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  1. Hello All, AFked for a while and I am super excited that the spit XIV is finally coming. Just wondering if there’s any indication of which version of the xiv are we getting? Will it have a bubble canopy? I did a brief search on the forum but didn’t find anything. Thanks!
  2. Hello All, After resent update my FFB axis for pitch and roll are swapped and I don’t seem to find any option in the settings to swap them back, does anyone know how to resolve this issue? I did a quick search and didn’t find anything that works. Thanks!
  3. Spit XIV and this game will be perfect for me!
  4. Was hoping to fly the Dora while waiting for the F14, that’s sad news.
  5. Hello, Since the last update of steam vr, I get 108 error and can't use my rift. I'm wondering if anyone here using rift find a work around for it by either fix the steam vr problem or possibly have a method to bypass steam vr? Thanks!
  6. For these kind of games each server can ban planes and engines/modifications so I'd say the balance is what each public server shall strive for. It wouldn't be justified if the developer decides to make an F22 because it's wasting its resources to make a plane that every server will ban and it's unfair for MP folks who are paying for this game. However I don't see a problem with K4 since with its 1.8ata engine it's not anything being "OP" compared to tempest and mustang while adding the 1.98ata option does not incur much development cost. (Not arguing for K4 and a spitfire Xiv is more than welcomed. Just my 2 cents on issue of "balance")
  7. Thanks! That makes sense. So regarding the usage, we have 10 min max for 1.98ata and 30 min for 1.42ata (combat power, correct me if I'm wrong), then what about the intermediate settings like 1.8ata? Do I get a longer "permissible using time" than 10 min or shall I treat that like WEP as well? (I fried my engine so often during my first couple fights in this game so I'm becoming a bit paranoid about it) Also I have the habit of "resting" my engine after a couple minutes of usage in WEP by going back to 1.42ata, so say I have used 5 min of WEP and then I go back to combat power, will that "recharge" the 10min WEP timer or not? All sources mentioned about this "recharging" by going back to continuous power so I suppose combat power is not counted?
  8. Hello, I'm pretty new to the WWII fighter stuff and just began to sink into the game as K4 came out. I have a couple questions about its engine, which may sound dumb, but I'm still learning. 1. How much of the improvement is there when comparing the DC to DB engine? From people's words it seems DC at 1.98ata is really a big deal but when checking the stats in game, the DC variants actually has worse turn and climb performance than the DB variant (marginally worse but still, shouldn't it be the other way around?), so I wonder what power setting those stats are built upon? 2. I remember seeing one of the K4 tutorial for the other game (with 1.8ata DB engine I believe) which mentioned that the MW50 will only kick in at full throttle (which is the case for our K4 as well) and if you go above 1.42ata (1.4-ish) but don't go full throttle you will damage your engine, is that the case or is there any intermediate power setting? 3. A general question, a google search gives many explanation about the relationship between rpm and manifold pressure and how they are not the same, but what about manifold pressure vs thrust produced? Do they have a linear relationship (or any deterministic relationship) regardless of altitude/weather condition? Sorry if the questions are silly but a brief google search didn't give me enough clue. Thanks!
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