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  1. Nice work (Honestly, not), All your links show only 1 (or 0) target in 20..25 km.
  2. Are you sure? I have opened the first mission (randomly) https://taw.stg2.de/pilots_mission.php?mission_id=393 All targets are in 30 km (at least). Technically speaking 3 is x1.5 more than 2. All red targets are in 30 km for the axis team also. To be honest I don't understand how you can use this advantage (30 km) for the red team. You have 120 minutes to destroy the targets and this 30 km distance does not play any role for that period.
  3. Many thanks for the campaign. I hope that the next campaign will start soon. P.S: The axis team did excelent work on the last map. Can someone explain why it was not done in the same way on the first maps ?
  4. That is all what you should know about the weather on the TAW server.
  5. =2ndSS=Maestr0 Sorry for FF. My fault... http://taw-server.de/pilot_sortie.php?id=62605&name=Norz
  6. Wow. This video is amazing. I hope the bug will be solved.
  7. Siddy, please make some video where you kill 4 tanks with SC1000. Seems that you do not understand the difference between 4x250, 10x100 and 2x500 +4x50.
  8. Oh, really? 4x250 vs 2x500 10x100 vs 12x50 (No comments)
  9. Can I make a suggestion? 2x350 x12mm.
  10. TAW site is up. Any chance to get the server alive today?
  11. You should do 3 combat missions to get a plane for your suicide anything action. For most of the players it is enough. I am positive that the amount of loss for both teams is the same as it was before.
  12. You can create an extra account any time. Why should someone switch the side?
  13. My proposal is to sell +1 live for 1€ (kidding). I think that this limitation (only 3 lives pro map) will reduce the number of players. For me, personally, 3*8 lives is not good idea at all.
  14. How can you know? You didn't play on the axis side.
  15. Did you read before what is the difference between red and blue AAA? That is the reason why the axis team got +50% killed planes by the last TAW campaign. @=LG=Kathon New balance coef is almost perfect. Maybe you can improve it for some ranges? For example 1..9 x10 (1 vs 10, 9 vs 45) 10..19 x4 (10 vs 45) 20..45 x2 (20 vs 40)
  16. Kathon said that it does not work in IL2 BoX in this way. Check the original answer below.
  17. Do you remember that you cannot start on the nearest AFs (If your team has more players)?
  18. Dear Admins, can you check what is wrong with the airfield targets? They are not under attack. 3.5 Airfields and cities Airfield is a vital strategic point on the map. If tank column captures the city it also capture nearby airfield. Airfields are very well defended by the strong AA. You should attack them
  19. New quota rule is wrong. Why should we balance it if there are 10 vs 25 players on the server? What is wrong with the old rule when it was not possible to start at the front line AFs?
  20. I am not sure about it. All these restrictions will reduce the number of the players.
  21. You will see just in one week that you are wrong.
  22. Why do you think it is only 4 hours in the week (168 hours of a TAW week, what is that, is it the usual calendar week?) Do you have any statistic? I saw it time to time more than once in 48 hours (that means 4 hours in 6..7 hours where I was online. I don't have any idea what the weather was in another 35 hours in these 48 hours). P.S: The statistic from the post above: overcast 39 9% My choice is not more than 5% (once in 48 hours as I wrote before).
  23. Please discuss your weather settings once more. I see that there are only few players who want to play rain/snow. Usually at this time there were at least x2 players. (19:47)
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