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  1. Hey Headshot! I live in Edmonton, AB too... We should hang out sometime :D. Cheers, Fafnir_6
  2. This. I would shell out for these in a heartbeat as well. Cheers, Fafnir_6
  3. That was my thought as well! Tank Crew will ship with a version of the Sherman for you to get your US tanking jollies out while we wait for future theatres. I'm sure the community will produce many US skins for the Tank Crew Sherman (there are already a ton of custom skins for the Tiger I and KV-1). Panzer Vor! Fafnir_6
  4. Hello, I don't think anything has been formally announced. Any expansions for the Tank Crew concept would likely depend on Tank Crew's financial success as a module (i.e. buying and promoting Tank Crew would aid the chances of that happening). That said, the groundwork for a detailed armor sim is being laid for Tank Crew and it is already pretty awesome in its alpha form, at the moment. This concept has massive potential and I know some of the non-IL-2 community that supports games like Steel Fury are watching Tank Crew's development closely. The Battle of Bodenplatte module offers some very interesting ramifications towards potential future tank crew projects, since American, British and late-war German vehicles will need to be modeled for that module anyways as part of the assets of that theatre. Once the framework for tank combat is well in place, it may be relatively straight-forward to adapt those assets into a smaller-scale Western front armor module (100km X 100km Ardennes - Battle of the Bulge would be the natural choice, IMHO). I guess we'll see. Cheers, Fafnir_6
  5. This. I'd pay top dollar for both. I'll likely buy the U-2 as well. Cheers, Fafnir_6
  6. Hello, Are there any plans to release skin templates for the two free tanks currently in the game? I think it would be a good idea to add them since they will be the first experience many players have with the tanks before purchasing Tank Crew. Having a nice, diverse array of skins to choose from would enhance the trial experience. Plus, these variants are important historically as well. Cheers and thanks, Fafnir_6
  7. On the engine cowling! I have seen a picture of this emblem under the canopy but apparently there was some variation in placement. 3./KGrzbV9 had their staffel emblems on the outer engine cowlings (#1 and #3 engines) but the others (the RODI emblem is for Stab./KGrzbV9) always seemed to show them under the canopy. I still don't have a picture of 1./KGrzbV9's emblem...if that staffel even had one. Thanks for sharing...perhaps I will make an additional variant. Thank you, Fafnir_6 P.S. I am working on a 4./KGrzbV9 skin for the famous Stalingrad Airlift picture of 4V+CM. The summer version is finished and I have completed the masking of the temporary winter paint (4V+CM didn't have the white applied across its entire airframe, there were unpainted areas aft of the engine cowlings). What remains is to weather the masked white paint.
  8. Hello, I have successfully made my first skin pack using this glorious 4k template. It can be found here: Cheers and thanks to 5tuka for the template, Fafnir_6
  9. Hello all, The skins for 4V+AB above are now available here: Cheers, Fafnir_6
  10. Hello all, While playing the KGrzbV9 career in BoM, I realized that no historical skins existed for this unit in this sim. The aircraft depicted in these skins is 4V+AB which is a Ju52 that hypothetically existed within Stab./KGrzbV9. No photo references are available for this aircraft, so these skins are a historical fiction that employ knowledge of Luftwaffe fuselage coding conventions, photo references (and the career artwork in BoM) of the staff flight's crest and, more generally, the camo and squadron markings employed by KGrzbV9 (this pertains to the number 9 on the rudder and the extent of the yellow-painted areas on the airframe). I went out of my way to make this as realistic as possible. If any photos come to light, I will make the necessary revisions. The skin pack contains both summer and winter skins for 4V+AB and also contain versions including historically accurate swastikas as well as the politically correct symbols (Falschswastika) seen in the screenshots below. Link is here: http://www.mediafire.com/folder/dbrrjymppnos3/IL-2_BoX_4k_Skin_-_Ju52_StabKGrzbv9_4V%2BAB Installation involves simply copying the .dds files from the link above into your\IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad\data\graphics\skins\Ju523mg4e directory Since these are 4k skins I highly recommend using 6./ZG26_5tuka's normal map that can be found here: I'd like to give a huge shout-out to Boo for all his insight, helpfulness and patience in dealing with a skinning noob like me (these are my first skins). Also to 6./ZG26_5tuka for his glorious 4k Ju52 skin template, which actually makes skinning super-easy. Finally, thank you to 1.TG1_Nil for his support and suggestions for file uploading. we have a truly awesome community here, and I plan to make more skins in the future. Cheers and happy hauling! Fafnir_6
  11. Will do! I'll try the rapidsharing tomorrow (what's the website address for that?). In the meantime, behold 4V+AB in her winter plumage! Cheers, Fafnir_6
  12. Hello, Yes, I used that reference already. Unfortunately it has crests for only 4 of the 5 staffeln within KGrzbV9 (the exception being 1./KGrzbV9). I was hoping there might have been an alternate source. Thanks anyways I have completed my very first skin for this simulation... Behold 4V+AB from Stab./KGrzbv9! This aircraft is a historical fiction, since I haven't been able to locate a photo of the actual aircraft. This is my best approximation, based on Luftwaffe coding conventions and typical camo patterns applied to other aircraft from KGrzbV9. It seemed a shame to waste that sexy crest from the KGrzbV9 career in BoM. I plan to make a winter version as well and then, if I'm feeling REALLY adventurous, perhaps some aircraft from the other 4 staffeln in KGrzbV9. This skin will have swastika and non-swastika versions. I'm a noob at this, so I may need help getting these hosted somewhere for your downloading pleasure. Cheers, Fafnir_6
  13. Okay that seems to have done the trick! I found that I seem to be able to leave the alpha selected (the eye) and after adding the layer mask, that makes the image go all checkered. I found that my exported .dds was always lighter than other skins I have downloaded. I figured I needed to mess with levels in the layer mask. I right-click on the checkered layer mask, select colors and then levels. Adjusting the input to about 2.75 or so gives the attached result. Thanks again to 5tuka and Boo for all their work and help. Cheers, Fafnir_6
  14. Hello, Yeah, I think I may have the alpha selected in the channels box. I'll confirm when I get home from work. I'll give it a try and report back. Thank you so much for all your help, you've been enormously helpful. Cheers, Fafnir_6
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