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  1. ~S~ Thanks to all that came on Sunday!!! 8:pm central We'll be putting it up this Wednesday, for "open house" again. at 8pm central More post to follow Mox
  2. Should be, and hopefully a good show tomorrow! Lots of pop ins at discord All welcome! Good luck Moxy
  3. Moxy's Tank n Spank Sunday 1:30 central ~S~ Open house Round 2! "We" will be hosting on the JG1 server, Sunday Sept 27th, at 1:30pm central time All are welcome! For primary comms, and communications we'll be using Discord at.. https://discord.gg/FcpURGU Also posting at IL2 BoX forums SRS is also on the server
  4. ~S~ Skip, welcome Sunday join us on discord, JG1 is driving allied. We'll do everything and anything possible for all! Were in open house right now, so there's absolutely no restrictions. See you then Moxy https://discord.gg/FcpURGU
  5. ~S~ We'd like to invite the community to the next "Ghost Front" Ie Moxy's Tank and Spank" this Sunday Sept. 27th at 1:30 Central time! JG1 server "open house" Discord: https://discord.gg/FcpURGU SRS We had a great start last Sunday, with many participants from SCG, and a few independents...Thanks to all. So what is "Ghost Front"? Simply put... " Live" (no ai tanks or planes )Player vs Player, opposing coalitions, competitive Dynamic territorial capture by ground forces (tanks), with campaign (session to session) territorial advancement, and full tactical live Player vs Player opposing air support! A Debriefing: A majority of the action was up in the North East between "Charlie November" and FriedenHaus". JG1's tankers (Allied) were pushing to "capture" FriedenHaus. The Axis(SCG and company) seemed to have positioned their tanks into a "picket" line recon/defense tactics. It wasn't easy to get in to take FriedenHaus! Including 1 Axis tank that camped himself at CharlieNovember! It took a bit of work, to get him out of there! Air coordination between air and ground, was excellent by both sides and deadly! Once Ground forces were discovered, those areas quickly Became Hot. Eventually JG1 got into FriedenHaus and captured! Then turned its tanks in force, to the South East for a run on Klienerdorf. We had to cross the river. The Bridge repair, and river crossing was under fire by artillery territorial defenses, and took time. We finally got across the river. Wondering why we hadn't seen axis air power? It was soon realized we left Freidenhaus undefended! We sent search n destroy, Air recon. But the Axis (SCG and company) made a run, from further back in their lines, and retook FriedenHaus, before we could stop them. Great play. Briefing for Sunday Sept. 27th 1:30 central. Since FriendenHaus was recaptured by the Axis and held (at the end of the last session)so the map, territories coalitions, IE "lines" will be the same as last week! Since this is intended for competition, Rearm, repair, has been tweaked to supper fast at the forward Air Bases. Giving a Quick turn around at the front. Notes: All of this is intended and built towards hopefully a future scheduled competition! Although the environment is simplistic in its nature, the tactical aspects, of ether self or squadron applied tactics and are vast. Moxy
  6. ~S~ 1 to 6km visibility realistic? Probably? Is it a realistic object Im looking at? . Moxy
  7. A contradiction in terms, and (in this sim IMO) its catch 22....Nothing is real..computer, monitor, I really don't get killed, dead, war. lol Han forgive me, an interpretation what your wrote, this is not a combat sim by my definitions. (practicing, learning, improving, competing, virtual squadron, tactics,etc.) But a programed history lesson, including a wars "luck of the draw deaths". Because some pilot that DIDN'T see the bandit in RL. (but could of, luck/skill/karma) With simulating historical deaths, by having poor computer visibility, that emulate the historical statistics. (#% of kills "didn't see it coming, and the sims program is reflecting this?)