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  1. Pilot was Maurice de Seynes from the Normandie-Niemen squadron, and mechanic was Vladimir Bielozoud.
  2. Hello, thanks for those nice missions ! We have fun playing them, but there is a small tech problem, and I'd like to know if someone has already experienced the same issue: when one of our pilot is killed, or when one of us clicks "end mission", the whole mission stops, and the "next" mission on the server is launched. It's probably something that happens when new objectives are created, but I haven't been able to understand why. No MCU in the missions seems to be supposed to have this effect ?!? I'm of course using DServer to run the missions. The game is also running on the same computer.
  3. I had difficulties with B25 at 6000m. Checking with TacView, they tended to lose altitude and could not perform their mission. At 4000m, however, it worked perfectly.
  4. Apparently solved by lowering the altitude. Around 3000m, speed at 370 km/h, everything seems ok. I'll try 4000m, which seems to be the best altitude for a B25 anyway.
  5. Dear all, I'm trying to make a decent combat box of B25, using four individual groups of three planes. My first attempts were not so bad, but when I move to a large map, my B25 formation tends to break after a while (even the planes which are linked to the same leader occasionally break away from him). Some of them even crash (before joining the first waypoint). I suspect it might be linked to altitude and speed. In my first version, altitude was 6000m, and speed was probably too fast (400 km/h). I have tried to reduce the speed (to 350 - B25 cruise would be 370, and then to 300). But it doesn't really solve the problem. Have you got any advice ? Best regards, O.
  6. I'll take my turn 🙂 I would like very much an option to limit the altitude (top and bottom) of the detection zone for a trigger "checkzone". it would allow a variety of cool possibilities: low flying to avoid detection using this limited cylinder to send messages about enemy airplanes detection, including approximate altitude. Currently, you can probably try to approximate this through the use of spherical zones. But it's somehow less practical.
  7. Well, for a slightly different case - and a bit cumbersome - I have used a complex trigger, detecting flare launch from the players (it's for requesting a fighter patrol to take off). Only possible problem - beside having to shoot a flare - is that the request is limited to the area in the complex trigger range. Of course, it would be problematic if the players "just" want to use flares to signal their position or the like.
  8. Hello, While reviewing my key bindings, I have met a number of commands I'm curious about. Does someone have an idea about the uses of the following: "fire weapon group 3" : for which planes is there such a group ? "gunsight position toggle" (bound by default to RAlt-F) : it's not the same as "Nestle to the gunsight" Best regards !
  9. Oh, just an addition as I had a mail asking about it: I spoke about the side trim, which is very nice. But I'd like to point out that IL2 BOS doesn't support it, except for the 109 - I knew it, but I also use the trim with IL2 1946 (yes, I still fly it with my fellow squad members). For a specific IL2 BOS configuration, encoders will be better (or hat switch, but it's not very immersive). It seems to me that in a previous post, Vitalij has said he could also include encoders. Best regards, Ogier
  10. I got the RUD 3x5 (see previous page) to replace my old G940 throttle, and I'm very very happy about it. Very precise (the side elevator trim is very smooth), and lots of buttons (well, 32). It took three weeks to travel from Ukraine to France, but it arrived safe and sound (thanks to the generous bubble wrap around the throttle). Thanks again!
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