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  1. Better and better... Well done (again)!
  2. I remember when I thought Pong was pretty cutting edge (yep, I was there, way back when), if someone had told me this was the future, I would have never believed it. Gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous. I am not sure how to put my thoughts to word in such a way that makes sense, but I will try. Pre-purchasing each release somehow makes me feel as though I am playing some part in the development of your product, like I am part of the team. I have come to believe this stems from the atmosphere 1CGS and my fellow players inject into the the forum as well as the gameplay. This is a community of like min
  3. By far, this is the best simulator I have ever played, and I do own DCS. Thank you for the great work, and the timely notifications. I like how you really seem to care about us, the customers. Well done all around! Now if you will excuse me, I have a date with destiny going toe to toe with a German/Russian/American aircraft and/or tank.
  4. Well that's just dandy, soon I can go all Doug Bader in it!
  5. The detail you put into your work is outstanding! Thanks for sharing!
  6. The IL-2 Devs are always working new angles, keeping the game fresh and exciting. I love what you are doing to my game, keep up the great work!
  7. Julian, Your work is fantastic! Thanks for the awesome skins!
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