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  1. similar to what marder said, just buy one base version from steam (Stalingrad, Moscow etc) and then whenever u buy something from this site, its automatically updated on steam without needing to request a steam key because ur steam game is linked to your IL2 account. For example heres what I did: I bought BOS on a steam sale, downloaded the game. Then bought BOM, some collector planes and BOK on this site. When I opened the BOS I bought on steam, everything was there. No keys requests or extra downloads needed. All the files are already on your computer (probs to make multiplayer easier), your account unlocks the content you have bought.
  2. Yeah the problem seems to go away on ultra. This only happens when on lower settings. I would think making static clouds would take less system resources than low fps clouds and they would look better IMO. But apparently using 4k textures instead of the standard fixes stuttering issues for some people this patch so idk whats going on here imao.
  3. I think its the same issue as this thread: LukeFF said: TBH, i still think this is a bug though. Like if no enemies show up every now and then, sure, but I think enemies dont show up way too often. I think someone said they had 4 of these missions not have enemies show up in a row. Like sure, maybe its realistic but this is also a game... Taking off, flying in circles for 30 minutes, and landing back without doing anything repeatedly makes me want to do something else. If u switch the camera, you can see enemies do show up and are flying to the objective but they just simply dont reach it before the completion timer expires. This is one of the things I miss about the old campaign, how you can pick mission types. If I wanted to fly a Yak 1, I would do aerial engagement missions purely like interception or escort. If I wanted to bomb stuff, I would pick a il 2 or something. Now it kind of forces the boring missions with the interesting ones. Realistic? yes. Kind of boring? also yes in my opinion.
  4. Ive noticed that when the setting is at anything but ultra, the clouds seem to be stuttering. I found a video someone else made linked below. The issue is very apparent at about 2 -3 seconds into the video where he looks to the side. The cloud "whisps" seem to be moving/stuttering. From what Ive seen of clouds irl, that looks kind of unnatural. Is there anyway to fix this? Ive tried clouds at medium and high, both have that issue. Couldn't find anything from just googling. I usually run at ultra but the recent patch had a lot of micro stutters and I turned my settings down. (I tried the 4k option thing from the other thread but didnt work ) Specs: 4690k, 980 ti 16 gb ram, Rift VR
  5. Im running a i5 4690k OC to 4.4 ghz (in VR) and dense got me a ton for micro stutters when I go near blobs of ground units. The density option seems to only rely on CPU from what I can tell since my single 980 TI only reaches 60% max. It certainly looks amazing having the sky light up with tracers though lol (just hopefully flying towards an enemy) I would say a scattered is probs best for CPUs like ours (depending on your tolerance for stutters)
  6. Is there a list of the types of missions able to be generated and an explicit "what is required to successfully complete" description? Like before, for example intercept missions, the mission state "destroy 1 bomber or damage 2 bombers to complete the mission" or "loose no more than 2 ally bombers" to complete the mission. The new ones seem more complex obviously but the descriptions are kind of confusing. I just did a mission in a Yak 1 for destroy ferry and the description was something like make enemy crossing nonoperational. When I reached the location, there were 2 bridges across a river and a bunch of enemy ground targets (Pz 3, trucks and flak 38 halftracks). The AI ally planes seem to drop their bombs on the ground targets and then start strafing targets, completely ignoring the bridge. Then after they run out of ammo, they return to base. I did what they did and got mission failed at the end. So was the target the bridge or the ground targets? If we were supposed to destroy the bridge, I really dont see how this mission is even possible since the AI completely ignore the 2 bridges and 1 set of FAB 100M bombs from my yak 1 isnt enough to destroy both. It would be cool to see the previous mission types reappear as a quick mission option. Like select mission types and have drop down options of what planes the targets are flying and etc. The old missions were repetitive yes, but I found it fun regardless
  7. I think I know which mission OP was talking about. The enemies were really low when I did it. The game had to fly up to 3000m and there were a few russian fighters at around 1000m where the last waypoint was. The mission hes talking about isnt one of those auto generated missions, its a scripted mission in the BOS campaign for the Germans (for those who dont do SP, theres usually a single scripted mission per side per chapter thats supposed to tie into the history). Tbh, I think they should have made one of the other scripted missions where you fly a Yak 1 on low fuel to another airport the first mission. It teaches the basics and is a lot easier and fitting for a first mission IMO.
  8. Correct me if im wrong, but I dont think any IL 2 series game has had this plane yet. Would be cool to see this plane as a collectors or something. Theres been a lot of 110s throughout the series but not their replacements. While its operational history was mediocre, (IMO it was more due to its 2 engine heavy fighter role being less useful at the time of its development) its still an impressive plane, a significant improvement over the 110.
  9. Thanks Blue, happy holidays! I would like to enter for the: P40 La 5 MC 202 and Ju 52
  10. 262 because jets... (Probably the least useful of the bunch due to the lack of large juicy bombers, but still the coolest one IMO)
  11. What does the "founders" tag under some users on the forums mean?
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