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  1. In BoS we already have 3rd party dev's map, available for multiplayer and quick missions.
  2. For me PTO and CBI are great part of my life, figuratively. I'm collecting technical literature about it's ships, aircrafts, events, etc. So, I would like to see such theater of operations. But... Not in this game. Because this game can't sustain large formations of aircrafts; I do not want to see ugly ships with mistakes in 3D-models. And I'm not sure that landscapes will look decent. It is just only my opinion.
  3. Well, soon we will be able to compare it, as I think. Here we can see some good braking.
  4. I don't think, that it should be airworthy. As you all know, this is a very rare thing and if it will be in the same situation, like this P-47N in 2002, it will be a real crime, imho.
  5. STZ's T-34 is the same T-34. Main differences between tank factories, IIRC, were elements of construction, like wheels, rear armour plate's hatch, turret, etc. It didn't affect the characteristics of the tank in general. If we speek about T-34-76 of 41-42 years.And as I remember, STZ managed to produce only 200 (don't know exactly, maybe much more) T-34 with additional plates in early 1942. And other factories make the same work with some variants of armour plates. T-34 in the game now is an ordinary T-34-76 from STZ, didn't he?
  6. You are swift for judgment, but, maybe, you could first read some post on russian forum before taking a responsibility for such deep judgment?
  7. No, he can't. Just because he is kind of russians, who think that there weren't any fight around the world in WWII, excluding 3rd Reich vs USSR.It's not a joke, yep.
  8. Alas, but this is what only minority thinks. The developer's solution is a good example of such thing.
  9. I have a question about Bf-110. For what is it related in replenishment, for bombers or for fighters?
  10. BlackSix said on russian forum that pre-order will end with start of early access, which is planned on begin of 2017. So, December is an expected date of the end of the pre-order.
  11. I'm surprised. Where is B-26 profile? 22nd BG had it in New Guinea.
  12. When your profile "level" will be over 10, you will be think about AAA more seriously. :b
  13. But Mitchell is not exclusive at all. Could you give me name of simulator with sophisticated B-26? And B-26 can get interesting unlocks with "custom-made" fixed M2 on fuselage like it was IRL there, for example. Of course, it is only my opinion. But we can get B-25 even on Eastern front.
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