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  1. Maybe something has changed since last variation of the rules for USAAF, and maybe is right but now seems I ceased to receive any award. At the beginning I were awarded with a lot of medals, now, even if in the last week (in game) I shot down five planes in a sortie... twice, nothing happens. Last award was when I shot down four planes in a sortie. It's OK for me to not receive 5 awards per week, I think it's more historical, but I'm signaling this behavior just for sure.
  2. What about Bronze Star and Distinguished Service Medal? None in my squadron received one, are them in use?
  3. My real name is very simple so, even if I admit is not very funny I thought this was really realistic, I simply transalate my real name, so it became: For Germans is Simon Weiss For Russians is Semyon Béliy For English and American is Simon White.
  4. Program only reads offline game DB, I did not sign the application because was a long process.
  5. Just released a global update: - New graphics - Squadron section added where you can see your comrades files
  6. Simply great! I love these details 😍
  7. I just noticed something has changed after last update. Thanks for the fix. I see now after the first day there is a sort of normalization of missing awards. By the way something is not completely clear to me. In the luftwaffe fighter career, where I already earn the gold clasp, today I got a reearned the bronze and the silver one (note the dates). In the U.S.A.A.F career instead I still can't understand how Air Medal is given: 1 air medal per kill as written in the description? If I will get 30 kills, will I have an Air medal with 6 silver clusters? At the moment does't seems so (and maybe is right and supposed to be so). To finish I would like to report this: Two of my mates in the squadron earned Hero of Soviet Union with 11 and 15 air kills. Don't know if is normal, but seem strange.
  8. I just released an update to implement bodenplatte in the sync tool (tool to be used to avoid add mission outcomes manually). Also I included the possibility to upload pictures to create a more dynamic personal timeline. Please note I'm still adding awards for both RAF and USAAF but ranks are already integrated.
  9. Just a little other note: I think also I earned DSO a little easily: 12 successful sorties 7 air kill 43 vehicles destroyed Maybe is right, but just for sure I'm reporting it. Together with DSO I also earned AFC by the way... Waiting to RAF check, I tested a littles USAAF and also seems there is something strange with Air Medal: For instance it happens it is never awarded without cluster, sometimes it happens it is awarded directly with 3 cluster (even if the pilot did not shot down anyone in that mission). Here in the screen you can see it awarded twice (1 cluster) even with only a kill.
  10. I captured this screen, pilot flew 2 sorties that day. He has been awarded with the second bar after the first one. I checked in the local DB and he has 59 "sorties" and 31 "goodSorties" that I assume are succesful sorties
  11. Me too, but the only differece was if there is an enemy involvment for DFC - DFM and not for AFC - AFM, if I remember correctly. But I understand that in game would be difficult to track an act of heroism without an enemy involvment... So I agree with the number of mission done. By the way, I think AFC e AFM are awarded maybe too easily, only an idea maybe I'm in wrong.
  12. I'm so excited to fly with two more factions in career mode! Thanks a lot for the clarification, but maybe there is something strange, descriptions says there were only 26 second bars, but only my squadron 2 people have 2 bars, and 1 have 2 bars on AFM. Do you know criteria for DFC e DFM too? Because also there is a squadron member with a DFM with 2 bars and only a kill.
  13. Hi all! It's me or the Air Force Cross is awarded too often in the new career in with RAF? Everybody has one and somebody have also two bars! In general somebody knows wich is the new criteria both for RAF and USAAF?
  14. Hi there! Just completed the sync application! Is now possible to sync local careers with logbook automatically! The application at the moment is able to sync missions (with victories) and awards. It is still not eneabled to sync promotions, so please check the manually for now. Please check in the first post to download.
  15. Hi all! Just fixed the bug with the pictures! Now you can upload pictures of your user and of course of your characters. I'm starting right now to work on a public version of the Sync application between Logbook and Il2GB...
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