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  1. Just propaganda photos, I think. Edited for magazine, etc.
  2. It is gyrocompass, as I understand correctly.
  3. Because of a such bait type trolling no one will hang out and drink beer with you. Except maybe a few TC guys who believe in existence of Santa Claus and in possibility of becoming TC a good tanksim. 😏
  4. This game is aviasim. Just no place for sweat sweet dreams.
  5. Lel, he just should google photos of s.Pz.Abt. 503 in July 43th. Dozens of photos depict all variants you can imagine.
  6. Which existing in TC: cap types will be missed, except, maybe, Panzer III ausf L and M? T-34/76 fought in 44th as well as KV-1S. So, if you want to play on Tiger and you came on Hungary map where are a lot of tanks of that type - this is very bad for accuracy and simulation. And if you came on Kursk map server where 4 available tanks were baseraped in the beginning of the match and you must leave or choose Panzer IV - this is good. Ok. 🤔
  7. Only late war "USSR vs Germany" will have good balance. Prokhorovka was bad decision and if this project will not be rejected by 777 and 1CGS Western Europe could be chosen for attracting new players and money. 17-pounder is really good gun and I really like Firefly. But regarding armour protection and guns - it is Eastern theater of operation only.
  8. I think that you should just google cataway view of common AP-shell. Here number 2 is for tracer, as you can see.
  9. Yep, like first Tigers delivered near Leningrad during last days of August 1942th. 😂
  10. Do you know Steel Fury: Kharkov 1942? I think that you don't. "Old but gold".
  11. You've just turned on the lighting.
  12. He is talking about baserape. But it is not the biggest problem of this tank-shooter. Detailed area for existing maps requires additional tanks. But it is not known if it will be profitable (early playsets). For future TC project late-war playsets are required for "gun" equality.
  13. And what is problem with calculations using sight triangular markings? 🤔
  14. You must adjust keys for periscope in settings. It's not Home, End, etc. IIRC, keys are RShift + ; RShift + . RShift + , RShift + / They are in two lowest cells in key binding.
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