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  1. S! Sahaj, will be MODS off for now. Hope to see you up there!
  2. https://riseofflight.com/forum/topic/57192-syndicate-vintage-missions-fly-again/ Firing up the old Vintage Missions server for some fun in the sun high over the skies of the France. Dust off the old flying kit and let's have some fun!
  3. Take a good f*ckin' look at da bad guy....Ju neva gonna see another bad guy like dis again babay ok??
  4. I just have one question.....Will we get to hear " A Sussex Lad " during intermissions ...but my aeroplane lacked common sense.... and crashed into a tree! We were huddled around the warm hearth next to the bar in the squadron mess when Tripod, our venerable old three-legged, mangy dog of a squadron mascot, perked his ears up. A few moments later we heard the unmistakable sputtering of a Spad's hispano-suiza engine droning above the the pouring rain and leaking ceiling of the chateau. "Who the devil could that be in this weather?", asked our CO, old Mac, as we all drew a curious eye toward the ceiling. We rushed to the door of the mess just in time to see the outline of a landing spad in the late afternoon rain. With what seemed like casual effortlessness, the pilot wheeled the spad around in front of the hangars, killed the engine, climbed out and gave a friendly wave to us and the approaching ground crew. Suddenly one of the boys exclaimed.."That's old Lt. Col. William Thaw! The legendary leader of the Lafayette Escadrille, swaggered over in our direction with a relieved smile. He had been at it since 1915, and had all the care free confidence of the man we'd heard so many stories about. He had been separated from his patrol by an engagement over the lines and with the worsening afternoon thunderstorms, had become quite lost and forced down at our drome. He drank all the drinks the boys bought him, and patiently answered every question asked of him. The men's faces lit up like the sun when he told them of his narrow escapes and encounters with particularly skilled German aces. He couldn't quite mask his look of astonishment at the young rookie pilots, all speaking of yearning for action against the hun. He gave them the best advice he could, without dampening their spirits, but still managing to bring home the point that their opponents were good, and there was no substitute for experience. He flew out just after dawn this morning, after a quick breakfast and a farewell to the squadron. Everyone couldn't help thinking how wonderful it would be to have such a skilled hand with us, given whats ahead. They say we have the numbers and the German ace Boelke is dead, but rumors are rampant of the "flying circus" and their ace pilots, just across the mud. I suppose we'll see what it's all about tomorrow at dawn, April 5, 1917.
  5. Ah!! just seeing this now! I'll be there next Tuesday! "Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more; Or close the wall up with our English dead." -Henry V (William Shakespeare)
  6. Yeah man, good times! It will be on the regular Jasta 5 Flugpark Server on FC. They run the Sunday Furball every week, kicks off around 1900GMT. Just planning on doing a bunch of bombing objectives all day, hit and runs Wrongway style
  7. Sad solemn notes and crates of newly drawn stout,the usual symptoms when a life goes out.But the extinction this time being seven times the most.The music held no echo and the tears drowned our toast.Sorrow and bereavement, life has no meaning now: silence is master.Laughter and song bowed for gone went our great captain to some more hospitable innwhere cant and hypocrisy can no longer embarrass him. The Lament for Brendan Behan
  8. Gentlemen, it is with heavy heart that I must relate the news that our dear friend and fellow aviator, Wrongway Feldman / No.42 Wrongway departed on his final flight on the 5th of October, 2019. He was a lifelong aviation enthusiast, a great pilot and dear friend. He was a long time pilot in the Rise of Flight community and was known by most for leading his legendary two-seater raids deep into enemy territory. He was also an ace DCS pilot, mastering every aircraft he owned. He will be missed by all who knew him and, sad as this sorry news is, I'm comforted by knowing he would want us to carry on with the fights and the fun all in good humor. Therefore, in memory of our dear friend, this coming Sunday 26th of January, I intend to fly purely two seater ground pounding objectives. Trains, ships, artillery, airfields, nothing is off the table! All are welcome to join in as we test our meddle against the might of the German Imperial Airforce and remember our dear friend Wrongway!
  9. I've done it once successfully but had to be 1000m to get it to trigger.
  10. Fuel locks show up and you can minus numbers by one pilot for certain, probably many more as well.
  11. That's a fine bit of dogfighting there gentlemen S! Good show Emely!
  12. You're most welcome Baeumer and thank you very much for the kind words! In the end, it was always a labor of love for both Steve and myself. Huge thanks in return for Jasta 5's participation in our VM's, the absolutely amazing Black September and Bloody April events, to Syndicate Sqn for making the vintage missions available to the public, and to all the pilots and observers who have shown up to fly with us. Looking forward to some exciting times for our sim community, feels good to see the old names coming back S! Thanks for creating them in the first place and for letting us run them Vander! There's truly some solid ROF gold in some of those maps! Looking forward to Sunday S! Time to wheel out the ole FE2B lol S!
