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  1. There are still some issues with the current TAW map. The altimeter shows wrong data, much to high at the start. Low altitude AAA at approx. 2120.4 was placed among the woods and not visible for attacks, but was shooting like hell at us without a clear line of view. It feels not right this way. Maybe you have time to look at this points.Thanks for your effort, @Kathon!
  2. 1. AMD Radeon (TM) R9 390 Series 2. 20.4.2 3. Clouds shredded to grey/white squares; Flickerung of ground textures while low level flying 4. Switching from FXAA to 2x MSAA solved the problem with the clouds but not the ground flickering (EDIT: changing start.cfg "grass_distance = 100.00000" to "grass_distance = 0.00000" solved the ground flickering at summer maps but not at winter maps) 5. no changes here after reset 6. I´m using Reshade but on/off had no effect
  3. Wow...what a great surprise! It feels like waiting for Christmas again...Thanks a lot for this announcement!
  4. In the moment if someone is using a costumskin on a wintermap the skin visible for all other players is the standard green skin, because they don´t have the costumskin. It would be helpful to have a seperate checkbock to enable a standard winterskin in this case. It sounds like a small modification and I hope the developers can look into it. Best regards
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