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  1. Though I think you can get it from their website, I have a copy of the Saitek software if you would like a copy. I used that in preference of the Logitech software for a couple of years until I got the new X56. PM me and I will Dropbox it you to.
  2. I have had the Logitech X56 (July 2019 batch) for several weeks now, out was an upgrade from the Logitch X52. For the first week or so I was really worried about the free of three throttle but after reading a lot about it and the thick grease I decided to seeing it back and forwards anytime I was in front of my PC. After 2 week it loosened up a lot and now it is smooth just like I would have liked it to have been. Don't bother removing the grease. This time I was set to master the G Software that comes with the stick so i can map any control and any mode. The software is a challenge at first, but produces excellent results with practice. Almost forgot to add that the X56 is designed to be screwed down to prevent movement of the bar plate on the desk. You can greet around this by putting some nonslip matting down underneath it. This can be purchased from Ikea or online.
  3. You might want to update your OP so there is a reference to CoDover. Sorry I don't have CoD so can't be of assistance. You might like to try posting the request in one of the major Facebook pages as there tends to be a faster response and more regular social readers there. See you up in the skies!
  4. Hi all, I switched from an X52 to an X56 this week and would like to start using the Logitech/Saitek software to program the new controller. Why use the Logitech/Saitek software? Well, it will allow me to use more switches than the IL2 Sturmovik will allow me to ... I've set up most of what I want so far in software, however the software, or something I haven't done yet is preventing it from operating in game. I get no responses or suspect the responses are extreeeeemmmmmly slow. I can't tell which yet. Anyway, I'm hoping there is a library somewhere or premade profiles somewhere? Any links anyone knows about?
  5. Settings > Pilot Head Control Map it to a Hat control. That's not working for you? You should really purchase a head tracker, they are amazingly immersive and improves your gaming experience to another level.
  6. exhuming an older thread here ... I have a triple head set up: ~5440 x1050p The middle monitor is an older high end DELL 27" IPS ($AU2500 retail) panel and the outer ones are cheap hand me downs that have passed through at least three users to my knowledge. For me, they perform brilliantly and give a tremendous sense of realism especially when combined with TrackIR. The outer two monitors just don't quite have the same contrast ratio as the middle monitor but that not really an issue for me (in all games) as I am using the outer ones as peripherals and high details are not that important. Having said that, they are perfectly fine to fly with and I can highly recommend such a set up. After my post I completed the survey which at time of posting has some interesting results. It appears that ~35% have triple screen set ups really enjoy what they have and would want to go back to one screen compared to ~55% that only use one screen. Statistically, that's a very close margin.
  7. You don't have, nor have tried the triple head experience have you? FPS performance for me seems to drop only 20fps on some games with a triple head set up. Depending on the initial FPS that could be undesirable but I don't anticipate that to the an issue with the OP set up Once you do, you won't go back to one. The bezel width might be considered a problem for some on initial usage, but I can tell you that your brain quickly adapts and does not notice the bezel. There is no missing content between the bezels, it's just a tad further to the next pixel. Performance will unlikely be "poor", particularly with a decent graphics card like a 1070 or the ops 2060. If anyone can loan a couple of lower end monitors to trial a triple head set up they should give it a go. I and many other users can highly recommend it.
  8. I have a very big over sized desk with a steel base that I plan on making a base to mount the MTG and interchange my G920 pedals to.
  9. Instead of just one monitor, why not consider three? My center is 27" 2550 IPS panel and the two outer one are 24" third hand cheap ones. The middle one was quite pricey when I bought it new 8 years ago for photography and the others were about $125 each. The middle one is what gets my attention most and needs to be the best, the outer ones are still good but not as clear not had the same contrast ratio which is really only noticeable at night flights. The three monitors give me about 165cm of viewing space left to right which is about 5600 pixels. Add in head tracking and it's a great cockpit.
  10. Thanks all. Given I would like a toe break, nice smooth operation and adjustable pedal width and can afford them, I have ordered the MFG Crossfire pedals. My office chair is nieces and wide as is my desk which is about 150cm at least so three pedals should fit well and allow me many hours of comfortable gameplay. Thanks again. I hope to be to review how I best on with them okkn face they arrive sometime after the 4th March.
  11. Recommend me some rudder pedals Hi team, [Edit: Thanks for all your help:I purchase some Crosswinds. I will receive then mid March] I currently own the Logitech X52 Pro HOTAS and am strongly considering purchasing a set of rider pedals. I don't plan on paying on my current HOTAS for some time as I have two sets die to a warranty replacement. Currently for pedals I'm looking at some VKB T-rudder mk iv as they have some good reviews online, are affordable and seem to be a good price. Currently I'm playing DCS (A-10C, F/18, F/14, KA50), IL-2 and occasionally Arma 3. Is anyone else using these pedals or could the team advise me on something similar? I'malso looking art three Thrustmaster TPR pendular rudder but they come at quite a high cost.
  12. I had the same issue as posted above. Checking the ports were open on my router/modem AND my virus protection Firewall software allowed me to see my friends server. A lot me reading later I found that in order to host a server you need to contact the developer explaining you want host a server and they will give you another log on with which to host a server. I'll try to find the thread for that ...
  13. Hi all .... A few weeks back late one night my career pilot was KIA and while closing the game after the death I saved him as dead. He is now listed as Pilot Killed and I really want to get him resurrected as I had spent months on the career. I have tried the date change (prior to and after) as per above however it has had no effect. Can someone advise on what else I should be looking for? Thanks. @Talon_
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