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  1. Hallo Frust, hallo Sven, wir treffen uns mehrmals wöchentlich zur zwanglosen Fliegerei (manchmal auch Rennerei, RFactor2), einfachmal unverbindlich ne Nachricht in unserem Forum hinterlassen: http://jg68.org/ Grüsse, von_Sales
  2. thx for posting that, looking forward to multiplayer....
  3. pretty cool! thank you for all the good stuff!
  4. i'm sure we'll see advanced controloptions in the future updates and changes to the FM. No reason to be disapointed at this stage of develpment (35%). The F4 feels a bit nervoes for me too, maybe it's realistic, maybe not, or I'm just compare it with IL2 1946 and CloD but who knows, maybe it's there not realistic? But after all that feedback the developers will have a closer look.
  5. the feedback is adjustable, if u use it the strong way other people can hear and feel it, and it depends how u mount to your chair/playseat. I use it for 2 years or more, the feedback in propsims is realy good and adds alot to the immersion! (sorry, poor englisch)
  6. ok, here is my "multipit", the picture is a bit outdatet, there is now a bigger screen and a Saitek X52pro-HoTaS https://www.dropbox.com/sc/dg6dilwb105pfjs/6rp-550u2l
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