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  1. I see it in different way. You should fly only 30 km to kill these tanks. The blue team should fly 80..90km.
  2. My point is that the red team was able to win starting from every timestamp on the last map (Ok, not for 8 last hours). But you need players for that. No players = no chances. Small example of wrong action of our team: Sorties Kuban #613, we killed almost all AAAs at Krasnodar but after that just left the server. What is right? Better do not attack it at all, if you will not finish it later. P.S: Seems that AAAs are not included in the AF damage counter. We killed about 10 AAAs, the AF was damaged for 0%.
  3. I don't think so. Only one thing we need is small changes for the red plane set (Map 3, 4, 5, 6).
  4. Wow. Can we get the same chart, but pro map? P.S: Can I get the raw data?
  5. Thank you for the campaign. I have enjoyed it immensely.
  6. There is only one way to increase the number of red players: small changes in planes. As I said few months before: Lagg 3 : no limits with 23mm (Map 4 .. Map n) La5: m82f should be available (Map 5) Yak7b should be added to the maps 5, 6. P.S: To be honest i cannot catch why the number of VVS players is so low. Sometimes we fly only 15..20 red players and exactly at this moment there are about 30..40 red players at WOL.
  7. I do not have it. But you can try to check the page http://taw-server.de/squads.php (Column K/D)
  8. Blue Team: 11841h Red team 7840h
  9. You are totally wrong. I see that you was not playing last 2 days. So, please stay with us.
  10. Not at all. Seems that you are not able to follow cause and effect. Am i right?
  11. I will try to help for sure. Can you explain in details what exactly your problem is?
  12. Heh, i am dissapointed Now you are scared. Do you need any mental support?
  13. I hope we will see you in 2 last maps. I am going to make 200 kills on this TAW round and still need about 100 kills. P.S: I hope you will enjoy it to make my list to be done.
  14. The plane set is not balanced good enough for the maps 5, 6. I am going to play next TAW on the blue side and i hope that the TAW team will change something. Will be too sad to play on these maps with the ratio 1x 1,5..2. Current state for maps: 1. Red advantage (Pe2 is superior) 2. Red advantage (Pe2 still superior) 3. Blue advantage 4. Blue advantage 5. Blue advantage 6. Blue advantage 7. Red advantage (La5FN, Yak7b, Yak1b) 8. Red advantage (La5FN, Yak7b, Yak1b). Technically it is 4-4. But for the players who play on the fighters it is 6(blue)-2 (red).
  15. 8x Ju52 and 2x He111 have nothing in common with 100% of damage (or 80%). You delivery only some stuff for the repair (supply level)...nothing more.
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