  13. Armistice Day Memorial - Eagle of Lille Tournament - 10th of November 2019 - 1600GMT Greetings gentlemen! This will most likely be the final Vintage Mission on ROF on the Cuban Syndicate VM server. It's been a great couple of years! Flying Circus seems to really have some momentum behind it now that we have a map and all signs point to some exciting times for our sim community! Thanks to all who flew with us all those Sundays! It is my great pleasure to invite everyone to commemorate the 101st anniversary of the end of The Great War with the classic Jasta99 designed event, Der Adler von Lille / The Eagle of Lille. All are invited to join us on the Sunday Vintage Mission Server for a day of early war action high over the trenches. The tournament will begin at 1600GMT and concludes with a tally of scores acquired by each side during the event. We will most likely fly for awhile and all wind up on Flying Circus Mission Details: Map Targets and Objectives will be displayed on the map for both sides. During the mission targets will be marked on the map if they were destroyed. Each side will get the same information from the map, where to attack and where to defend. There are no subtitles, objectives can completed in any order. Observation Airfields will fire green flares when friendly aircraft come near and yellow flares when an enemy aircraft comes near. Additionally there are several observation points that fire yellow flares when an enemy aircraft comes near. AAA There is anti-aircraft artillery deployed near the frontline and at each airfield and target. Objectives Balloons There are three observation balloons on each side that have to be destroyed. Each balloon is covered by anti-aircraft fire. Once a balloon is destroyed, it will remain destroyed for the rest of the mission. Balloons will fire yellow flares if an enemy plane comes near and fire a red flare when being attacked. A destroyed observation balloon will be marked on the map by a cross. Trains There are two trains on each side commuting between two locations. Trains can be combated by either a fighter using his machine guns or a 2-Seater using bombs. A destroyed train will be marked on the map by a cross. Convoys There are three convoys on each side commuting between two locati ons. Each convoy consists of five unarmoured vehicles. Convoys can be combated by either a fighter using his machine guns or a 2 Seater using bombs. A destroyed convoy will be marked on the map by a cross. Photo Reconnaissance Missions There are two Photo-Reconnaissance missions for each side. These missions can be flown from each 2-Seater aircraft that is carrying a photo camera. There is a minimum altitude of 1500m / 5000ft for a successful mission. After taking the photos that cover minimum 75% of the Photo-Reconnaissance area the aircraft have to carry them back to any active friendly airfield. A successful Photo-Reconnaissance mission will be marked on the map by a cross. Bombing and Photo Reconnaissance Missions There are two bridges and two artillery positions on each side, which have to be destroyed by a 2- Seater aircraft carrying bombs. At each artillery position there are two batteries each consisting of four guns that have to be destroyed completely. A destroyed bridge or artillery position will be marked on the map by a cross. After a bridge or an artillery position was destroyed it is subject to an additional Photo-Reconnaissance mission. These missions can be flown from each 2-Seater aircraft that is carrying a photo camera. There is a minimum altitude of 1500m / 5000ft for a successful mission. After taking five photos of the Photo Reconnaissance area the aircraft have to carry them back to any active friendly aerodrome. This means a maximum of 51 mission points for each side. Additionally each confirmed kill of an enemy airplane will add one point to the total score. A confirmed kill will be considered as a kill that is stated in the server statistics. In case, that server statistics are temporary offline, maybe a kill will not count. This will reflect the fact of several unconfirmed kills of pilots, like Max Immelmann, during the Great War. Scoring Photo reconnaissance - 2pts each (4 total) Balloon busting - 2pts each (6 total) Bridge bombing - 2pts each (4 total) Photo reconnaissance of destroyed bridge - 3pts each (6 total) Artillery position bombing - 2pts each (4 total) Photo reconnaissance of destroyed artillery position - 3pts each (6 total) Train attack - 3pts each (6 total) Convoy attack (5 vehicles per Convoy) - 5pts each (15 total) Fuel loads are unlocked, ***Note: the Airco DH2 fighter and has 3hr 15min of fuel at 100%, so 33% will get you at least an hour of flight time and a good bit more manuverability*** Good luck all pilots and observers!
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