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  1. Because of a such bait type trolling no one will hang out and drink beer with you. Except maybe a few TC guys who believe in existence of Santa Claus and in possibility of becoming TC a good tanksim. 😏
  2. This game is aviasim. Just no place for sweat sweet dreams.
  3. Lel, he just should google photos of s.Pz.Abt. 503 in July 43th. Dozens of photos depict all variants you can imagine.
  4. Which existing in TC: cap types will be missed, except, maybe, Panzer III ausf L and M? T-34/76 fought in 44th as well as KV-1S. So, if you want to play on Tiger and you came on Hungary map where are a lot of tanks of that type - this is very bad for accuracy and simulation. And if you came on Kursk map server where 4 available tanks were baseraped in the beginning of the match and you must leave or choose Panzer IV - this is good. Ok. πŸ€”
  5. Only late war "USSR vs Germany" will have good balance. Prokhorovka was bad decision and if this project will not be rejected by 777 and 1CGS Western Europe could be chosen for attracting new players and money. 17-pounder is really good gun and I really like Firefly. But regarding armour protection and guns - it is Eastern theater of operation only.
  6. I think that you should just google cataway view of common AP-shell. Here number 2 is for tracer, as you can see.
  7. Yep, like first Tigers delivered near Leningrad during last days of August 1942th. πŸ˜‚
  8. Do you know Steel Fury: Kharkov 1942? I think that you don't. "Old but gold".
  9. You've just turned on the lighting.
  10. He is talking about baserape. But it is not the biggest problem of this tank-shooter. Detailed area for existing maps requires additional tanks. But it is not known if it will be profitable (early playsets). For future TC project late-war playsets are required for "gun" equality.
  11. And what is problem with calculations using sight triangular markings? πŸ€”
  12. You must adjust keys for periscope in settings. It's not Home, End, etc. IIRC, keys are RShift + ; RShift + . RShift + , RShift + / They are in two lowest cells in key binding.
  13. Yeah... I mentioned Steel Fury as tanksim standard, but you noticed only War Thunder.
  14. Just read my message once again. If orders to a very simple AI, tank shooter and attack of such targets are tank warfare for you - ok, no questions. Maybe you should read post previous to my message. You see words, but can't correctly understand the whole text. Because I can't explain why you talking to me about War Thunder. I don't compare WT and TC. I said that WT is not positioning itself as tanksim, and that's ok. TC is opposite in self-positioning, but it's not tanksim yet at all.
  15. I played all games you mentioned above except DCS CA (I have it, but lack of singleplayer campaigns for this module is terrible). The problem is that by now there isn't any good contemporary tank simulator. Steel Fury: Kharkov 1942 was very good tanksim, but it is outdated by now. War Thunder's so called simulator battles in 2017 were good and provided a lot of fun. As it was just tank shooter, much more complicated than WoT at the same time. Tank Crew is not real tank simulator as well. It is just tank shooter with complicated (but controversial) damage model. No soil simulation, no tank warfare simulation (but I know that developers work on it). This tank module is limited by aircraft component, because 777 must integrate tanks in aircraft map - even on Prokhorovka's detailed part ground mesh is not excellent. Ugly environment when you have only rough ground texture and thick trees what nullifies the possibilities of ambush. In memoirs everyone notes the difficulty of AT-guns detection. And what here? I can see guns from few kilometers. πŸ˜” And I am very sure that without rejection of air component there will be no progress with very important part of tank gameplay. But joint battles is the "feature".
  16. Well, I understand your opinion and respect it, but I will not change my mind, as well as my friend, who bought TC in very early days of early access but didn't like what he has got then and now.
  17. Well, if you prefer ugly terrain that is definitely your choice. Panzer models are great, but with current environment it's no more than virtual tank museum. πŸ˜•
  18. I got this in official TC campaign too.
  19. In BoS we already have 3rd party dev's map, available for multiplayer and quick missions.
  20. For me PTO and CBI are great part of my life, figuratively. I'm collecting technical literature about it's ships, aircrafts, events, etc. So, I would like to see such theater of operations. But... Not in this game. Because this game can't sustain large formations of aircrafts; I do not want to see ugly ships with mistakes in 3D-models. And I'm not sure that landscapes will look decent. It is just only my opinion.
  21. Well, soon we will be able to compare it, as I think. Here we can see some good braking.
  22. I don't think, that it should be airworthy. As you all know, this is a very rare thing and if it will be in the same situation, like this P-47N in 2002, it will be a real crime, imho.
  23. STZ's T-34 is the same T-34. Main differences between tank factories, IIRC, were elements of construction, like wheels, rear armour plate's hatch, turret, etc. It didn't affect the characteristics of the tank in general. If we speek about T-34-76 of 41-42 years.And as I remember, STZ managed to produce only 200 (don't know exactly, maybe much more) T-34 with additional plates in early 1942. And other factories make the same work with some variants of armour plates. T-34 in the game now is an ordinary T-34-76 from STZ, didn't he?
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