ~S~ Over the weekend I installed the latest versions to replace the older one. Thank you OBT-Carleo !!!! Learned a few new things...LOL like getting to,"log in"!!! Old version was different for me. Thanks again for the pdf. Gents I have a problem, with the old and new versions, At Dserver, mission launch...the Dserver crashes. I've ran several missions, including "sample missions". Also Ive launched Dserver independently, with these missions. They run fine, and have run in the past. I haven't done any research yet, but visual studio is telling me, the net.dll in Dserver, is breaking. (Ive replaced, and reinstalled the dll, and verified the game files) same results Any clues, thoughts, or guidance advice...thanks Always had glitchy start ups, but now she's real difficult. Thanks II./JG1_Schulte "Moxy" PS Scorp...Are you the Scorp, that developed the "controller", we used for GhostSkies IL2 1946? Those were great times Mox
  20. ~S~ I think Ive hit a snag. My test campaign map/templet is up n running, generating, and playable. All scheduled, through the sturmovik server controller, I'm getting mission briefing and the "war" map with logs. The scull and crossbones event icons are on the map....but nothing else???front lines etc. But Im also not seeming to get any advancement in the campaign. So my feeling, is that the system is not reading something. Ive re-structured the file folders and experimented at different times, with the non advancement results. Although discoveries like in a bad folder/file set up errors: "cant download to disk" or erasing the game files lol Im using SSC and SC love the worldchecker!! My folders Campaign campaign bin Data Bin (nothing there) logs (nothing there) Multiplayer (campaign state files) Dogfight (mission files, and generated files) IL2 (game folder)(logs\binlogs folders under the games data folder, multiplayer\dogfight generated mission files) StumovikServerControl bin Release Content Images Scripts Coconut...Gratitude in all aspects for this art! II./JG1 Schulte "Moxy"
  21. ~S~ Ive gotten everything up n generating, with the sample missions. IE Stalingrad, Vluki, etc But now Im trying to create my own testing map/campaign, and Im getting an error I just cant figure out. List 2 is 10 elements shorter than list 1. LOL doing a lot of counting...cant figure out what the "lists" are/is Help really appreciated Thanks IIJG1_Schulte "Moxy"
  22. ~S~ Rearm and refuel, has been programed into dead is dead competitions, for as long as I can remember. The reason, there are time outs...after you land! Refuel and rearm is programed shorter than the landing time out. Advantage...you can get back in the air faster. disadvantage you can get killed. This would be a fine addition, if its possible to program a server refly time out. Mox
  23. Agreed Only reference....for the above posts Wish I could post comparative BoX codes Fine games both. Have fun Mox
  24. A partial list of CloDs Damages:
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