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  1. I had the same issue as posted above. Checking the ports were open on my router/modem AND my virus protection Firewall software allowed me to see my friends server. A lot me reading later I found that in order to host a server you need to contact the developer explaining you want host a server and they will give you another log on with which to host a server. I'll try to find the thread for that ...
  2. Hi all .... A few weeks back late one night my career pilot was KIA and while closing the game after the death I saved him as dead. He is now listed as Pilot Killed and I really want to get him resurrected as I had spent months on the career. I have tried the date change (prior to and after) as per above however it has had no effect. Can someone advise on what else I should be looking for? Thanks. @Talon_
  3. I was just reading the the game settings and FAQ page (jeez it's bit old @2013) and noted the following: 21) Does the game feature triple screen compatibility?No, it doesn't The game does indeed support triple screens. Someone might want to update that because if i had read that prior to purchase I wouldn't hvae IL2 now.
  4. Poppa

    Mulitple monitor question

    Hmmm .... I'm running three monitor using Nvidia software and a 1070. And don't seem to recall a setting to span across two monitors so one is the centre screen. When I (briefly) ran two screens mine were shared with a split right down the bezel of both. Why not just get a 3rd monitor? My centre monitor is a 2550 and the others are cheap second hand lower res monitors that do the trick really well.
  5. Thank you very much. Sorry to hear of your past computer woes, i know the feeling and after losing three years work a while back I set a RAID 1 Mirror system which has safeguarded my data.
  6. Hi all ... I have been enjoying this sim for a year or more now and here and there introducing it to others. There is a sticky for in this forum for a manual, however the link is dead and players would really appreciate access to a manual ... any ideas where we could locate one? Prior to members asking why one is needed: for ground map symbols, strategies, tactics etc etc.
  7. Hi all, Hoping someone can provide some assistance on this issue that I believe am having with TrackIR (TrackHat and TrackIR ClipPro) Of course, I have checked calibration for the TrackIR and have the correct Tracking Target selected in the TrackIR software. When I play IL2 Missions, everything is fine. When I play Campaign I find that my TrackIR (or potentially some in game setting) my cockpit seating position is off to either the left or the right. The most common occurrence is that I seem to be seated off to the right which causes the holographic (?) gun site and seating position etc not to align as it should do. I have to then move the TrackIR camera off the the right to line up my holographic gun site which leads the bomb site to be off etc. What's going wrong? The TrackIR works perfectly in other games (DCS, Arma 3, IL2 Quick Mission) so the problem seems to be only for IL2 Campaign. Any ideas?
  8. Poppa

    TrackIR in external view

    I have a TrackIR and would have really liked it to be useful when viewing in third person. As I use a X52 HOTAS, switching to the mouse is a painful transition when I want to watch the effects of my bombing run. DCS, Arma 3 and other sims incorporate TrackIR in third person.
  9. Poppa

    IL2 Australia The pacific MODS ON

    Hi Chappy and all in AU. I'm relatively new to IL2 but not to sim gaming. I've been playing sims for decades and gaming for several decades. Right now I have been enjoying IL2 and DCS quite a lot and would very much like to get into online gaming for both. Do you have a regular night you are gaming with IL2? I am at +8GMT in Perth.
  10. Looking forward to the next one. When will it be? +8GMT here and hoping to join a group soon.