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  1. Well I've just updated to version 4.009 and it is 15.87 GB which seems overly large. I haven't played for a while so I may have missed some previous update, I believe the last download included the SP missions for FC but a 15. + GB would kill your HD, even if Steam compression is generally better optimised.
  2. Some are just quietly waiting for the game (FC) to develop, test flying the planes as they are released. No hurry, I'll give it till the end of the year. I might hop on the server on Sunday just to see how performance is from €urope. I'm already on the Discord, not that you'll be hearing me. Have fun.
  3. My TrackIR 5 is boxed up in the corner along with a pair of Nvidia 3D Vision glasses (the 24" 120hz screen is still a worthwhile asset), a TM T1600 (first edition) and a T150 driving wheel. No regrets.
  4. If you have a computer that is good (or better) enough to run a Rift then I would say yes, go for it. There is a compatibility tool available on the Oculus site, make sure you test beforehand. A VR headset is a game changer when it comes to flight & racing sims. Post your specs so others may give advice...
  5. I've the T.16000M FCS Flight Pack which has everything you need, outadabox. Costs about 200€ (or whatever), very good product, recommended.
  6. Same here. I try to keep the hud off as much as possible for obvious fps drop reasons, the stutter or mini pause only started happening with the Kuban update. Rift + 1070 EDIT : does not happen when flying a simple Quick mission (no AI).
  7. I prefer the challenge of human adversaires, therefore willing to go down fighting in true spirit. Not much sense in fighting against bots, best go on that dogfight server if you need to manup , can't dogfight for the life of me but there is fun to be had. That's my opinion anyhow.
  8. Probably the best server to get started playing MP for new peeps. Easy / normal controls, tags on, quick fast action, ready to go... Some of the regulars are very good so don't think it's a noob server, you may be in for a surprise and quickly brought down to earth ! I'm waiting for the update before jumping back in. Have fun.
  9. Oh lôôk... https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/34257-sharpen-can-it-be-modified/?do=findComment&comment=576277
  10. You should be using the Sharpen and Landscape Filters I believe.
  11. Are you using the inatec card and drivers ? If so you should remove the drivers and let windows install the Fresco Logic USB 3.0 eXtensible - 1.0 (Microsoft) 07/12/17 Ver 10.0.16299.125 Nvidia driver 390.65 is known to be causing disconnects with the Rift and should not be used, 338.59 is recommended. I use 388.71 without any apparent issues. If you need to reset concentrator energy management at every start I can only assume you have a Family version of W10, my Pro keeps the settings. There is no harm with letting OTT run in the background if it solves the sleeping / disconnect) problem. Since the last Windows & Oculus updates my Rift will go to sleep if not being used after a couple of minutes with IL-2 (openVR) and almost immediately with DCS (native Rift). I consider this to be working correctly. NOTE : I always let OTT start with Windows, then close it down. Might help, might not.
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