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  1. LOL. Please, can someone explain this person what is the contrail? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Contrail
  2. He wrote "By the way, you're not taking into account the fact that the USSR team has 889 registered users, while the Luftwaffe has 1163. So proportionately, USSR players fly more attackers than LW ones, so your argument is basically null." Unfortunatelly it is not possible to discuss it without right numbers. So, my quesion is: how many players did something (specially with the ground targets)? I think that the TOP 200 is enough to make some conclusions. If you want, we can discuss it with TOP 400 or TOP 500. But definatly not with the number of the registered players.
  3. It was my question to you. Sorry, but I do not like to do your work.
  4. Bad conclusion. Please use x3 250kg bombs. You need only 120 seconds to destroy 3 tanks.
  5. Are you so lazy to scroll 9 pages? It is exactly why the 104 players in TOP 200 (Ground targets) are blue playes, right?
  6. Nice to see that someone want to analyze something. Great. Pleas open the page "Statistic", sort it by https://taw.stg2.de/stats.php?page=0&search_name=&col_name=FLIGHT_TIME&sort=ASC I hope you can calculate the number of the players with 0 hours on your own.
  7. I am tired to discuss it with the person who can't use the linear functions. Better than before. Here I can agree.
  8. I am not sure that I want to write it again and again. Just check the posts for last 12 months. Did I not write it before? It is not possible. P.S: But with the number of players like +20..30% a lot of funny things can happen.
  9. Usual song for the person who plays on the TAW only one side.
  10. It will prove that your 60 minutes flight to the depot will not change the map conditions. Please ask the admins to provide more a20s (and less Pe2s). We will see. P.S: Does any player have any problem to down a20?
  11. One question. Why do not change your nickname for the next TAW round (or the next map) and not try to do exactly the same what you write? I can provide my second account for this challenge.
  12. Again wrong. As the axis team cannot get the whole map (as I said before, the blue tanks will be destroyed), the only option for the axis team is the victory by the plane condition. Usually it will not work because of more effective AAAs.
  13. No . It is not shown on this page. We should ask the administrators to improve the report. Did I say before "easily"? I wrote "faster". It is not. You can do a simple test: start Pe2: climb 3000 => go to the enemy AF=>dive about 770 km/h => drop bombs=> go home. start Bf110: climb 3000 => go to the enemy AF=>dive about 730 km/h => drop bombs=> go home (usually you will not). I hope 10 attemps for every plane will be enough (do not forget to attack the full equipped AFs, not only with 1 or 2 or 3 AAAs). I am not talking about to change something with Pe2. I am trying to explain what is the difference.
  14. Screenshots? Why do you need them at all? Just open the page https://taw.stg2.de/missions.php
  15. Please operate only with numbers (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Number). Than I will answer you with some details.
  16. Yeah. I see that there are a lot of persons who have a problem to calculate 2+2 or 10-6 or whatever. You are no doubt one of them. Again wrong. It shows that the point "Blue players didn't play on 110s or 88s" is wrong. Please check the linear functions. I hope it will help you to understand the issue. http://www.columbia.edu/itc/sipa/math/linear.html
  17. Only one question. Is it really so hard to open the "Statistics" page, sort it by Ground Targets and score the number of red and blue players? Ok, I did it for you. TOP 200: 96 reds, 104 blue.
  18. Based on the statistics. Please make the mission with 10 tanks and we will score how much time do I need to kill them with Pe2 and you with Bf 110.
  19. As i told before, the axis team does not have any chance to kill red tanks (in general) faster that red team kills the blue tanks. The conditions for win should be modified (for example, more than 2x Ju52 for a map).
  20. Dear Kathon, please just set 100% "ace level" for all gunners. We do not need these dynamic settings here for that component of the gameplay.
  21. Was it not about AAAs? P.S. Now i see it. Is it only for Pe2s or for all planes? I prefer the level "God" for the gunners. Otherwise you do not have any chance in He111 or Ju87 or Ju88 or Bf110. I was shot down 36 hours ago in He111 and we were suprised that i16 was on my six something like 30 seconds long at the distance 200m almost without any trouble. https://taw.stg2.de/pilot_sortie.php?id=6300&name=Norz
  22. Dear admins, can you change the settings for the overcast missions? No one (almost) plays these missions. (clouds 600m)
  23. Please, it is only the game. SOMEONE should be killed, in other way noone will play here.
  24. You are right. The cargo missions are useful only for your planes in a hangar.
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