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  1. OK, known bug then. At least I've introduced myself to the forum. Thanks!
  2. Hi, I'm quite new with IL2 so I'm sure this is an actual issue with the software or simply my inexperience; however I couldn't find anywhere a solution, so I suspect something here doesn't work as it should. Recently it happend that during take off with the rest of the squadron, only couple of planes in front of me took off, the others however did not. I initially though about some radio requests, but I couldn't find anything neither on manual or key mappings that would suggest to such thing. Is it me or some times the other planes just wait forever on the runway?
  3. Ciao a tutti, e' gia' un paio di volte che accade, praticamente al decollo sulla pista, gli altri aerei del mio stesso squadrone rimangono fermi davanti a me con i motori accesi, quasi in attesa di un'ordine o via libera dalla torre di controllo. Qualcuno mi sa dire se e' normale e nel caso che cosa devo fare? Richiesta di decollo? Grazie
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