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  1. Curious to hear your indepth thoughts chiliwili69, esp since I also switched from 8K to 5K+. Glad you solved your issue, I have indeed read being too close from the BS could cause detection problems.
  2. Stereoscopic issue is also a known consequence of a mismatched foam thickness. Pimax offers 3 different thickness and they are user backers for testing this, not always sending the same foam thickness. The thinner one is the one that can make this stereoscopic issue, it is 11.5mm IIRC. Can you measure yours ?
  3. I see you have opted for a 5K+ so I'm highly interested in your feedback as a flightsimmer (and racedriver, as I notice your clubsport inverted pedals and thrustmaster wheelbase).
  4. Yes the 5K+ will be better to read gauges than the 8K, and overall more crisp. The 8K will help naturally hide aliasing due to its softer image from the internal upscaler. Also far distance objects should look less blocky compared to the 5K+. My preference goes to the 5K+ (from lot of reading, haven't received mine yet).
  5. When people talk about 60hz mode it is to play @60fps, they don't have 90fps interpolation in mind. And of course it will be easier to reach stable 60fps than 90. Pimax software doesn't currently have any interpolation like ASW anyway, and this is one of the reasons those HMDs require a very high end GPU. Another reason is older games will require a compatibility mode due to the fact they don't handle angled displays natively. And this compatibility mode has a 30% hit on performance. And then you have the relatively high resolution and wide fov. That's why some expect they could play using a 60hz mode (or 72Hz, another one planed for movies but that could be used for gaming too). Of course not everybody will be able to tolerate 60hz in VR (72Hz however should be acceptable for more people). Also note none of those alternative refresh rate modes currently exist. Currently 5K+ runs @91Hz and 8K @ 80hz.
  6. @RAY-EU Why taking the more expensive BE version of the 5k+ ? Are you going to have a professional use of it ?
  7. Just a consequence of the recent hacks. " Thanks for your reminding, the Pimax main site is under fix now, the website recently got a lot of attacks and we plan to rebuild the website architecture for better security. we will update a temporary web page by today. "
  8. DCS players are saying there has been a massive performance drop since 2.5. They were able to get 90fps before (I was too with a rift and a 980ti when I tried the demo half a year ago) and now just trying to keep it close to 45fps. IL2 will be benchmarked by sweviver too.
  9. Using the proper tool is one thing, then you need to make good use of it, which he did not.
  10. Have you seen the crap "facts" this conclusion is based on ? The performance testing methodology is calibrated to show up poor average framerates allowing to "conclude" current GPU are far from being able to drive those pimax. The low avg are the result of reprojection, and reprojection will happen as soon as you drop 1fps below 90fps. This means a game running 50% of the time @90fps and the rest 50% at 89fps will have an avg of 67fps. Seems to mean you'd need much more GPU to reach 90fps, right ? Of course not as any option lowered 1 tick would result in 90fps 100% of the time. See how the method is missleading ? Just look at the unconstrained fps proving there was a lot of GPU headroom.
  11. Really ? Tom's has a Best VR headsets compilation regrouping all the Pimax competitors with affiliated amazon links...
  12. Preorders start in October, ships after last backer has received their headset. Targeted shipping start: Early 2019 Pimax 8k/5k plus shipping to backers will start end of September, goal: all backers shall receive their devices before Xmas ( chance of this happening 90percent) Controllers can be tried end of year. First developer version gonna ship Q1 2019, goes out to backers Q2 2019.
  13. Someone who tried a samsung odyssey yesterday (at home), owns a rift and knows the vive, also tried the acer and the pimax 8K v2, ranked them with the following score in term of display precision (pixel density + lack of SDE): vive: 30/100 rift cv1: 35/100 odyssey: 40/100 pimax 8k: at least 60/100 Where 100 would be the average quality perceived with a full hd monitor. So yeah this pimax seems the only one (so far) which will bring a significant step forward regarding visual quality in VR (but still with a large margin for improvement). He decided to return the odyssey because he found the gap with his rift cv1 was not significant enough to replace it and because the sweet spot is very narrow (similar to a vive, so narrower than a rift). This is another significant improvement with the pimax if it provides a large sweet spot as seen during the demos.
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