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  1. Hi Genosse, you probably received three awards in that mission, can you tell me what they are? Suggestion: probably also your mates received them. Thanks!
  2. Hi Azdack, Good question, To begin, "Logbook Sync IL2GB" is specifically compatible only with IL2 GB "world". I Also created another app (now you can find in download section) to import log files of DCS. I also tried in the past with CoD and was a mess... At the end I added all my missions manually. They are so few that add them manually was quicker. By the way I was able to import all my "historic" campaign done with the excelent Il2 46. It was a little complicated, I did not write a full application, I created a sort of parsing prototype application to do so, once done I had to apply a lot of normalization directly on the database. That was a quite huge work but I had 1466 air victories, too many for a manual input.
  3. Hi everybody! I just released a new version of logbook with many interesting news: - Statistics section both for user and for any character; - Grouped leaderboards in the menu; - Dark theme (enable it with "Edit user settings"); - Improved ship victories with ship type and tonnage; - Spare victories (outside mission) are visibile and editable directly on the calendar; - Download section (where you will find last version of sync apps); - Mail address for suggestions (you can find it in credits section). I hope you enjoy this news, Bye
  4. Hi everybody! I would like to share a work in progress of the next update because few weeks passed from the past update. This will include a lot of minor fixes but mainly statistics will be avalaible, here you are a preview of the main screen I hope you like it and I hope also to conclude soon this feature. Bye
  5. Hi Eremin222, sync app uses standard player pilot from PWCG log (pilot code 1000001). It will sync only that pilot. By the way I thought system to easily change this code, this can be used to input code in order to chose a different pilot for the sync. At the moment no experiments were done on the argument, I think would be a little too tricky for a common user to get pilot codes from log files but of course is possible. Thanks!
  6. Hi Stromboli, sorry for the delay, I was on vacation for a week on the wonderful tuscany seaside... By the way, I added Luftwaffe as enemy for french, please let me know if some other association is missing, I made them very quickly editables. Thanks
  7. Hi everybody, just published a little update where I fixed a little bug in the "return to duty" events. As usual you can find link in the first post.
  8. Hi Nadelbaum, I deleted events with problems, now you can access again. Pls avoid to sync otherwise it will crash again. Tomorrow in the morning I will try to another fix. It is a date format issue, deleting your character won't help. Which date format have on your PC? I think this is related with the problem. Thanks
  9. Hi Nadelbaum, I just released a quick update of the syncapp I was planning to release soon, no relation with your issue but I tested with this version and worked. I cleaned broken events creating the issue with your character, now should work good. Can you give a try with new release of sync app just to be sure? Thanks
  10. Hi Nadelbaum, hard to find the problem without a clue, can you please share your career again, I think something changed because I used one you shared at first to test. I think it's an easy fix to apply with your data. [EDIT] Maybe it happens when you access your character? I will give a look. Thanks
  11. Hi Nadelbaum, I just released an update of the sync app. Now it automatically adds "return to duty" event after being wounded an on the day of the first mission after return. Unfortunately I was unable to find any event to track the begin of a leave in PWCG log files... So I'm unable to keep track of that event.
  12. Hi Genosse, that is my "main" site I'm updating, logbook (and sync app) is here http://logbook.ansirial.it safe and sound. You can also find updated link in the first post.
  13. If a can catch the leave from events no problem, otherwise I think it would be a little complex. I will test the feature, taking a leave should be simple to reproduce.
  14. It is doable for sure! May I ask just an advice? Do you think can be good a generic event with the note "Returned to squadron" or something similar?
  15. Hi everybody! Just published a double update, on the online application: Added option to set a sortie as training (victories not count on total) Added option to show important sorties on timeline And a new version of sync tool is avalaible with a better event integration with PWCG, thanks to @Nadelbaum who shared his campaign.
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