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  1. When i open the cart to purchase the product there is no paypal option. I always both directly from Il2 web site. Is it me or is paypal missing for everybody?
  2. Happy Orthodox Easter to all people who are celebrating. Христос Воскресе!
  3. Hello fellows. I have been away from Il-2 for a while. Recently i have decided to come back to IL-2 and feel the thrill. 😄 I want to but a collector plane. I am thinking between La-5FN and Spitfire Mk. VB. I prefer t&b style. But i am also comfortable in LaGG-3. So i cant decide. I wasnt around when La-5FN was introduced so i dont know how capable it is against 109 and 190? So i am hopping for some suggestions. Thanks
  4. When i say top "alive" pilots i mean pilots with: Deaths- 0, Captured- 0. Do you understand now?
  5. You dont understand what i wrote? "Top alive pilots". Pilots who have not died and have not been captured.
  6. It would be nice if there is a "top alive pilots" statistic on "taw" webpage.
  7. Today while landing on Lotoshino i just exploded. Like hitting into a wall. I cant figure out what happened? Is there any way of checking out what happened?
  8. I cant say that i understand what you wrote. And whats up with the link? I hope you have put that photo on your profile in support of the pilot.
  9. Defecting to wining side, hmmm ? Three months to gulag for reeducating before you can fly again! :D
  10. Yes you are missing something. Imbalance is there. Sometimes there were 4 times more blue than red. For example. I cant enter the server because it is full. And there are 3 times more blue than red. I am talking about central european time. Am i the only crazy guy that actually wait for the engine to warm up before take off? Because i see a lot of pilots just take off without engine warming.
  11. Well i know a man who was a Yak-9P pilot. So i can ask him what you guys want to know. He was not ww2 pilot but was a military pilot after ww2 and he flew on Yak-9P.
  12. Stryker welcome. If it weren't for those greedy cryptominers graphic cards and all other components would be cheaper. Everything is overpriced today. Try overclocking your graphic card with MSI afterburner. You can get at least 10% more out of it.
  13. Any tips regarding using flaps in combat?
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