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  1. The issue was that no one attacked the red tanks. The weather was really bad and there were only few AXIS players... We decided to make some supply missions instead of killing this last defence...
  2. Is it possible to check why the city was not captured? http://taw.stg2.de/pilots_mission.php?mission_id=202 2 defs were annihilated and noone attacked the tanks...
  3. It is just perfect all what you said. But. This round is exactly the same for a planeset as it was before. Everyone knows how it was ended last time. ( I played AXIS side last round). The only one possibility to change it (for red side) for 4 first maps was to play different way that you prefer. Unfortunately it did a wrong result anyway... I hope that =LG= team will allow a i16 with the 20mm cannons for the map No1 and will remove 109F4 for the map No2.
  4. OK, now i am ready to hear it...why is it not easy? My experience on TAW and WOL (usual score there was about 500 kills pro month) says that if you are interested in air kills you will get it easily. (For VVS it is also true but only after the MAP No4).
  5. A lot of kind words but you do not mind it. Just skip it. P.S: If you do not worry about your fighter abilities than i do not understand your point at all. Some person said...2xx kills. I asked..is it difficult? The answer is NO. It is easy. Everyone who played AXIS side can confirm it. (I can confirm it also). So, what is your point for all your posts? You are 100% right. I am not satisfied how it is going this round. There are a lot of explanations for that..But i am not sure that you are interested... Right? You said: your real skills are much better ...I suppose that you can build a linear function to predict your losses by the 182 ground kills/35 air kills. If you have here any problem to calculate it, do not hesitate to ask help. It is exactly about your comment last week when you was shot down and it was not easy for you just to click "Start" again. Instead you wrote some "shit" in the chat.
  6. Sorry... Now i see. You have used it recently... OK, I can give you a hint. Try to use it with with your eyes open. P.S: About the comments. Seems that you are the only person I've seen lately who says (or considers) that 109F4 on the MAP N2 is exactly the right option. It is definitely something that I would describe as "childish behaviour" P.S.2. Do not hesitate to explain what is wrong with my text (you can try to explain it to me in "native" russian for sure). I will appreciate it. Но что то мне подсказывает, что даже наличие гугл переводчика не поможет тебе, потому как это как раз тот случай, когда любые технические средства пасуют. Тут я еще должен написать "с уважением, пиши еще", но, наверно не в этот раз. Если у тебя возникнет желание попрактиковать свой (твой) русский, дружное русское комьюнити дружно попинает тебя в русской ветке. Я думаю, это будет тебе отличным мотиватором и дальше изучать русский язык. Ой, что это я? Ты же даже русский алфавит то и не знаешь..верно?
  7. Haza, I suppose that you tried to play with 109e7..f4 a long time ago. But as usually...you can try it anytime.
  8. Just LOL. Just one question...Is it really so hard? But nevermind...We all know the answer.
  9. Dear LG team, please check the attached record and ban the player "Player1967". https://www.amazon.de/clouddrive/share/ZWvHgq6M7qCfVxL2OH27Wy567CqfKRXSgUM99JBWRhE P.S. Just check the second part of the record where this person was running from the red planes at 50..100m attitude.
  10. Great.... Yor decisison just ruined MapN2 last campaign and this one also. Better was just remove 109f4 two month before and..if it was not possible at leats this campaign. Thus it one of the reasons why we have an usual score like this on this map (Picture below).
  11. It is not OK. I like these early maps because of i16 and i see no way to play it and fight vs 109f4. P.S: Last campaing I was playing on the AXIS side and just ignored to use 109f4 on the map N2.
  12. =LG=Kathon Is it possible to increase a number of the MIG3 planes to 2 (To make it equal for +1 109F4)? P.S: Don't understand why we have AGAIN +1 109F4 on the map N2. As discussed by the last campaign it is just a bad joke.
  13. ONLY map2 was partly with BoS plane (109f4) for AXIS team.
  14. Just a proposal: start it in coming 1..2 weeks that we can donate it again!
  15. Totally wrong. Just check the stats.... (TOP 25 ground targets, almost 2.5x more for the blue team). Is it possible to lose with these numbers?
  16. Not sure that He111 is really better than IL2 for the defense position. (Ok, you can use 2x1000 kg to kill almost all AAA, but what about tanks there?) Ju88 is perfect for this target but in this situation you will use it as a dive bomber.
  17. TAW. I mean ...There is no big difference between Ju88 or IL2 for this target at all.
  18. This bug exists. i am sure for 100%. I saw exactly the same issue in my stat month ago. it was something about 100 km between my actual location and the location that was logged in the mission. P.S. Not sure that this bug is easy to fix.
  19. Komisch. The only reason for the current situation is that the blue team was OUTNUMBERED. There is nothing about map changes or plane set (only 109 F4 on the second map was not correct).
  20. Are you kidding? Just ONE IL2 can destroy almost everything in defense positions. Check rules to decide what should be destroyed first.
  21. @=LG=Kathon Just curious about a capture calculation. 6 times bailed/4 times captured (stat page). Do we have it like 50% or more currently?
  22. To admins. Every axis player has He 111- transport edition. For some reason there are no He 111 transports on the fields... (Only He111 and He111-locked). Every start with He 111, 100% fuel and empty payload the server informed: ""you do not have this plane". (on the player page there are 0 He111 and 1 He111 Transport) Is it possible to check it and fix?
  23. @=LG=Kathon, at least 4 players do not fly with 109f4...And i suppose there are a lot of these players, not only 4, who ignore 109f4. It is just a wrong decision from the admins to add it to the map N2.
  24. @=LG=Kathon please correct a planeset for the map N2 (109f4 should be excluded). The first map ended just in 48 hours and it is just so bad....
  25. Unfortunately it is not like that in the game. Offline test: F4, start at 250 m, climb to 3000m, speed 400km/h (winter Stalingrad) 1.3 ATA => about 2:20 min F2, start at 250 m, climb to 3000m, speed 400km/h (winter Stalingrad) 1.37 ATA => about 2:30 min P.S. But if you are talking only about horisontal speed you are right. (109f2 can use 1.37ATA only about 5 min). I think that my mistake is that I use 109f4 at 82% and it is more than 1.3 ATA. In this mode it is better than 109f2. (only 5km/h slower than 109f2 1.37ATA at 1000m but not limited with 5 minutes)
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