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  1. I'm aware of the devs originating there. And lets not forget the other point of my request in regards to the JU-88's. "evidence really is evidence of absence. " That is a philosophical debate for another day. :D ^This. PE-3's - complete with shvak's were definitely present at the BOM.
  2. [Edited] I spent many years in Russia, mainly in Moscow region and we visited many museums (there is a great tank museum called Kubinka which is well worth a look if you have the chance), but sadly the only PE-2 I remember seeing was at Monino (one of the largest aviation museums in the world) but it had its weapons removed. Speculating here, but by the end of the war I'm guessing that most of the stuff was recycled and used towards new production so this makes it hard to establish exact numbers of these different aircraft's we are discussing. I'm sure there will be a deep dark file somewhere with specifics in the state archives. Fair enough on the more produced versions, but now we are just coming down to reductionist relativity. I think we have established that we don't really care for each others personal wants and wishes on the matter and I respect that. That said, I may be being slightly naive here expecting much implementation of suggestions at all, judging by other polls and things. I don't mean that pejoratively, I guess the devs are just very busy. I was certainly not thinking this would be any sort of echo chamber- purely because I have looked through other suggestions and polls already. Please refrain from name calling.
  3. Interesting, you are talking about absolute war that by the end of it all involved well over 100,000 Soviet aircraft (around 21000 were shot down by the end of the war) being produced, so can you prove that a PE-2 that was loaded up with a ShVak never flew on the Stal/Mos front? I can't prove they did but its more likely they did just by looking at the ShVak production cycles.
  4. Thanks for that. I hope instead that this platform diversifies and continues to change by adding in more 20mm planes like the Macchi. Just because you don't like them, it doesn't mean they didn't exist and played a part and being as the majority of fighting in the second world war was done in Russia, the logic of not allowing one thing over the other just because of how many were produced seems odd to me.
  5. I suppose I have to agree in regards to the PE-2SH. However as far as variants go- the Pe-2MV was one of those that was produced within the 11,400 aprox created PE-2's. The Pe-2Sh was a PB-100 prototype (I got em mixed up up there :D ). Furthermore, I don't really see the choice of being able to add an interchangeable weapons choice system into the game as factually inaccurate. Surely a pilot would be able to choose whats best for the mission alongside a gunner. Prototypes - ok none of those fair enough.
  6. Yeah I mean it would no longer be a bomber as such, but it could definitely be fun. I'd say it was not so common, only later on with the A-14 was it fully realised properly. I'm guessing previously that it would have been re armed upon special request depending on the mission. Later there was also the C-6 and that was just the A4 on steroids: "Offensive armaments 1 x 20 mm MG FF/M cannon, nose-mounted (120 rpg) 2 x 20 mm MG FF/M cannon, chin-mounted (120 rpg = 240 total) 3 x 7.92 mm MG 17 machine gun (800 rpg right, 1,000 rpg left = 2,800 total) Defensive armaments 1 x 7.92 mm MG 81 machine gun, 2 x dorsal turret (1,000 rpg = 2,000 total) 2 x 7.92 mm MG 81 machine gun, ventral turret (900 + 1,800 rpg = 2,700 total) Payloads 20 x 50 kg SC50JA" They were present in Finland and I remember reading somewhere that they pulled on out of Lake Saimaa that had a 20 on the front although I can't find a source at the mo. On the PE-2, that might be true but in the interest of fairness then perhaps there is a way around that. I think that there is a realistic way of working through this by giving more customisation options for the players to equip their fighter as they see fit. This shouldn't be an issue in regards to realism because the game doesn't supply us with a commanding officer that dictates how and what we should use. It's not like the shvak weren't used either. It's not like I'm suggesting the 88 PPSH hedgehog system! From a purely gaming perspective- it only opens up more choice. Gunners were an after thought of course and that is fair enough, but to not make the role more interesting and playable will essentially mean it'll remain redundant.
  7. Nah- the Pe-2Sh had them. Granted it's a prototype, but still. Fair enough on the 111- I must of missed that. *edit- that seems to be only on the Kuban pack?* As for the Ju's- there were so many varieties, there was even a "Junkers JU 88P-1 that was fitted with a 75mm BK 75 cannon"- but here's a photo of an A4 with a 20mm. More customization options for gunner loadouts (even allow the gunner to pick) would make it far more interesting though.
  8. Air frame creaking upon taking catastrophic, but just about manageable damage - fair enough.
  9. Type of improvement: Historical accuracy, more detailed gameplay and fairness. Explanation of proposals: Introduce the option of ShVAK cannons for the PE-2 and an MG FF 20mm (or even the 20 mm MG 151/20) to the 111 and JU-88. Benefits: It would make the gunner role much better and more realistic. I realise that to implement this would take both time and money, but overall the gameplay would benefit overall if more customisation options are available. Largely I understand this game is primarily about flying, but the gunner role was integral to success and since it is in the game already- why not improve it further and make it a role people will actually want to do rather than the majority of pilots having to rely on bots. For those who don’t see the role as something of importance, then remember that bots can’t call out targets before it’s too late. Sure they can open fire thus alarming the pilot of a threat, but they can’t say the range (I’m talking expert mode) or position, let alone the type of threat be it ground or otherwise. A nose mounted 20mm would work wonders on ground targets and if the ability for the gunner to switch gun positions based on my other suggestion is implemented-then this role will only become better and better. Cheers
  10. Type of improvement: Fairness/Historical accuracy/better gameplay. Explanation of proposals: Allow the gunner the ability to move around into different gunning positions in multiplayer while a friend pilots. Benefits: This would make the game more fun for gunners as currently only the pilot can swap between all of the gun positions using lctrl-c. It would also be more accurate because if gunners died and the turret was accessible then of course another gunner could move around the plane to help man which ever gun needed him. It also makes the gunner role more useful and if the pilot can do it (which is actually less realistic), then surely its only fair for us dedicated gunners to be able to do so as well. This would also allow for the gunner to be better at spotting incoming fighters and relay this to the pilot and allow the pilot more time to worry about flying and bombing. Lastly, it will hopefully encourage other pilots to take on player gunners rather than rely on an aimbot, more so if they have the ability to spot from any gun position. It would be great to have a rank system for gunners too, but that's another post. Thank you
  11. Do you ever get bored of those long lonely flights while on a bombing/supply/paratrooper drop mission? Do you ever wish you had someone to nosedive into death with after taking rounds from a cheeky breeki Lagg? Well now you can have someone to enjoy existentialism with, or just sit there silently drinking tea. I can't fly for shit, but I can shoot. Happy working on HE111'S, PE2's and anything in between that has a gunner slot. Contact for my steam dets if interested. Cheers, Gunner Ratchenko
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