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  1. feca1229

    DD today?

    Ohhh no...
  2. feca1229

    DD today?

    I hope your desire is fulfilled! Congratulations! :-)
  3. feca1229

    Developer Diary 207 - Discussion

    Thanks DD! Very nice work!
  4. feca1229

    DD today?

    I'm sad, and I though...
  5. feca1229

    Update tomorrow?

    It is sure? I'll drink one then! Cheers... :-)
  6. feca1229

    DD today?

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LesWfbkJJlQ No DD?
  7. feca1229

    Ju-52 skins

    Hello Szelljr! Nice! Looks great, good work!
  8. feca1229

    Discussion of Battle of Kuban Pre-Order

    I pre-ordered it! go for it guys! :-)
  9. feca1229

    DD today?

    Brano +1
  10. Salut! Campaign locked New planes are not unlocked. Why? Thanks!
  11. feca1229

    Spitfire pilots

  12. feca1229

    Bf-110 E2 Skins

  13. feca1229

    Bf-109 F4 skins

    Nagyon jól néz ki ez a skin! A könyvet olvastam én is, és nekem is nagyon tetszett.
  14. feca1229

    Bf-109 E7 Skins

    Nagyon jól néz ki! Szép munka!