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  1. Is it a real argument enough? The mission with Ju52 is almost all the time a suicidal mission.
  2. The problem is that F-4 with 1.3 ata is much better than F2.
  3. Easy arithmetics Usual cargo mission: 10..12 minutes (Ju88, He 111). (Time to start and take off Ju88, He111 about 2 minutes + time to fly, about 7..9 minutes or less) Time to start and take off Ju52: 5 min Time to fly usual cargo mission 1.5 x Time for Ju88, He111. There are no reasons to fly with the Ju52 at all. But for sure we have some fans that do it..from time to time. You can finish almost 2 cargo missions with Ju88, He111 instead fly only one with Ju52. You will get 2 CM instead of only 1 CM. and for sure 2x3%..4% is almost the same as 7% cargo with Ju52. http://taw.stg2.de/manual.php You may also resupply friendly airfields by transport airplanes. Transport planes are: Ju 52/3m with cargo, also Pe-2, He-111, Ju-88 with 100% fuel and no bombs and rockets. Ju-52 with cargo resupply airfield by about 7%, others by about 4%. You must takeoff from an airfield damaged less than 40% and successfully land on an airfield damaged more than 0%. If you successful in transport then you get a Combat Mission.
  4. I will ask again. How many cargo missions did you finish with Ju52? =LG=Kathon, can you check the planeset ? 2nd map was all the time only with e7, f2, mc202. 109F4 should be not allowed there.
  5. I have only one question. Did you fly Ju52 on TAW for a capturing?
  6. =LG=Kathon, good news... But... How can we share it with WM 2018? Please do not start in the next 2 weeks Ole Ole Ole
  7. Don't worry. We will switch this new round
  8. Was it not like that last 15 years? P.S: Everyone who said that the AXIS side played wrong last 2 rounds are totally wrong. They played efficient enough. But the last round there were less AXIS players at EU prime time as usual. Again, if you play AXIS 1. stay high enough, kill fighters. If it is not enough for you, find some level bombers and cover them at 6..7k. 2. Do not attack Pe2 if it is already without bombs at 0 m. 3. do not fly Hs129. If you want to kill 2..3..4 tanks... just try to use 109 with 4x50 or 110 with 2 x500. 4. do not fly Ju87 (check #3) 5. do not use a diving attack on the airfields with 109, 110, 190, 87. Use level bombers for that. 6. Buy Ju52 for TAW.
  9. LOL Siddy. Cannot wait to see your performance on the axis side on the low altitude.
  10. LOL. The axis team almost won. I played the red side and everyone who said that it was not like that just kidding.
  11. EVERY? Are you sure? A round before was a draw. Please be not so pathetic...
  12. That explains how you lost your 50 planes.
  13. Totally wrong. Stay high, kill all red fighters. The ground attackers will turn home immediately. DO NOT ATTACK any low IL2, PE2 if the red fighters are around. DO NOT attack the first plane you see. Take a short pause.... look around. These rules are simple and usually work fine.
  14. Can you clarify what you mean? Will you fly AXIS and low? R.I.P.
  15. You can post all you want. Время виража предельного по тяге у земли: 19.2 с, на скорости 270 км/ч по прибору Время виража предельного по тяге у земли: 20.3 с, на скорости 270 км/ч по прибору If you cannot understand that different..there is nothing to discuss.
  16. Are you kidding? P.S. Seems that only a player who doesn't play both sides can make these conclusions.
  17. Oh... Really bad idea. I see no reason to limit it at all. In this way the server will lost about 70% players just in 2..3 days. Better to limit some unlocks that can be used. For example, you can use unlimited unlocks for first 4x fighters... but after that only started edition: no bombs, with head shield only, without navi compass and so on. And for sure red players will suffer for that rule, because USUALLY the AXIS player decides to attack or not but not the ALLIED player. P.S: Maybe these start edition planes should be located not at the front side fields. The players that lost first 4x planes should fly extra 20..30 km. P.S.2: Maybe the number of the CM should be doubled to get a plane after the player lost first 4....
  18. 2 =LG=Kathon Total maximum number of planes on each map no greater than 4 (sum of MAX_QTY) Is very bad idea. You will not find any person on the server just after 2 days. Lets check my stat for the last round: Aircrafts lost 106 Ok, for sure I can do it quite better..but not 3 times ! Maybe I am wrong and you mentioned 4x individual planes? For example, I cannot use more than 4x109e7 for the first map. Please clarify.
  19. Do you have any problem on the map #2? On the map #2 we have i16 (20mm) vs 109e7 and Mig3 vs 109F2. Why do not use the same rule on the map #1 but just without Mig3 vs 109F2 ?
  20. Maybe I am wrong...But seems that last round more red players were online than before.
  21. Dear TAW team, can we discuss the 1st map planeset? I suppose i16 should be used with 20 mm Shvak starting from the first map. I played last 2 rounds VVS side and next round i am going to Axis side... But these 4x7mm are really useless. Lets change it:) Or at least split 2x i16 7mm to 1xi16 7mm and 1xi16 20mm.
  22. Dear admins, can you please ban the player Albadros? http://taw.stg2.de/pilot_sortie.php?id=59683&name=Albadros Please check the attached track. https://www.amazon.de/clouddrive/share/B0XCBEP2DXbtEKA72nPt6xUXQYh4oFLWTKLU9HKE3Qn As you can see, the plane 110e2 has not acceptable speed. P.S. Please use the application "Tacview" for details.
  23. [edited] 7. Comments containing profanity, personal insults, accusations of cheating, excessive rudeness, vulgarity, drug propaganda, political and religious discussion and propaganda, all manifestations of Nazism and racist statements, calls to overthrow governments by force, inciting ethnic hatred, humiliation of persons of a particular gender, sexual orientation or religion are not allowed and will result in a ban. See my post below Haash
  24. Please use this: (it comes from =E95=DenLarik, WOL server) lockPayloads=0 // (=0 in Norm and Expert) 1 - Lock player's ability to change payload in Hangar screen, only pre-defined payload is available, 0 - Payload selection unlocked, not functional now lockSkins=0 // (=0 in Norm and Expert) 1 - Lock player's ability to change skin in Hangar screen, only pre-defined skin is available, 0 - Skin selection unlocked, not functional now lockFuelLoads=0 // (=0 in Norm and Expert) lockWeaponModes=0
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