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  1. Did this person visit the server "Berloga" at once? Just curious. I can bet: this player is one of them who said that 109g2 is better than 109f4.
  2. I think that the red players will use it instead of Lagg3. That is enough. Small changes, only next campaign will show, does it change something or not.
  3. Ok, can you explain me, map No5. Why is it so important to use Lagg3 as the +1 plane instead of Yak1? Where is the problem here? Do you insist that the plane Yak1 is equal 109F4? Can we compare Lagg3 with 109F4? Answer 1 : no Answer 2 : no Solution: the best plane of these 2 should be +1 plane.
  4. It is problem for me, on my hours: 1. I do not like to play on the axis side when we have +15%. 2. I do not like to play on the red side on these planes when we have -15%. My experience on TAW says that it is the same issue every time. But last 12 months it is better than before. True. For me it is not important who will win. Last campaign we lost (Axis), did I ask to change something? Yes, I asked to change the red plane set. Are you happy to destroy Yak1 again and again (or Lagg3) almost the whole campaign (With 109F4, 109G2, 190A3)? I am not.
  5. Once more. Do we have +15% on the red side? No. How to fix it? Small changes. Did I ask something that will change the ratio more than for 5%?
  6. Check the attachment. Here is the list of the players in the missions (Mission 1, 2, ...514) Header: Mission Player Flight Time Flight Time (Minutes) AK GK Deaths TAW Pilots.zip Really? Axis team, minutes Allied team, minutes Diff % 844125 722450 15%
  7. What is about the last east campaign? (03.2020..05.2020). Can you explain why the axis team didn't win?
  8. He mentioned IL2. 1. 2x23mm will not take 14..16 buildings. 2. 2x37 will not take 14..16 buildings.
  9. xJammer, you should test it first. You are wrong.
  10. As you wish. I think you know what I think about it.
  11. I know...little time = small brain. Thank you for your notation.
  12. The bombsight is stable too late at this attitude (6k, 7k after a small turn). That is the reason why I didn't use it at 6k anymore (Pe2). In 2019 it was enough to drop the bombs in few meters to destroy the hangar.
  13. 2 videos for the same target (the same attitude 7k) on Pe2 and Ju88 can tell more than words. As I said... you are not only the person who did it before. We started it with bomb/damage model. My words: Pe2 is not so effective as Ju88 because 1. at 6..7k you see not damaged hangars too late (Pe2). 2. Only few meters left and a hangar still alive. Depends of the No.1 it makes it not so effective as it was 8..12 months before.
  14. Did I say that it is not possible? The idea was to show the difference how it looks like in Ju88 and Pe2 at 7k (in bombsight).
  15. Please make some video how you will attack the depot at 7k (Pe2). P.S. I know good enough how it works.
  16. I am not sure that it is possible with the current bomb/damage model.
  17. xJammer, can you provide the parsed data this time?
  18. The expert said... My answer: wrong. I see. Can you explain where is the difference how to attack (not alone) ground targets with 110 <> Il2/Pe2.
  19. Please note where I asked once to buff the axis side. P.S: Anyway, you can try to play next time the red side. As I can remember, your words: it is boring.
  20. Very precise analysis after only 11 hours on the server ...
  21. Can you explain your point..? Norz (axis team) Posted April 13: Sad to say...But seems that the last update ruined the balance for the fighters. Maybe i am wrong, will test on the WOL server.
  22. Dear Kathon, better is not to change a mechanic how it works. The last campaign ended in 7 weeks and it is almost optimal (1 map=1 week). I find it more important to make it much easier for players to play instead to suffer. My suggestions: 1. Small changes in planes. a) Map No4, Map No5 Map No6 Lagg3 should be available with 23mm for all cases. b) Map No5 Yak1 is +1 plane. c) Map No6 Yak7b is +1 plane. d) Map No7 La5F should be added. Only 1 Yak7b instead of 2Yak7b e) Map No7 La5F should be added. Only 1 Yak7b instead of 2Yak7b f) Map 3, 4 Mc202 20mm is allowed. 2. Lock some features on 109F4 for the map No3. (Head armor always on). 3. The airfield should be repaired much quicker if the team played with a bad ratio. (x hours/y hours * basic repair). 4. The tank column should be re-suppled much quicker if the team played with the bad ratio. (x hours/y hours * basic resupple). P.S. See you all next campaign. I hope that next time we will see more red players. P.S.S.2 Can someone parse the whole html pages to provide me the raw data? I want to make some small analyses to see if the ratio was so bad as I think.
  23. JG4_Karl_Gratz, as you know I play both sides. Do you need some facts that it balanced wrong way? I know, it is not about the balance (this server), but everyone knows that 3,4,5,6 maps are just a nightmare for the reds.
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