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  1. Hello, I have thoroughly enjoyed the recently improved interior sounds for the Bf-109s and Bf-110s in IL-2 Great Battles. I am hoping this treatment can also be made for the exterior sounds as well. I suggest checking out Paddy Patrone's youtube channel for nice recordings for these birds and others also found in this sim as well. https://www.youtube.com/user/PaddyPatrone Cheers, Fafnir_6
  2. Hello, I had planned to get Battle of Normandy for myself over the holidays. I always purchase from the website to support the devs, but recently I have been having issues with VISA's fraud protection service automatically blocking my legitimate purchases from this website. I can always get my purchases through by calling VISA's customer support and getting the block removed and then re-trying to buy the content. My concern is that while I am a passionate supporter of this product, other VISA card users who may not be so committed may encounter this issue and give up. I would suggest either talking to VISA directly or getting Xsolla to talk to them to have this issue resolved so that purchases using fraud-protected VISA cards will be trouble-free. Cheers and happy New Years, Fafnir_6
  3. Indeed. They may have leveraged the popularity of the Griffon Spit and the Dusenbomber to prop up BoN sales (which I have no issue with, in all honesty). More aircraft will surely follow. Cheers, Fafnir_6
  4. I always thought it was weird that they had the Spitfire XIV and Ar234B-2 as premium planes for BoN. They are much more BoBP aircraft. I would have rather seen a Spitfire IXc (1943/44) or Beaufighter or A-20G and Ju188E or Do217M-1 as premiums for BoN. Cheers, Fafnir_6
  5. Wow is that the difference in speed between the C and the R? That's pretty significant. Agreed. Yeah a Ju88S-1 would be fabulous. Fafnir_6
  6. The Ju88S/T would be the best fit for 1944 Bombing/photo recon ops. It was a VERY quick plane. Cheers, Fafnir_6
  7. Hello, I think adding the Ju88C-6a with the Ju88R-2 as a sub-variant would be a smart thing to do. This gives the best possible coverage over a large time-span and keeps the multiplayer crowd happier with a better performing version in the R-series for 1943-1944 ops (1700PS vs 1410PS per engine). Additionally, there is a preserved Ju88R-1 at the RAF Museum (Hendon??) if further info is needed. The Ju88C was heavily used on all fronts and is a worthy addition for Moscow, Stalingrad and Kuban campaigns as well as in Normandy (and potentially the med in the future). It's ubiquitousness is such that I think it was a smart idea by the devs to include it with the Normandy campaign. To all those requesting the Ju188, I totally understand. We have never had a proper Ju188 in a simulation before (only mods) and it would be a worthy addition. I'd be 100% behind getting it as AI first and then sold separately later as per the B-25 and B-26. Keep in mind that the Jumo vs BMW question would still be a headache for the Ju188 since Jumo and BMW powered versions of the Ju188 were developed in parallel (Jumo Ju188A-series bomber /Ju188D-series recon exactly matching up to the BMW Ju188E-series / Ju188F-series recon). On that note I think we should have a Ju88D-1 load-out with cameras for our current Ju88A-4 with corresponding photo-reconnaissance mission types added to the single and multiplayer modes. Cheers, Fafnir_6
  8. As I stated in my edited earlier post...If they do D-Day as part of this theatre, many of the landing craft and capital ships will be transferrable to the PTO. Cheers, Fafnir_6
  9. Hello, I'm pretty stoked for this release (I will be purchasing it). I understand the disappointment around the PTO, but I'd submit that work on the Normandy theatre will flesh out the USAAF plane set for future Pacific campaigns in New Guinea/the Solomans and such. This frees up resources to focus on USN types once work actually starts on the pacific, while still populating careers there with historical USAAF types. It will also help with a potential Italy theatre so that resources can focus on Italian aircraft and German bombers. Also, If they do D-Day with this theatre, they will add many of the landing craft an ships needed for the Pacific. About the Normandy release itself, I'd point out that no sim has had a proper Typhoon or Me410 since European Air War back in the day. There were mods for IL-2 1946, but nothing like what these devs can deliver. The Typhoon is criminally absent in all previous sims, given its historical significance. The Ju88C was an important type in all ETO and Eastern Front theatres and will be a welcome addition to careers in any of those areas. The Me-410 is a really interesting aircraft with a lot of very intriguing features including remotely operated gun turrets (the technology of which will be useful for a lot of late-war German bombers such as the He177 and Ju388). It should also come with a Stuvi bomb-sight which should be available as an option on the Ju87D and Ju88A. The Me410 also had a long career and was present in the med and the East for future careers. The Ar234 also has periscope-aimed guns (useful on the Do217E/K/M and Some He111Hs) and that fancy shallow-dive bombsight computer. Plus, it has one of the coolest cockpits anywhere. With all the complaints I have seen, I'm most surprised that nobody is complaining about the lack of a 1943/44 Spitfire IXc, which would be very historical for this campaign (maybe it is saved for Italy?). Also, I think that it would be nice to get a 1944 AI bomber for the Germans, opposite the B-25/B-26. The Ju88S/T would probably be easiest to do but a Do217 K/M or Ju188A/E would also be much appreciated. I agree that an A-20G is conspicuously absent as well (again maybe saved for Italy?). An A-26B would be nice as well. We also need spotter planes for Tank Crew such as the Fi156C, Fw189A, L-4/L-5 and a British counterpart (not sure which one, Lysander maybe?). This is of course assuming we get a Tank Crew II in the West. Cheers, Fafnir_6
  10. Oh excellent! I'm glad you're getting the full experience now. I haven't actually heard what the DB engine sounds like with the 5.1 settings, so it's very possible it sounds crappy that way. Cheers, Fafnir_6
  11. What??? No dude, the new sounds are the most accurate DB60x in-cockpit sounds we've had since Jane's WWII Fighters back in 1998. Cliffs of Dover has done the DB601 quite well for a while too.. Seriously watch IRL videos on Youtube. The new in-cockpit sounds are awesome. The exterior sounds could definitely use a P-51-style make-over, but I'm sure that's coming. baby steps. Cheers, Fafnir_6
  12. Oh man...so true :(. At least we have TIE fighter and X-Wing Alliance. Cheers, Fafnir_6
  13. This! The Ju88C makes more sense for a 43/44 Normandy campaign, so I would substitute the Ju88S/T for Bodenplatte. Cheers, Fafnir_6
  14. Hey Headshot! I live in Edmonton, AB too... We should hang out sometime :D. Cheers, Fafnir_6
  15. This. I would shell out for these in a heartbeat as well. Cheers, Fafnir_6
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