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  1. Care to share your fix for the rest of us with the issue?
  2. Having played both, I think they should redo it, as this version of IL2 has made the other version obsolete. Can’t even play it because this version is so much better. With the plane set announced and the map given, and the existing planes, making the BOB planes and selling them would be profitable and less work for the dev team. Besides, the series rebranded to “Great Battles”, which must surely include the Battle of Britain.
  3. It’s under engine controls, called “water radiator manual control” or something like that.
  4. They are auto on the p38. You can switch them to manual but then it’s either full open or full closed.
  5. Truth is escorting is a team job. All methods work and if you could find the willing participants, then you could have close escort, sweeping escort, and high cover, all working together to protect the package. cant do it on your own without letting your bombers get a little chewed up or shot down. Too many variables to worry about. So, fly to enemy targets, take out AA defenses, then fly CAP by enemy targets - your bombers will come and the enemy will be so focused on you, because you were easy to find, that they won’t attempt to find the bombers en route. Honestly, after a bomber has dropped its payload, it’s pointless to attack it unless you just want the kill - which is what motivates all the fighter jocks in the sim.
  6. Still need voice actors? I’ll give you a few lines if needed.
  7. It’s a setting in steam I believe - should be able to turn it off in there
  8. Haha! I had almost the exact same thing happen. Buddy of mine - who makes much better money than I - bought the headset and didn’t like it, offered it to me. I had no interest in VR at the time because I knew it required a beast PC and I don’t have the money to build it. Well, I have a decent enough setup (i5 4690k OC’d to 4.5Ghz and an AMD RX 580), so I gave it a shot. Well on SP quick mission, with no eye candy anywhere and one enemy aircraft, I can get a solid 45fps - which is awful - but it was enough to hook me. Upgraded the GFX card to a 1070 G1 and now I can hold 45fps with eye candy in most situations (balanced settings, no SS added). Totally thrilled and addicted - took me four months to get the new gfx card, and it’s still not enough, but I just upgraded (still shipping) to an i7 9700k, adata NVME SSD (faster than 970), Z390 MB (with powerful VRM), 3000mhz DDR4, and a new HDD (because mine are about 15 yo now)... so I’m hoping this will allows me to crank up the candy some more. Gfx card hovers at about 10-16ms frame timing in nearly every situation - maybe this will help out with the load? either way, VR in this games hooks ya, then you somehow find money to spend on your addiction. Next upgrade is goin to be another GFX card and maybe faster RAM if needed. also, I have spent all my “mad money” for 2019 already 😕 Hey, are you the same John Redcorn that flew with JG2 in warthunder? If so, it’s me volcom - how have you been man? Glad to see ya back with the community and out of WT 😄
  9. You think I could do decent with my 1070G1? Memory Clock: 8008Mhz Core Clock: 1823Mhz Everything else (bus speed, ram size, etc.) is the same as all other nvidia cards in the same class. Also, does the DDR4 RAM speed matter much? 2400Mhz vs 3000 or 3200Mhz? And I e read the 9700k and 9900k run hot at stock speeds, so water cooling is almost a must with them - especially if you’re gonna OC which I’m sure for us is compulsory now. Thanks
  10. Hey guys, So it's been a while since I flew because I came into a VR headset and gave it a shot. It was truly amazing and sickening (couldn't keep 45fps), and I realized I couldn't fly this game anymore unless it was in VR. So it's been about a year and half but I'm getting ready to get back into the game - problem is I can't decide on what CPU to purchase for VR and this game: i7 9700k or i7 8700k or i5 9600k? Single core is where it's at, and the 8700k has six cores, twelve threads - but I read that hyperthreading isn't good for VR and this game - so then the 9700k with eight cores and eight threads looks like the better option, but then the i5 9600k is also six cores (two more than my current 4690k at 4.5Ghz) which, with my new Gigabyte 1070 G1 (thing is better than a 1070ti), I can maintain 45fps pretty well in all cases - except close to the ground. Question is, I dont know which CPU will be the better choice for this game and yeild me more raw performance. Just got my tax return so I'm thinking of swinging that 9700k - but is it really any better than the 8700k? thanks guys,
  11. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1638989719 new mod for ARMA 3 that uses the old Iron Front for ARMA3, and a couple other mods, to recreate a real battlefield. It’s a new mod and it looks like it could be good fun. Completely free if you own ARMA3 too. I look forward to taking a 190 or P-47 (there are more AC too) and doing CAS on smoke markers laid by some infantry in contact with the enemy. Maybe a flak gun will force me to bail after an attack? Oh well, gotta find my way back to friendly line... good thing I got a map, compass, and a .45 ACP to help me on my trek. Some people are trying to get an event going and I thought this community may enjoy this type of sim. We lose some stuff with the aircraft - loadouts are limited and the instrument panel needs love, but we gain a lot of other features that I’ve been wanting in our game since open beta. Just FYI
  12. Didn’t the A-20’s development lead to the A-26 later on? I feel an A-26 would be a proper addition for BOBP since it was mainly active in the ETO - or that’s my understanding. However I’ll take an A-20 with the six gun nose too.
  13. Well I'd say we first need to find a time and day that we can fly and see if we have chemistry. I enjoy being laid back and having fun, however that mentality lead my last squadron to ruin, so this time I would be seeking more dedication. I say that because, while there were people to fly with in the squadron, we never actually worked on making or improving tactics and SOPs that I believe we're essential when we got into combat. So, I think we should meet on TS one night and fly some wings of liberty to get a feeling. If y'all are interested we can arrange something.
  14. I think he was referring to the Ju-87D and the He-111, because I almost said the same thing, but it makes sense that they are there. Otherwise you’d be trying to chase down Ju-88’s with I-16’s, Migs, and P-40’s from the start. I’m positive the I-16 and P-40 can’t do it without an altitude advantage, I’m not sure about the MiG -damn thing is full of surprises. ...But it kind of gives the axis team a larger potential player base on the first map. I’d venture to say that BOS is a more recommended module than BOM to a lot of new players, and hence more players can fly axis on map one than allies.
  15. I’m collecting a small group of dedicated pilots to operate during US East Coast evenings for the next TAW campaign. Currently we have another group of mainly attack/bomber pilots, dedicated fellows, who are looking to have a fighter group attached this time. If your interested, we can find some time to link up on Wings of Liberty and get to know each other. I’m a chill person but I plan on having a more tactical environment when flying and less like a bunch of random people chatting on teamspeak while playing games together. Not that I’m opposed to that. let me know, we can get something going to transition into BOBP when it drops.
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