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  1. Thank you very much Thad,this is superb for ranging exercises,absolutely fantastic......very much appreciated Sir 👍
  2. I too would like to add my enthusiasm behind the hope of getting a Jagdpanther,my fav tank of all time,so would dearly love to see one of these beauties grace Tank Crew,ooh,tank pawn !!!
  3. Yes,using rudder pedals here too,to steer the tank,they work a treat.
  4. Regardless of you becoming overwrought....julian was clearly using this particular profile as his creation profile to work from,and he's done a great job IMHO,so what is there to argue about ?.......how could he have checked your link for better hystorical accuracy,(your words).....he has created the correct aircraft skin for us all...so I'm confused ? Btw the correct spelling of hystorical is historical....it's an i,not a y,your using the y as in hysterical,like your rant.
  5. He does'nt need to.....the depiction is perfect,see below....get your facts right before you judge and comment.
  6. Superb Det.......kudos to ya mate,these are beautiful.
  7. Wow....Fantastic job Det,she looks superb mate,any download link,or am I missing something ? Thank you very much for creating this Det
  8. Yes,I know,it's a difficult one isn't it,maybe a little artistic creativity is required Det,the splinter pattern is made up of the two greens RLM 72 and RLM 70 as you've pinpointed,both dark,that's for sure.The spinner is partly made up of red and black. The skin in the picture shown by bzc3lk's post 96 looks far too light IMO,I don't know who created that,but with all respect,the contrast between the two greens is way too different.One of the reasons why most Ju87's look as if they are almost one green,is the two greens are very similar,the picture references used by Osprey books are usua
  9. Thanks Det......this would be much appreciated,re reference material,I only have that one picture to go on unfortunately,the picture came from Osprey's Junkers Ju87 Stukageschwader Of The Russian Front by John Weal. It was part of the 5./StG 2 Immelmann Kerch IV Crimea from April 1943,this Ju87 was flown by Staffelkapitan Oberleutnant Gunther Schmid,sorry I can't be more helpful with the reference pictures.
  10. Oh right,well if that's true,that's heartning,and regards the animation I'll check this out again,
  11. The Spitfire's elevator trim in game is operated by the pitch trimmer,which is a key/button operation,where as the Bf109's elevator trim is operated by the Stabilizer trim,an axis/wheel operation. This said,is there a future plan to animate the Spitfire's trim wheel on the inside port side of the cockpit,and have the same operation as the Bf109,so we can have an axis operated elevator trim,like the real aircraft ? I use a Saitek Cessna trim wheel for my WW2 sim aircraft,so whilst the Bf109 is operated correctly and realistically,the Spitfire's key/button operation is just not very real
  12. Excellent Julian,love Hackl's A6,brilliant mate
  13. Excellent work on the Spit skins Johnny,thank you very much
  14. Thanks bzc3lk.......but I do have these too,and as I've pointed out,it's the red/black spinner version in a 4K that I was requesting,as per my picture
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