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  1. 2xYak9T should be splitted into 1 Yak9T and 1 La5F.
  2. Do you think that it is exactly what is my dream...7x3? LOL. For that I will not enter TAW at all.
  3. It is not so fanny as you mentioned. To be clear: the last campaign for the axis team (east front, 02.2020..05.2020) was the almost boring campaign for last 12 months. Do you know why? Because of the number of red players. I do not have enough motivation to play on these conditions.
  4. Good idea. Just do it and you will not find any red player on the server anymore.
  5. Do you want to know what is it? Copy As Plain Text is a lite extension that let you easily copy any text without formatting to the clipboard via right-click context-menu item. ... Please note that, in order to paste to the clipboard you can use (Ctrl + V) or right-click and select - Paste - from the context-menu
  6. Do you know what the plain text is?
  7. Easy way to raise the number of red players: Map No 4 2/2 mig3 2/2 Yak1 1/1 lagg3 (Usual limit for 23mm, depends on the depots) - P40 out. Map No 5 2/2 Yak1 1/1 lagg3 (Allow 23mm always), Yak 1 is +1 plane Map No 6 2/2 Yak7b (instead of 1/1Yak1 +1/1Yak7b) Yak7b is +1 plane (The players who do not have Yak7b are allowed to play Yak1) Map No 7 1/1 La5 F 1/1 La5FN Only these small changes will reduce the number of blue playes dramatically. P.S: Kathon, can you clarify why is it not possible to make changes like that? I played enough for both sides and every time we had the same issue : +10..20% more axis playes.
  8. I saw nothing like that: 2 Admins: xxx xx x x x. Next time be more clear or use the private message to admins.
  9. This map is the same for both sides. We will see it the same way for axis on the map No8. What is the probem here?
  10. Can you share some details with us?
  11. Now I understand clearly what do you mean with the sentence "Axis offensive". Thank you for help. Do you want to ask to modify the manual? 4x tank columns during the mission No2. It will be clear for all players (instead just Axis offensive or Allied counteroffensive). P.S: You can read. Glad to know it. #1 Moscow North – Axis offensive http://taw-server.de/pilots_mission.php?mission_id=1 http://taw-server.de/pilots_mission.php?mission_id=2 http://taw-server.de/pilots_mission.php?mission_id=3 http://taw-server.de/pilots_mission.php?mission_id=4 http://taw-server.de/pilots_mission.php?mission_id=5 http://taw-server.de/pilots_mission.php?mission_id=6 ... I hope you can calculate the number of the tank groups on your own.
  12. As I can see the whole story was started in the mission No2.
  13. So, we have calculated to finish the current campaign in one week? (Map 7 in 3..6 days, Map 8 in 1 day). Sad! P.S. I will send my new monitor back to amazon. I will not use it in next 4 months. You will be responsible for that!
  14. Do you vote just to write 4x2 for the blue team for the current TAW campaign and we will meet us in 3..4 months again ? I am just curious.
  15. Noone here will accuse the TAW team. We are here to play the campaign. Do we really want (most of the players) just to start the map No 7? I am not sure. Why do not ask the players? My vote is to restart the map No6 (if it is possible to solve the issue with the tank columns).
  16. 4x is too many. You know, it is like that you have a home play on your stadium but decided to change the guest team from 11 to 8 or 7. I was not sure. I saw some picture in the thread before. SO, finally i edited my post to delete it.
  17. Did I ask you? Please read it again.
  18. 1. I see nothing about the ships in the mission history (Did they happend?). 2. The only one reason for the fast front line were the 4 groups of the tanks (Mission 2, 3). If it is not a bug, than it is a very very very bad feature.
  19. Should we use Yak1 for the red team during the maps 5,6 instead of the Yak1b ? Guys, what do you think? Does this person have a fever? Tanks on the map No. 1 2x Blue 0xRed No. 2 4x Blue 0xRed ???? No. 3 4x Blue 1xRed ???? No. 4 0x Blue 1xRed No. 5 1x Blue 1xRed No. 6 0x Blue 1xRed No. 7 2x Blue 0xRed No. 8 2x Blue 0xRed No. 9 1x Blue 0xRed No.10 1x Blue 2xRed No.11 3x Blue 1xRed No.12 3x Blue 0xRed No.13 2x Blue 1xRed No.14 1x Blue 1xRed No.15 2x Blue 1xRed
  20. Should we start this map once more new? Seems that some bugs were here. I vote to start it new:)
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