_ Or are you telling us the programing is this (what we have), or/or turning it up "is" going to be too much? Turn it up a couple notches, find the balance. Han if I and or my team cant "Basic tactical maneuver" , execute Basic tactical air to air, or air to ground Doctrines... because of game visibility. (When all the pilots have skills and are functioning team tactically) it isn't fun (define fun) and pointless because you cant tactically emulate where ever you stand on immersion, except getting statistically killed? Weather your into a complete fantasy, reenactment, Squadron life , dead is dead competitions, or.. I don't give a damn on history, I just like planes, and want to kill something that takes skill. The set up, now IMO towards Combat flying, (Im on ATI its worse, switching to nvidia), is just frustrating, and for most everyone I know. We/I are not learning, advancing, honing, executing, practicing, looking forward, etc. to what "we" think, or feel what a combat pilot, in a combat environment is. "Be the best you can" and winning (whatever that is) We are tactically adapting to the visibility, (always had to, its a computer) but at a level, that any real life doctrines, ...don't fit this environment. OK "Strive for the maximum possible realism in the simulation of air combat in all its aspects?" .....Han you cant its a computer. "Or are we striving to get the maximum "fun" from virtual air battles"..... Define "fun"... everyone "feels" different. "and where should not be factors (albeit grounded in realism) that will excessively interfere with us in this? My answer: Audio, and visibility...You've have to give pilots what they need on a computer, to overcome what you cant simulate in real life. (to be the best you can) Peripheral vision= larger FOV, Zoom = detail, Pixel density at distance=contact spotting, Rendering envelop=tactics. Audio=alternative sense to what you cant feel. Han when you released the latest big patch(new render api), contact spotting was at 15k, we tested this, and posted how good it felt! The side line to this whatever the programing was....the rendering envelope (for myself)also felt correct (planes grew proportionally from a certain distance that fit my feel of something approaching at 400+ kph) I could see......(ATI with Vulcan wrapper, plus reshade to suit my eyes to emulate my monitor to what feels real to my eyes) The next patch was at 10 or so Km, lost vis, and the render envelope, went incorrect...............not fun! Im still really wondering....you didn't post "Do you want better/clearer visibility" ...you posted "realism" vs. visibility. There is nothing real... IE feel, spotting, ID'ing, etc. on the current set up....imo Moxy
  8. ~S~ Im on an ati rx590 Without zoom, contacts beyond 1.5 to 2k are 1 @%$#ing pixel!!! used magnifying glass to verifie grounded!!!
  9. ~S~ Gents Im on ATI....I had great visibility, for the 1st time after the 4007 release...I think we all did. We had noticed a 15Km contact circle, and for myself (amd) smooth rendering, as an aircraft approached. In essence I only had to use Zoom, for ID and attitude. After the last Hotfixes, a 10Km render circle, tested with TacView...which I only get 8 with zoom. And a 1.3 render pop in with out zoom Colors are also very washed out. I don't know what happened, It seem's the rendering circle was increased, then reduced in the hotfixes Backwards, ??? Im where I started full circle lol Moxy
  10. ~S~590- latest drivers, etc The game for myself is garbage, after the latest update Render Visibility is back to where this all started, from the beginning ! Absolutely un flyable with any sort of SA (tacviewing last night...there were pilots all over the fir ball (on comms)...and many were blind also) Game colors are flat washed out. (easily corrected with a little reshade....) 2 hot fixes ago, I had great (realistic?) Visibility up to 15 k , now the render circle is 8 as a pixle then an aircraft at 1.5k Are any other AmD pilots Grounded ??? Mox Edit fresh install, Dx repair, Dot net repair, cash clearing, multi restarts,.............no improvements, same
  11. ~S~ AMD 590...latest drivers Game over rides any color settings in my amd control panel. Game looks washed out, color weak, no saturation/depth/tone.....really under flat. (and I like subdued tones) (Testing all things on an off, consistent, including different monitors) Pixel spotting great..15K range (tested with tacview vs. nvida pilot, same range for both pilots) Mox
  12. ~S~ Ala13_Antiguo The Games Depth buffer or normal's are not accessible in this game through "stock" Reshade. This is a security in Reshade Moxy
  13. ~S~ A quick awnser Alpha Layer is a "Grey scale" The darker the gray, the less "shine" you get. (flat) Go too dark, you get a hole. The lighter the gray, the more "shine" you get. (gloss)Go too light you get chrome. So on your Alpha layer Darken the cowl area where the orange is Mox
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