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  1. Hi Genosse, Can you try now? The problem was you get too many awards and this was creating a bug, now the limit multiplied by 10 times, this should do the trick. Bye,
  2. Hi Genosse, I checked but I can't find anything strange, would you please paste the exact URL where you find the issue please? Thanks!
  3. Hi XiaoFeiXiong, The circuit is developed from a public thread on another forum, I normally share the circuit design with the STL for a small price, but I will share it with you via PM, Bye
  4. Hi TrueGrey, You can enter any event manually, I don't understand what you mean for career files. By manually I mean you can fully use web interface to input anything. Bye
  5. Hi XiaoFeiXiong, All parts are connected with screws and can be disassembled if needed. Screws visible are even few than the real stick, they are mainly inside the internal structure. Only lateral button needs some glue where it joins with handle, this will keep all the object completely dismountable for maintenance purposes. Feel free to ask for any question. Bye
  6. Hi everybody, I would like to share another little project I developed in last 6 months during my spare time: a 3D printable Luftwaffe KG13B stick. As you can see project is for Warthog base but can be adapted. Starting from a free model I found on the web I deeply revised all the details in order to optimize 3D printing purpose: - Most of the screws are internal; - Models are separated in order to avoid to color them; - Internal space is adapted to common micro switch sizes; - Components thickness is enough to
  7. There are 2 VVS VVS SSSR (Sovetskikh Sotsialisticheskikh Respublik aka USSR) -> for the WWII VVS -> post 1991 If you are flying IL2 you should chose VVS SSSR...
  8. Hi Madov, Are you sure you have chosen right allegiance? I noticed many users chose USAF instead of USAAF for instance. USAF is for modern US Air Force, USAAF is for WWII US Army Air Force. Which allegiance have you selected?
  9. Hi everybody, Today I released an interesting update; historical dates can be confusing, especially for MP users, so I added a "User calendar" where you can see events arranged by timestamps and not by historical date. If you have more than one pilot you can see all the events merged in one view. Also with the new calendar system calendars were too heavy, so I completely revised the logic for tha data loading, now it is a lot faster. I will add it soon, thanks I fear I didn't understand, can you explain me? From PWCG you can use only
  10. Hi Nadelbaum, thanks added! Hi Nadelbaum, just added now. You should see correct statistics now. Thanks! Bye
  11. Hi FlyingH, thanks but can you give me more feedbacks? Probably any of your mates earned an award on 5th May '45, can I know wich is? Thanks
  12. Hi Mertons, Sorry for the delay, I can suggest anoter couple of things: - Check exactly the spelling of the folder: PWCGFC, seems obvious but time ago comes out other people found two letters switched - Check permissions on the folders, especially PWCGFC/Campaigns where pilots information are stored. By the way, folders structure seems correct, and if you can't solve may I ask if you can share your pilots folders? They should be inside "Campaigns" folder in PWCGFC. Thanks
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