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  1. Art-J, yes i mean the shaking effect; it adds some immersion in my opinion but if they are not as in real flight, better have not them.
  2. Hello, in the "Great Battles" series I've noticed that wing-mounted cannons (even those in Il-2 and Stuka) don't produce any recoil effect on the airframe; is this accurate or should be some sensible shacker on pilot view? By watching CloD videos I can see them very clearly. Thanks all
  3. Hi Coconut, could your mod be used also to control direction of ships? I guess "game immersion" should increase seeing ships not going straight forward even when attacked. Asking since I do not play online, at least until now, nor I have a server
  4. Hello all, which vessels (ships) are included in battle of Kuban? I've searched in the website itself but obtained no info. Thank you
  5. Thanks JimTM, now the water radiator knobs actually move! Nevertheless, after few minutes of flight (I can reach only few hundred meters high) the engines overheat even if I slightly reduce power and rpm. I've checked videoclips without finding any significant procedural difference. I keep trying these takeoffs :)
  6. Hello, what is the key-command to open the water radiators in the He111? I've tried the "water shutter open" keys but they don't work on this plane (knobs in the cockpit don't move and in fact engines overheat). Any advice? Thanks
  7. Hi all, I've just installed BOS (a very good sim indeed!) but i cannot enter the external view mode. I've found in the key-map that the command should be "F2" but nothing happens, same thing for enemy padlock (ctrl+F8). Any advice? Thank you Oh, another question: is there the possibility to self-build a single mission, i.e. is there a sort of Full Mission Builder as tjere was in the old Il-2 series? Thanks again!
  8. I've bought it from amazon, 1C-games is the vendor; here arises my question about the updates. So, if i'm not wrong (I have no experience at all about Steam, hardly know that it's an online platform), i install the game and it will check to Steam website to find updates by itself?
  9. Hello, i've just purchased a dvd-copy of BOS (actually, it will arrive in three days); i've seen that there are many updates to the sim so i would like to know a) if I have to download each of them or if some of them is "cumulative", i.e. include previous updates b) where to download them (i've circled around the "news" of this forum but couldn't find any d/l button) Thanks for the replies!
  10. Thanks a lot for your advices, very kind
  11. HI all, does anybody know if the offer for BoS and BoM at about 25 euros each (seen on the home page of this site) will be available again? I'm very curious about this game-simulator, but my budget is limited
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