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  1. Tank Crews, wow that was unexpected. I look forward to hearing more about this as it develops.
  2. Same for me as well. I would have been looking for British skins for the Spitfire anyway, so I'm very pleased I have choice from the start.
  3. Ha. I pre-ordered BoS for the career mode and was disappointed it never made it through to release. Better late than never I guess. Very excited to see what this turns out like.
  4. I think the primary focus at the moment is to exand on the content. After that it'll be a matter of resources, I certainly hope the AI will get improvements. This thread has been a timely reminder to me about what I want out of this game.
  5. Out of interest, how often are you actually testing your skills? From a purely practical standpoint there's no difference between shooting down a bot and shooting down a player that's oblivious to your presence. Yet people state the former is boring but happily do the latter. Is it just that there's the potential the human might to something to make things interesting whereas the AI never will?
  6. It simply doesn't matter to me that I'm shooting bots. I'm a very logical and analytical person though, it's only ever a game and there is no concept of immersion. The enjoyment in games for me is in the game mechanics, in the case of flight sim, flying the plane and completing missions. I should really go and try some IL-2 1946 to get some perspective and see if there's any YouTube footage of the flight games I enjoyed in the past. I was out of the flight game genre between about Longbow 2 and War Thunder. I do know that the War Thunder AI generates plenty of moments like the screen shot
  7. This is easily my number one dislike, to the point that I ended up strapping bombs to everything and only flying ground attack missions as I went through the BoS campaign. Most encounters with enemy aircraft played out that way and in the end I found it no fun to fly against. Personally I don't have any expectations of the AI in terms of being challenging or 'human-like'. It just needs to be good enough to enhance my enjoyment of flying the aircraft.
  8. Whether it helps or hinders, below is a rough transcript of Jason's full answer for those that haven't listened to the recording. There were plenty of factors involved but TF was certainly one of the considerations. (white space is mine to break up what was a lengthy answer).
  9. 43 minutes in and I'll give lots of credit to Jason, the answers so far are impressively thorough.
  10. Although mostly too late for me, I'm happy with the news regarding unlocks. Unlocks are one part of a number of annoyances I have linked to the in-game XP system, which sadly I guess needs to remain for the Starter Edition. I'm looking forward to hear about these "more interesting details".
  11. That would spoil the surprise and the potential for all the future speculation threads . It doesn't really fit in with typical marketing either. Having said that, if the future of the project hinges on the financial support of the player base it might be better to lay it all out at the beginning, like Kickstarter stretch goals. I'd expect the two to have something in common e.g. on the same front. If I was a betting man I'd say we're moving fronts or getting two more Eastern Front battles. The optimist in me leans towards the former. I like that interpretation. It'd be somewhat re
  12. If there was some kind of loosely historical link to the upgrades through promotions and variants or at least something plausible, I might feel the same. It's just a gamey implementation though. The change did get me to I log into BoS for the first time in nine months just to make sure the upgrade unlock has worked. It might also get some play time this weekend.
  13. I wonder if this is where PvE/Co-op could come in. The AI isn't going to complain about losing so you could have historically accurate scenarios. Of course it's not without its issues because programming a competent AI isn't easy. I'm just looking at what some people are doing in likes of Arma 3 and wondering what could be. The unknown for me is how may players want historical, how many want competitive (evenly matched PvP) and how many want both?
  14. Same for me, although I'd also add that I'd like it to have a solid single player element to the game. I've got a number of games with the tanks and decent enough gameplay but for single player they're all reliant of mission creation by the community. I guess if that was popular enough such a game would exist, oh well.
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