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  1. For all CH users out there looking to make a reference sheet, I made printer and eye friendly reference sheets of the CH Products HOTAS and Throttle Quadrant. Here are the full sized blank .png's for convenience: Fighterstick + Pro Throttle HOTAS Throttle Quadrant If anybody has a use for these maps, you can find the original .svg files here: https://github.com/BurnyBurns/controller_maps
  2. Those are some terrific setups you people have there! I'm currently working on joining the club of "simpit" owners. Since WAF is paramount and space is pretty limited, everything will have to fit into a kind of wooden chest in the end. This one serves as model. It'll have to be a dual setup though, accomodating both racing and flying hardware. The prototype currently looks like this: There's a ton of work still to be done. The joystick will be clamped to the central horizontal bar with a Monstertech mount copy. The CH throttle will be accompanied by a CH throttle quadrant. Both need to fold in/out. The monitor will be eventually mounted to an arm in the inside of the chest's lid. The pedals are exchangable. Edit: Aluminium extrusions (8020/ITEM etc.) are fantastic for constructions like this. Expensive, but extremely configurable and stable.
  3. Sorry to dig out this old topic, but I've recently bought Il2 BoX and am experiencing the same issue with the following hardware configuration: 5760x1200 triple screen, GTX 970, Intel Xeon E3-1230 4x3,3GHz, 16GB Ram. The menu seems to stutter about at sub 20fps, while the actual game is running at 60fps +/-. This is really, really grating. While it thankfully doesn't impact playing the game, a menu running considerably worse than the game while simply rotating around a static plane model gives off a very poor impression. It does seem to be somewhat related to the hardware's capability. If I switch back to the single screen (1920x1200), the menu runs smoothly again. Nevertheless, it's still only a "dumb" menu where I should be able to breeze through quickly and shouldn't have to concsiously concentrage on klicking the right menu option with the mouse, due to low framerate causing the pointer to stutter of all things. Something in there seems to scale so poorly, that it runs considerably less smoth than the actual game. I'd agree that the menu ought to have the lowest priority of all things, but a fix for the issue would be nice nevertheless. At this point, a static 2D image would be vastly preferrable for me to the way the menu stutters about.
  4. There I am, having just purchased some of the RoF pack to finally get into flight sims, wishing they somehow updated the game the newer Sturmovik standards and not two months later, the Flying Circus announcement comes round the corner. If I hadn't just spend money on the original, I'd have gotten the updated package. Still, happy the WW1 era will be available on contemporary tech!
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