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  1. I just saw a good deal on GTX 1080 and gave up. I bought the 780 solely for IL-2 and wanted to focus on it since it couldn't properly handle DCS. The 1080 will handle DCS well and I will shift my focus more towards it now. If the 1080 will also crash in IL-2, then it will be time to quit stressing myself with it anymore. According to my research, faster RAM is just not worth upgrading to, neither is overclocking it. I might overclock though if I have time to waste and want to squeeze the last funny frames out of my PC. However, according to this and many other threads I've read, the problems are not solely on 780 series as many other cards suffer from it too, even if not so consistently. This thread was created by the producers for a reason. Everything should be done to see what's the root cause of the problem with Nvidia cards and then sit down people from Nvidia to resolve the issue. These cards are still perfectly capable even with modern games and it's worth spending time on resolving this issue to not frustrate more and more customers. Nvidia still does support the 780 as the only fix in the 416.94 change log was to fix 780 freezing in Windows. I don't know why they don't care about IL-2 support though but an angry game developer should be worth listening to.
  2. D3D Error DXBufferMan11::vb(..) DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_REMOVED EVGA GTX 780 SC 6GB i5 4670K Asus Maximus VII Ranger Corsair Vengeance 16 GB 1600MHz Windows 10 Home 64 Happens with latest Nvidia drivers and also with my current 399.24. Will have to stop my IL-2 purchases until the issue is either resolved or I will buy a new graphics card in a few years. I was just planning to get into this sim finally and buy all modules.
  3. I really hope the pre-order will go on until 15th! That's payday and with the two latest developer diaries you have convinced me to buy it if not too late! I swore not to buy a sim before it's released but with the couple of small goodies that will come along, I think I really want to! It looks very promising and honestly, the live streams weren't all that convincing and I didn't even watch the latest but your attention to detail in your diary entries are another deal! Thanks!
  4. Really waiting for IL-2 1946 on Steam. I haven't had it installed since I reinstalled Windows with a new SSD because of the terrible patching process. Will gladly pay a few bucks and then some for the pre-order of BoS! When is it coming back to Steam by the way?
  5. Hello gents, Griffin from Eagle Dynamics forums reporting in. Really looking forward to this sim and might pre-order it this month. I just visited the aviation museum today here in Vantaa, Finland. They have a temporary "Messers in Finland 70 years" exhibition where they borrowed one of the two surviving Messerschmitts in Finland from it's home in Utti. Shame I missed the one day when they brought a StuG from armor museum there too. I took some pictures especially of the engine and the cannon, something you don't see everyday. Hopefully you'll find them interesting! More high resolution pictures can be found on my Drive: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B7JS_-OtBYkJY2pFU3V5UlJEMzQ&usp=sharing The DB 605 A-1 The MG 151/20 is bolted to the rear of the engine and fires between the cylinder blocks through the propeller shaft. Yep, it's the Gustav's fist! I believe the cartridges are into this hole on the left side. And the business end! The views through the propeller shaft. Sorry, it was difficult to get a good shot with top mounted flash. And finally, the hero of the house.
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