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  1. I agree, It would be nice to see one teamspeak/Discord channel that hosts it all... Give privileges to the ones who are in command so to speak.. control private rooms, create squad channels.. TAW could have its own section (pass-worded too) So you could always find people and newbies would have a place to grow and you can see where the momentum is. ww2 online does this well with their discord channel, each squad has its own channel.. this way squads can team up for special ops... Imagine.. if you had 10 people that wanted to do a bomb run.. go recruit some escorts. Only thing is,
  2. My Top 4 VR Sims/games... might have to try that one. IL2 - ww2 Flight Sim/combat Iracing - best professional racing Sim used by the Pro's Onward - Best current Military simulator - Excellent and only in VR Echo Arena - Space disc throwing team play in an arena - Very fun
  3. Sometimes if you clicked to your desktop and left a window open that is not the IL2 VR app this happens to me.. make sure the open live window is IL2 and not some other window. Rift user here
  4. Me too! Not only do I have to take off my headset, I have to put reading glasses on to read the screen. The people using VR realize it's the future, I find it hard to play any 2d on screen game these days.
  5. Thanks ! Thanks dburne! So far, I think it is best no OTT and to fire up IL2 from the Oculas Home page after it is open. (3.2 SS on Steam settings) Has anyone figured how to stop the bird background noise I get from Oculus home page? I can hear it when I am in VR in IL2 hanger. Hmmmmm?
  6. West Coast, Santa Barbara Usually Have DeSherrifs Discord open and depending on where I am flying poking around on TeamSpeak. New to TAW, but plan on that being my usual place to fly.... once I am comfortably identifying EA from Friendlies.
  7. New to IL2, old school flight sim pilot here learning the IL2 way (keymapping!) Just early ideas....... Would like to see a VR server.. maybe in the future it will come? Maybe a good idea to have each side go with a specific paint scheme to help with the identifiering EA as a friend and not a fo it but keep it on difficult setting like TAW. (Again, I am new so not sure it this is a real disadvantage for a VR pilot vs screen playing pilots) Aslo, Would be nice to see one place either on TS or Discord to find VR pilots and allow new VR pilots to find us. It is difficult to learn
  8. So if you have the Oculus tool open, it will override the SS setting on the steam VR? What should my target frame rate be? So far in steam I am 3.8 and running smooth. Guess I am supposed to hit right cntr + numpad 1 before I get in plane.. in other words while in hanger. slow learning cant wait to go live servers
  9. Old school flight simmer here new to IL2 (ok back after 11 years) VR (Oculus Rift) had brought me back to IL2. Where does everyone hang out at? Teamspeak? Discord seems dead. I plan on flying in TAW BUT its taking me weeks to learn everything on my own.. NO Comms with pilots yet.. (OK Just a couple) IL@ has steep learning curve, especially in VR so.. lets drink some beers and fly. ps VR and IL2 is very efin COOL!
  10. New to IL2 steep learning curve; When I set trim it only works for pitch in my 190.. I can not get keymapper to work.. in other words.. in Key mapper say trim roll is set to page up and insrt but will not have affect in 109 or 190 When in the 190, my pitch trim works mapped to joystick but roll will not work. Also, in 190, flaps automatically go to 10% or 60% but in 109 it is 1% increments. Where do all the pilots hang out on? Teamspeak somewhere? Discord is dead so I am having to learn via reading posts and sifting thru lots of data which is hard when learning to fly in
  11. With the new way steam SS settings (think they changed the actual SS so it is not the same as the Oculus tool works.) How high should I be able to push it? 3.0-4.0? What should be my target Frame rate? Should I use the Oculus tray tool or not? Some say, don't use the tray and use SS in the steam settings.
  12. 13 - Gamma 1.0 to 0.9., Done, found it thanks! Can anyone hekp with the rest of my questions?
  13. Please HELP - How do I do this? 1- Now to your IL-2 settings for your 1080ti: 2 - Preset High. Done Got it thanks 3 - HDR off. Box unchecked Got it thanks 4 - SSAO off. Box unchecked Got it thanks 5 - Sharpen off. Box unchecked Got it thanks 6 - AA to 0x. Help, Done if you mean uncheck the antialiasing box? 7 - Mirror to simple or one step higher. Done 8 - Shadows High. Done 9 - Terrain Detail 4x. Help, Done "IF" you mean "Distant landscape detail" 10 -Terrain Sharpen on. Help, Done "IF" you mean "Distant landscape filter" 11 -Target FPS off. Help, Can Not see
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