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  1. Better and better... Well done (again)!
  2. I remember when I thought Pong was pretty cutting edge (yep, I was there, way back when), if someone had told me this was the future, I would have never believed it. Gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous. I am not sure how to put my thoughts to word in such a way that makes sense, but I will try. Pre-purchasing each release somehow makes me feel as though I am playing some part in the development of your product, like I am part of the team. I have come to believe this stems from the atmosphere 1CGS and my fellow players inject into the the forum as well as the gameplay. This is a community of like min
  3. By far, this is the best simulator I have ever played, and I do own DCS. Thank you for the great work, and the timely notifications. I like how you really seem to care about us, the customers. Well done all around! Now if you will excuse me, I have a date with destiny going toe to toe with a German/Russian/American aircraft and/or tank.
  4. Well that's just dandy, soon I can go all Doug Bader in it!
  5. The detail you put into your work is outstanding! Thanks for sharing!
  6. The IL-2 Devs are always working new angles, keeping the game fresh and exciting. I love what you are doing to my game, keep up the great work!
  7. Julian, Your work is fantastic! Thanks for the awesome skins!
  8. 1CGS continues to impress me, even in the cynical world in which we live, with their absolute excellence in all aspects of the business. Customer relations, quality of product, progress updates, attention to details most players wouldn't even notice, the list goes on...This company should be celebrated as the absolute standard of best business models and practices. Every penny I have invested in the IL-2 series has been amply paid back to me in the pure pleasure I receive every time I log in and immerse myself in every combat mission offered in this exceptional game.
  9. September can't get here soon enough, even though this game has already provided countless hours of pleasure! You guys are doing an incredible job! The attention to every detail is amazing; the quality of the designs, maps and all around gameplay is extraordinary. When I was a kid, we thought Pong was pretty high tech, this has certainly taken me into a second childhood. Keep up the outstanding work!
  10. Nice job, it might not be historical, but it sure should have been.
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