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  1. Does anyone vote to ban this person? (Check the track below) https://www.amazon.de/clouddrive/share/XRYbUtcmxImpbie6oBSW1g0NRhBfGMQrF8mKW1BSvjH http://il2stat.aviaskins.com:8008/de/pilot/30234/rei/?tour=52
  2. You have your talent and red super power. Is it not enough? P.S: To admins: please add Yak 7b to the map 6. Now we have 2 yak1. Better to split them to 1 Yak1 + 1 Yak7b.
  3. https://taw.stg2.de/pilot_sortie.php?id=42889&name=RedKestrel Did you get home? As I can see, you did. So, what did you say....0%?
  4. Was it possible to win on the map #3 with the x2 more ground targets as the red team had? I am 100% positive. I hope you understand the difference between my point of view and your "amount of ground targets destroyed means absolutely nothing"
  5. No problem. Please send me the map (mission) with the tank column (the same conditions as on the TAW server, the same level of the AAAs). You will see that you are wrong. To show that there are no difference at all between the red and blue players. I mean it is a wrong point to say that one team is more focused on the ground targets than another one.
  6. Sorry, can I see your stat for this round? Maybe you cannot read, but it is the topic about the TAW project.
  7. For the person who see no difference between 300 and 500 players everything is possible.
  8. Please send us a picture with a lot of contrails in the TAW mission. I hope now you know what is that and you can check the attitute to get it. Do not forget about your "8k".
  9. LOL. Please, can someone explain this person what is the contrail? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Contrail
  10. He wrote "By the way, you're not taking into account the fact that the USSR team has 889 registered users, while the Luftwaffe has 1163. So proportionately, USSR players fly more attackers than LW ones, so your argument is basically null." Unfortunatelly it is not possible to discuss it without right numbers. So, my quesion is: how many players did something (specially with the ground targets)? I think that the TOP 200 is enough to make some conclusions. If you want, we can discuss it with TOP 400 or TOP 500. But definatly not with the number of the registered players.
  11. It was my question to you. Sorry, but I do not like to do your work.
  12. Bad conclusion. Please use x3 250kg bombs. You need only 120 seconds to destroy 3 tanks.
  13. Are you so lazy to scroll 9 pages? It is exactly why the 104 players in TOP 200 (Ground targets) are blue playes, right?
  14. Nice to see that someone want to analyze something. Great. Pleas open the page "Statistic", sort it by https://taw.stg2.de/stats.php?page=0&search_name=&col_name=FLIGHT_TIME&sort=ASC I hope you can calculate the number of the players with 0 hours on your own.
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