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  1. I know....Here is the small example how it was for the "few" pilots.
  2. I said nothing about it. My own suggestion is that the russian segment had some problems. But it would change nothing. A lot of players 1. Decided to not to play. 2. Lost the planes.
  3. Wow. Can you inform me next time that you want to attack my plane? Was not informed about it. P.S: Seems that you are in a small group of the players that are focused who left the game and why. For me it is not so important, what the player did. P.S.2. : Did you see that I entered the server again to use my saved Yak1? I don't think so. Anyway, a lot of red players that were kicked yesterday lost their planes. As you can see, the exit from the game will not save it in every case.
  4. It is not clear for me what did you find here funny. I said it after the last campaign (I was on the axis side) that the plane set should be improved for the red side, I will said it again. If the goal is that the both teams enjoy the game, the plane set should be improved at least on the maps 4 and 5. Did I ask something that will change the flow for the axis side? Not at all. Yak1 still easy target for every 109f4, if the player is not stupid enough.
  5. What does it have in common with my sentences? P.S: I left the game because some red players were kicked (I have no suggestion why) and we decided to leave the game. Easy. Any questions? P.S.2. What is your intention to publish this video? Do you really think that +1KIA will change something in my stat this campaign? P.S.3. Anyway, if you want to check my skills in 1 vs 1, you can always ask me to show you some lessons. I am very kind person, will kill you so many times as you want. Just let me know:)
  6. It is clear for me. As I say before - Lagg3 is useless without 23mm. Someone wll say that 2x15mm or 2x20mm are not available also. My opinion is that I do not need 2x20mm or 2x15mm to kill the red plane. For me 20mm is enough and i will not sacrify +15km/h for those toys. To be honest it is not so important for me what the score is. I will enjoy the every map. It is quite complicated if you play day for day Mig3, Lagg3 or Yak1. Try to solve this problem with Pe2 Transport is too complicated for me.
  7. There is a big difference: 1. I fly 109F4 alone and somewhere 40 red players. To be honest - the best situation to make a brilliant strike. 2. I fly Mig3 .. La5F alone and somewhere 40 blue players. No comments. You are welcome next TAW campaign on the red side. I will play as usual the AXIS side. You will definitely enjoy it.
  8. Dear Kathon, can someone explain why do we have the plane Lagg3 as the common plane for the red side? I am just curious. As I know this plane cannot be compared with 109f4 (common plane for the axis side). Why do not to set Yak1 as the common plane? P.S: Please disable the lock for 23mm for LAGG3 (without this equipment this plane is totally useless on this map).
  9. You mean = what you want. As you can see - I am 100% satisfied with the current model.
  10. If you have < 20 blue, they all granted to play. If the red players are not online - it is not a reason to limit the blue players so hard. The only way to change the ratio is to improve the planes for the red team.
  11. First 10 minutes the rule does not work. That means all players were granted to play. To be honest, we do not have here something wrong. The only one thing that can be improved is the plane set. Just give 2xYak1 instead 1xYak1 on the Map No4 and so on (+ Lagg3 23mm should be not limited because of depots).
  12. The reason is that the players are already allowed to start (the condition was correct before this moment). For example 30 vs 30 in 10 minutes 30 vs 10. All 30 players can play because they were allowed before.
  13. I think that it works as it was expected. only one thing to improve - why we have the closed fields for the outnumbered team always? I see no reason for it the teams are 30 vs 35. Can we manage the rules for that?
  14. Was it from the beginning of the map No2?
  15. EU store is out of stock. Is it always like that?
  16. Sad to say...But seems that the last update ruined the balance for the fighters. Maybe i am wrong, will test on the WOL server.
  17. Every campaign the same question. This column was already spawned before. https://taw.stg2.de/pilots_mission.php?mission_id=117
  18. Every map one team has small (or not small) advantage, but this team is not always the same. That is the reason why the read team can use La5FN for Maps No7,8 (because of the 109F4, 109G2 on the maps No 3, 4) P.S. I think that the current campaign will be balanced almost perfectly.
  19. We have at least 1 new plane every map. For the map 4 it is 109g2. It is not about historical reason but about the gameplay for red and blue teams.
  20. I see it in different way. You should fly only 30 km to kill these tanks. The blue team should fly 80..90km.
  21. My point is that the red team was able to win starting from every timestamp on the last map (Ok, not for 8 last hours). But you need players for that. No players = no chances. Small example of wrong action of our team: Sorties Kuban #613, we killed almost all AAAs at Krasnodar but after that just left the server. What is right? Better do not attack it at all, if you will not finish it later. P.S: Seems that AAAs are not included in the AF damage counter. We killed about 10 AAAs, the AF was damaged for 0%.
  22. I don't think so. Only one thing we need is small changes for the red plane set (Map 3, 4, 5, 6).
  23. Wow. Can we get the same chart, but pro map? P.S: Can I get the raw data?
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