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  1. As I remember, MC 202 arrived in 21st Gruppo only on September 6th, 1942. SO before there were only Saettas.
  2. Thanks! It seems the marks are can help you estimate range of fire, if they correspond to different values of mills. Next thing is to find the range of fire for each mark. We have 5 different marks for 5 different ranges if I'm not wrong.
  3. The link of the picture seems to be broken?
  4. So, no idea at all. Maybe with a picture it will be more comprehensive?
  5. I've decided to refly this mission after having previously finished the campaign. Much more interesting now since the whole staffel is really attacking the T-34's. I managed to make some progress in attacking tanks with the Mk 101 cannon. I didn't realize before, but the damage model of the tanks is quite interesting. If you attack from the top rear, the tank finally stops and is smoking from the engine. If you attack from the side, you can break the track and the tank stops moving. But I for now I've never managed to make the tank burn or explode, so like the "real deal" in 1942 I guess you can never be sure that you really destroyed the tank.
  6. After some research, but it seems I can't find any informations about the P-47 gunsight reticle with the rockets aid. When you select the K-14A Computing gunsight and you have rockets, the reticle has some different markings (like this: \°/ ) - - Does somebody have any information about the use of these aids for rockets shooting? I guess the bars tell you where your rockets go for different ranges?
  7. There are still There in the updates files, but we can’t use them. it would be cool indeed to be able to play them as single missions, or even as a new scripted campaign?
  8. Thanks! I Know now why i haven t heard of it before, i guess it was never translated in english. Anyway, thanks for your work, i m seriously considering buying BOK right now !
  9. Very cool subject for a campaign! This may convince me to buy BOK finally! I haven't heard about this Taman bridgehead campaign, back in the days of the "old" Il-2 Forgotten battles, in 2004... Can we found this old campaign somewhere? I'd like to try it on FB, in the meantime... Thanks!
  10. Just finished the campaign yesterday... Very fun! Just a thought,, but... I was thinking... Since the "sister" regiment of 11th IAP was the Kittyhawk one 126th IAP, will it be possible to replace the player plane Yak-1 with a P-40? I'd be thrilled to "refly" these missions on a different plane, the P-40... Unfortunetaly I can't do the modification myself!
  11. Hi, I'm sorry to ask a question that maybe was alreay written here... What's the date of "our" La-5 series 8 in the Lavochkin timeline? On September 8th, 1942 the Lag-5 was renamed La-5. In september and october there was a test by the NII VVS of a "La-5 series 4". When exactly did the La-5 series 8 arrive at the frontlines of Stalingrad? Thanks for any information!
  12. Thanks for the very interesting missions! PS: in this campaign the deadliest opponent was the Pe-2 rear gunner, I'm still amazed by the rapidity with which he can put your aircraft in pieces!
  13. What are these differen,t victory conditions? Is there a way to consider the missions is "successful", even if the pilot is wounded, bailed or the plane ditched?
  14. Thank you, works perfect!
  15. Thanks but no, it seems it isn't a valid zip file?
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