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  1. Should we play the second round with the same rules? A lot of teams play one round for one side. It will be fair for them to suffer (or to enjoy) once more.
  2. My last calculation said that the axis side has +35% more flight hours than the red team. These hours cannot be in the EU night.
  3. Europa prime time: 45 axis vs 30 reds. How can we solve it with the sign up sheets?
  4. Did i say that we don't need some chages? But the general problem is the number of the red players. All these talks about "meta" will not change the number. Some small plane set improvements can do it.
  5. It is not personal. Try to invest your time next campaign with the jabo or level missions, after that we well discuss your ideas again. This war is the war on the ground. All your proposals will turn it to the war in an air (victrory by the plane limit). Is it better? I don't think so.
  6. Wow. Another great idea. I hope for you the chances should be about 100% not to be captured, right? You are one of the players, who stay almost all the time in 10 km zone or over the depots. Right, we should all play in this 10 km area or over our depots. Right way is to modify the parameters from 20 to 10 and from 35 to 20%, more players will be motivated to attack the targets not only near the frontline.
  7. Wow. Seems that the next proposal should be to set the chance to be captured for VVS at the same value as for AXIS. Now we have only "The probability of being captured is 20% and 35% for Allied and Axis respectively. " but for some players the risk is not high enough.
  8. You can do what you want. Only one thing that i say again and again, do not say us how to play.
  9. For sure... The true hero are you and Ivy, 36 ground kills for 8 maps. Is it a new record for a MINIMAL result? Again, it is war on the ground. Strange that it is not clear for you.
  10. Ok. Just to be clear. There are about 100 red players who play almost every day. So, my question is, are you the voice of these players? Because i played 2 last campaign on the red side and my point of view is different from yours. Yes, i can see the feature. Your every 50 kills pro map will set automatically the victory for your team. I can't see your nickmane on this page: http://taw.stg2.de/admins.php Please let the admins clarify what the problem is and how to fix it.
  11. What ? WE? How long do you play TAW?
  12. I hope the devs understand it much better than you. You are so proud of your activity on the TAW... Do you know that your 100..200 kills will not change the final score, don't you?
  13. Wenn need more red players, that is the issue. P.S. You want to play your way, that is fine, Just stop to accuse *certain* people who will play different way.
  14. Just one question. How many para drops did you finish?
  15. I think that a red side is better than an axis side in some conditions like we have here. I said it many times before and can repeat it again.
  16. This is exactly the reason why a lot of reds say that Ju52 is an ultimative weapon. They (Ju52) ARE NOT.
  17. P.S: Good, let us play the next round without Ju52, easy win for my team (red one for sure).
  18. It is a bad idea. Only the players, who didn't play on Ju52 will vote to deny them. This feature makes the gameplay not like a straight line. Everyone knows that the AXIS team does not have any chance in usual conditions like blue tanks vs red tanks. Exactly for that reason they have Ju52, to make the chances not so bad. Maybe it makes sence to limit them, but definatly not in the way like only 2 cities pro the map. Better to limit the count of Ju52 that you need for the mission, 5 ==> 6, for example.
  19. Максимальная истинная скорость у земли, режим двигателя - взлётный: 539 км/ч Взлётный (до 5 минут) 3000 об/мин, 51 дюйм рт.ст.
  20. Good idea. One question, do you mean it like 2 cities for one mission (for example https://taw.stg2.de/pilots_mission.php?mission_id=394) or for all missions on the map (for the current map No 6 )? Please check if + CM for Ju52 works properly. I lost my Ju52 last week but it was in my hangar 2 days after that (no records said that i got it after that in my mission list). P.S. Does it work like that: you should get +3CM, if you have lost it?
  21. Will be great to 1. add +1 Yak7b to the map No6 2. add +1 La5F to the maps No7, No8
  22. Can you explain it with more details? For example, the mission #320 http://taw.stg2.de/pilots_mission.php?mission_id=320 1. I finished 2 cargo flights (2xJu52) . Why is it in the log only 32%? 15.03.2019 13:34:12 Stalingrad_Center #320 LANDED 0h 23m 31s 0 0 Ju 52 3mg4e +1CM 15.03.2019 13:02:00 Stalingrad_Center #320 LANDED 0h 25m 15s 0 0 Ju 52 3mg4e +1CM +Bf 109 G-6 Airfield in Ventsy was supplied by air transport to 32% 2. The AF had the damage 77% before. Why is it now 72%? 77% - 32/10 = 74%. or is it 77% - 57/10 = 72? Airfield in Ventsy was supplied by a truck convoy to 57% I don't understand how it works.
  23. I am not sure but it is possible. I did some cargo missions long time ago and the mission log showed "Airfield in ******was supplied by air transport to 100%". No records was there with ""Airport was repaired". That means that it works in 2 steps. 1. The transports arrived. (Not more than 100%, usually it is 5..6 planes) 2. One mission later the cargo will be used for a repair.
  24. The supply is only about 10% possible (it does not work in this mission, only one mission after that). For exampe: http://taw.stg2.de/pilots_mission.php?mission_id=286 Airfield in Krasnodar was repaired to 48% Airfield supply in Viselky was damaged. Supply level 31% Airfield in Viselky was destroyed Airfield in Krasnodar was supplied by air transport to 76% 1. AF was repaired. to 48% 2. Air transports were landed. Max is 100% and it will generate +10%. 76% will generate +7% of the repair. Or something like that. Its seems that the action log is not absolutly clear to explain how it works.
  25. LOL, are you kidding? Again, we played RED side often then AXIS side. But there are no reasons to ask some changes that are not good enough for BOTH teams (at least it is my personal point of view). I hope a google translator can be useful to translate that: https://forum.il2sturmovik.ru/topic/3955-tactical-air-war/?do=findComment&comment=678635
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