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  1. Fieseler Fi 156, I would love to use such recon/transport plane. Dewoitine D.520, it's time to start thinking about a west-front 1940 module. Supermarine Walrus to carry out pilot rescue flights at sea.
  2. Tri(c)queville near Pont-Audemer. I live on the former airfield.
  3. Hi, Is there such topic for the Normandy map ? Do we already know which airfields they plan to include ? I'd like to provide data about a former JG2 airfield before it's too late.
  4. Thank you so much for your work on this amazing tool. If you can add PVE Kuban with recent planes that would be the top !
  5. Hi, First thank you for this amazing server. It's the kind of experience I'm looking for. I love these virtual battlegrounds and the feeling of playing your pilot's career like in the amazing Red Baron 2 (1997) but online this time. Few ideas : - Maybe slow down the tank column spawn frequency (not every round) so we can focus a while on other tasks than just trying to destroy it for the whole round :D - Link this tank column spawn frequency to the "defense/offensive/neutral" state. I saw a german offensive map that started in the morning with no/few german players online and ax
  6. Just one more thing, please make the B-25 flyable as a nice move to your great player community there's many players that would love to fly it !
  7. I'm happy with everything, few weeks ago I was asking for you guys to assume your leadership on ww2 and move to the west front instead of pacific. Wise choice ! Next few days ago we talked with friends about the amazing tank battles in Red Orchestra 1 and its multicrew. Red Orchestra 2 failed on that part and now you guys are doing it, amazing Full support to your team that deliver things and pretty good ones !
  8. Hope they know the Red Baron 2 campaign system and get inspiration from it. I've never seen a pilot career simulation of that intensity since that game. You could really feel you were on the frontline fighting among these aces.
  9. Ah thank you for that kind and creative idea but as you say, it will not allow me to fight which is my current concern ! I'll wait for the dev team to solve this as it was working fine in ROF so there's no reason not to allow it in IL2. Just hope they are aware of this and will finally give a couple of hours to a developper to add this setting...
  10. I use a logitech attack 3 and there's no axis for yaw/rudder so I have one button for yaw left and one button for yaw right. The problem is that there's no way to quickly get back to neutral rudder position. In ROF if I release the yaw left or right button it gets quickly back to rudder neutral position which is convenient. I would like to be able to select such option or at least set a button to get the rudder back to neutral because I'm unable to play like it is actualy. I have to look behind to set it correctly it's boring / dangerous. Thank you.
  11. My mistake, i guess it was pretty clear when i bought it as i read that comparison chart and that info then changed in the mists of my mind. I think what led me into that mistake is the dev blog news where it just states "November 12-14 will become the dates of the very first early access session." when it should be "early access for premium"
  12. You must be kidding me. We're a bunch of guys that did hurry to buy this game during pre-order to get early access (which was supposed to be 11th of november when i bought it) and what i read there is that people that buy it from now on will try it earlier than us standard edition founders ?! I don't think you wrote something about a difference between standard and premium about early access before.
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