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  1. Dear admins, can you share some information about your plans to start a new campaign? Elapsed time 900h 08m
  2. Can you confirm that the crossfire configuration works at all? Please check it with only one card, check the performance (Il2 replay will be great) and check it once more with 2 cards.
  3. Any update for a CrossFire configuration? I use currently AMD Vega56 and the performance is not good enough for online servers (2560x1440, 70..74Hz monitor). Will be great to invest 100..150€ into RX580 to get +10..20 fps (to get stable 75Hz online)
  4. Max(pause) for previous campaigns was about 6 weeks. If it will be in an usual way, it can be started in 2 weeks.
  5. Уважаемый, скажите, с чего вы решили, что в мастерстве оскорбления вы заведомо лучше кого то иного? Человек, который оскорбляет кого то на форуме исходит/не исходит из следующего, за ответное оскорбление его могут забанить. Как я вижу, вы принадлежите ко второй группе людей, которые считают, что можно завуалированно кого то оскорбить и все ваши приятели дружно с этого посмеются. Что же, у меня есть встречное предложение, откройте мне доступ на ваш форум и мы начнем соревноваться в оскорблениях, завуалированных либо нет, на ваше усмотрение. На этом форуме я предпочту не делать этого. Dear Sir, would you tell me what makes you think that you are more professional in insulting others as anybody else? A person who insults somebody in the forum realizes/does not realize that he may be banned in case of the counter-insult. As far as I see, you belong to the second group of people who think that they may implicitly insult somebody and all their friends will have a good laugh together. Well, I suggest the following: provide me with the access to your forum, and we will start competing in insults, implicit or explicit, as you wish. In this forum, I would rather not do it.
  6. Just set your settings to Balanced, it will be totally OK. I will skip all missions with the rain or snowfall (or almost all of them).
  7. Not at all. As I said before, no one (at least in our group, we play both sides) want to play in bad weather. Yes, it is a great experience.. but there are a lot of things in your life where you can get more pain than in this mission. So, if you like pain...why should you lose 2 hours exactly in TAW?
  8. Did you check the number of players for these missions? The server is always empty (<60% at prime time) for that weather. I see no reason to set the rain more than ONCE in 48 hours. We want to play and enjoy, right? Do you know any person who likes this weather in TAW? If you are, than you are a lucky person.
  9. Most missions in WOL you can't remove the plate (for 109 f4). Please do not write if you do not know it exactly.
  10. I know..but where is the score there ? 4/4, 5/3 or something like that?
  11. Do we have any web page with the total results for last campaigns? Great to know the scores for the last 10 of them.
  12. 2 Admins: is it possible to track in the log that the navi lights were switched on/off (or the aerobatics traces) ? In old Il2 it was possible (traces) and was used for the recon missions. In this case we can use Po2 in the same way as Ju52.
  13. I guess because the world is not fair enough for you or your team last campaign. Am i right? I wrote it several times, yes, the axis team is outnumbered. But i never wrote that it is unbalanced. I like first 2 maps and just enjoy them on the red side. You know. i like to play the chess not only white. Better to ask the admins. I have no idea. I was killed a lot of times and for me AAAs still dangerous enough.
  14. Nice. I like it every time if some talk about numbers or stats will turn to feelings. I prefer to operate with the numbers (hours, kills, times)
  15. It was not confirmed. I asked: Can't agree. There was not about to discuss something . Some players claimed that the axis team (or better to say 12 players) found the exploit and used it. But every player on both sides can do it. I see no problem here before the admins will say it is not allowed.
  16. Yes, we did. Why not? We had 8..10 players who could do it and we did it better than on the red side last campagn because the planes were better. Right, why not?
  17. Not 100% correct. TAW was started 16.02 TAW was Ended 24.03 5..6 weeks (40 days). Previous round 25.11.2018 .. 10.01.2019 - about 7 weeks (48 days, 2 days the server was paused).
  18. No one from AXIS team will complain because of Yak7b vs 109F4 (Map No 5, 6) No one from AXIS team will complain about Lagg3 with 23mm (Map No 5, 6, 7) No one from AXIS team will complain about La5F (Map No 7, 8 ) Because no one complain about it on WOL, why should they complain here? As i said before, everyone can play as he want. But i see here no reason to claim that the AXIS team did something wrong. They are not responsible for the number of red players. Clear? P.S: This person, SYN_Repent, did it all the time.
  19. What I can say. For the person, who spent 13 hours by the last round you wrote a lot about the competition. Total flight time 13h 5m That is the reason why the axis team is outnumbered. You prefer to write instead to play.
  20. Again, we have only 350..400 players, who play it more or less constantly. Just small improvement for the red team can involve more red players who play usually on WOL (maybe not, but it is a good chance to try it). If it will be not like that, the usual read members will play as usual 30..35 vs 45 but they will get better chances to survive and push back. For me and my teammates it is not a problem to play 30 vs 45, because for us it is not so important to win by these conditions. Everyone who can calculate 2+2 understand, that it is almost not possible (to win i mean) but it still interesting to play anyway.
  21. Can you explain, why should someone change the side? Because you want or because it is not balanced? Totally wrong. Only it they WANT it. There are a lot of reds who play ONLY on red side. Should they change the side also? Not at all. Everyone can do what he(she) want. The admins should improve the red plane set. That is all. Just more Yak7b on latest maps (Starting from the map No5). more La5F on the maps 7, 8, no limit for 23mm for Lagg3 (starting from the map No 5), more 2x20mm for i16 on the fist maps. These small changes will make life for every red player better and you will find more red players there.
  22. It think the general issue is how to call more red players to play on the TAW server. Just check the TOP 50 squads (sort by hours) for the last round. It is +27% for the flight hours. I don't know, if it possible to get a victory for the red team in this conditions. I am not sure at all. TOP 50.zip
  23. It will not work as expected. Why it is like this? 1. The 50% of the players do not have a lot of time to get all planes again and again, basically they do not have something to lose. These changes will turn the game for them into a nightmare. The player will loss the whole hangar maybe one or two times and just will not play anymore at all. The right way is to make some limitations for the ADVANCED players and DO NOT limit some USUAL players. How to calculate this? Just to check the flight hours. Advanced player < Max(hours)/2 > usual player. For the advanced player +3CM will be changed to +4CM or + 5CM, for the usual player it should stay +3CM or 2CM. As I can see, only 50 (+-) players (it was about 325 active players players who played more than 25 hours) should be limited right now with this rule. These players can get a new plane without any trouble, they have enough time for that. 2. For 6 of 8 maps the AXIS planes definitely are better to survive than the VVS planes. The red players will suffer more than AXIS players. 3. No one will fly to depots or AFs, because the risk to be killed or to be captured is too high and it makes no difference do you have a cover or not. Some fighters will stay high over the targets and the chance to damage the bomber and be alive is like 99%. 4. The skill in this game for the player(s) who is mentioned in this topic is something like 2x higher than for most of the players who claimed here. So, they will suffer more than this one.
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